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Critics of animal ID system plan Jefferson City protest

The animal identification system, which has been promoted by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as a way to trace livestock in the event of a disease outbreak, faces opposition from some small-farm operators, who think the program imposes unfair costs upon farmers.

U.S. House to consider 'cash for clunkers' plan Tuesday

The House proposal, which is set for a floor vote on Tuesday, is aimed at stimulating car sales, improving the environment and encouraging consumers to purchase more fuel-efficient vehicles. Alternative bills with similar parameters have been proposed in the Senate.

Thinning of deer population planned in St. Louis suburb

A number of people oppose a plan to sterilize some deer and euthanize others in Town and Country, but advocates say the animals cause accidents and are a nuisance.

Chili's developer Brinker dies at 78

Norman Brinker, former chairman of Brinker International and developer of the Chili's Grill & Bar franchise, died Tuesday in Colorado.

Myanmar court allows Suu Kyi 1 more witness

Prisoner Suu Kyi has been granted one more witness by a Myanmar divisional court, but her defense attorneys say she is entitled to more.  Suu Kyi is standing trial after a Missouri man, John Yettaw, entered the home in which she was under house arrest.

3 teens accused of fire at Hannibal High School

A group of teenagers has been arrested on suspicion of intentionally starting a fire in a trash can at high school in Hannibal.

Missouri electric co-ops to get $237 million in federal loans

The Associated Electric, United Electric, West Central Electric and Osage Electric cooperatives will use the money to build or repair electric distribution lines and to finance energy conservation or renewable energy systems.

Animal welfare groups form coalition in St. Louis

St. Louis animal groups have formed the St. Louis Petlover Coalition, the first of its kind in the St. Louis area.

DJ Jazzy Jeff's Kansas City show stops abruptly

Jazzy Jeff said he left the show because officials did not like the type of music he was playing. But officials with the Power & Light District said they just wanted Jeff's crew to turn down the music. Now some people see Power & Light District's actions as racially motivated.

Illinois driver survives 100-foot fall in Iowa

Tomas Donaciano of Illinois lived through a 100-foot drop after his car went over a bluff in southeastern Iowa.

Firecracker blows off KC teen's fingertip

The 17-year-old couldn't tell whether the M80 firecracker he tried to light had ignited.

UPDATE: Missouri inmate's lawyers relieved by stay of execution

But it's not clear how long Reginald Clemons' execution will be on hold.

Chrysler dealers scramble to unload vehicles

Dealers terminated by Chrysler have been busy clearing their lots. Some are in court arguing that dropping them won't save the company much money.

UPDATE: Robertsville man's body recovered in Mississippi River

Uriah Williams, 63, fell off his fishing boat into the Dardenne Slough on Monday afternoon.

Missouri attorney general seeks to remove Dent County prosecutor

The list of allegations includes trying to refuse to file cases because of a budget dispute with county commissioners.

Three dead in Mexico crash

Fatal crash kills three, injures four others when vehicle collides with oncoming fire truck in Miller County on Sunday evening. 

Soldiers encounter dangerous side effects of bioterrorism vaccine

Smallpox vaccinations given to soldiers out of bioterrorism fears can have potentially fatal side effects. For Lance Cpl. Cory Belken from St. Louis, the vaccine's reaction to his pre-existing leukemia led to a frightening ordeal.

ANALYSIS: Missouri law falls short on health coverage

After a law to expand health insurance passed in 2007, the number of people insured has not increased substantially. Some Republican sponsors of the law attribute its shortcomings to a lack of marketing.

Missouri pet cemetery helps owners grieve

Cedar Hills Pet Cemetery owner said she has received late night calls more than once, seeking a consoling ear.

Part of downtown Kennett evacuated after spill

A tanker truck overturned, causing chemicals to be spilled onto the roadway.