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'Heat is On' effort targets highway safety

A new highway campaign titled "The Heat is On" will clamp down on speeding, drunken driving and seatbelt use.

Man charged for threatening Southeast Missouri buildings

The suspect is charged with threatening to blow up a police station and a federal court house in Cape Girardeau.

Missouri Center for Safe Schools to close in January

The Kansas City-based center, which trains school districts to respond to disasters and emergencies, lost its $219,000 funding and will close in January.

Ameren commits $3 million to helping needy customers

The utility company will fund a $3 million project to help low-income customers get caught up on their unpaid bills.

Operation Bark Alert expands efforts to subdue unlicensed breeders

Director of Agriculture Jon Hagler and Attorney General Chris Koster spoke at the Central Missouri Humane Society on Monday to discuss the second part of a plan to circumvent unlicensed dog breeders

Special master to investigate innocence claims in 1991 murder case

Reginald Clemons, who was sentenced to death for a double-murder in 1991, claims he was wrongly convicted. On Tuesday, the Missouri Supreme Court appointed a special master to investigate that claim.

Kirksville man pleads guilty to $844,000 Ponzi scheme

A Kirksville man is guilty of defrauding 26 investors since the early 1990s in a mail-fraud scheme.

Latest state audit reveals pattern of fraud

In a scheme uncovered by state auditors, former St. Louis city accountant has been charged with felony stealing.

Nixon appoints Shellabarger as new prosecutor

Shellabarger will take over for Jason Lamb on Wednesday as prosecutor for Audrain County.

No new trial for mid-Missouri murderer, high court rules

The Missouri Supreme Court has denied a new trial and DNA testing for a Linn County man serving life in prison for his mother's murder.

Missouri GOP criticizes plan to use bonds for buildings

Gov. Jay Nixon's proposal to finance construction projects with bonds faces criticism from Missouri Republicans,who say that stimulus funds should be used for the projects instead.

New law expands Missouri's investments in statewide, smaller banks

State treasurer calls the expansion of the low-interest loan program as an economic development tool. The legislation broadens a program in which the treasurer deposits money in banks at discounted interest rates so that the banks can offer cheaper loans to small businesses and farmers.

Bernard Madoff sentenced to 150 years in prison

Convicted Pozi scheme swindler Bernard Madoff recieved the maximum sentence of 150 years in prison Monday. U.S. District Judge Denny Chin denied him leniency for the $13 billion dollars he convicted of stealing.

ANALYSIS: Nixon's spending, budget cuts are nearly balanced

When it comes to trimming the state's budget, critics of Gov. Jay Nixon's vetoes dispute not the spending that was cut, but the projects that were cut. Among the projects affected include the Ellis Fischel Cancer Center at MU.

Missouri announces next steps on puppy mill crackdown

Attorney General Chris Koster and Department of Agriculture Director Jon Hagler announced Monday that the state's top law enforcement agency will join the effort to stop unlicensed and substandard dog breeders from operating in Missouri.

UPDATE: Supreme Court rejects Missouri appeal on funeral protest law

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday denied without comment Missouri's appeal of two laws ordering specific bans on protests around funeral services or processions.

Supreme Court rejects Missouri's appeal on funeral protest law

The law was aimed at religious picketers who have turned up at the funerals of U.S. soldiers to protest against homosexuality.

UPDATE: New law expands investments for Missouri treasurer

Gov. Jay Nixon signed legislation Monday that expands a low-interest loan program and lets Missouri earn more interest on the money it keeps in local banks. Missouri and Alabama are the only states that limit the interest they can earn from local banks on time deposits. That cap will gradually rise until it is eliminated in 2014, when the state will receive market interest rates on all bank deposits.

Affirmative action critics to try again for ballot

A sponsor of an initiative limiting affirmative action programs says he plans to submit a new version after a court ruled against it last Friday. 

Missouri court temporarily blocks judge firings

Gov. Jay Nixon's administration said the layoffs are necessary under the budget cuts passed by the legislature, but the lawsuit claims that cost savings are not a legal reason to dismiss the judges.