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Fire damages home of broadcaster Jack Buck's widow

A fire damaged the home of the widow of late Cardinals broadcaster, Jack Buck, on Tuesday, but she escaped unharmed.

Man charged with DUI for lawnmower beer run

An Illinois man was arrested on charges of felony aggravated driving under the influence for driving a lawnmower to a gas station for more beer.

Illinois prep football players' injuries draw lawsuit

East St. Louis football coach Darren Sunkett and the district are being sued by the mother of a student-athlete who claims the coach and the school placed winning over the health of the student-athletes.

Authorities to take new look at old Missouri murder

Mark Woodworth is serving a life sentence for the murder of Cathy Robertson in 1990. A five-month examination by The Associated Press found that some evidence pointing to other suspects was discounted or not fully explored by investigators.

UPDATE: Kenya crash injures Missouri filmmakers, kills pilot

St. Louis-area filmmakers are being treated for burns and other injuries after surviving a plane crash in Kenya that killed the pilot and seriously injured another passenger.

Kenya plane crash kills pilot, injures Missouri filmmakers

The filmmakers are being treated for burns and injuries after the crash on Saturday in Nairobi.

Missouri receives $1 million for library computers

The grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will be distributed in 120 Missouri libraries.

VA working to increase suicide prevention efforts for returning soldiers

The number of suicides among veterans has prompted a response from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Analysis: Fish and energy needs clash in Midwest

A new law in Arkansas will lead to less efficient use of hydropower dams in order to improve the surrounding waters as a trout habitat. The law might lead to increased electricity costs in several states, including Missouri.

Nearly 20 years later, questions nag in murder of Chillicothe woman

Fourteen years ago, Mark Woodworth was convicted at age 16 of shooting a husband and wife in their farmhouse bedroom. However, evidence in the case has often seemed tenuous to many, including Livingston County investigators and jurors at the trial.

Electric power industry buzzing over 'smart grid' technology

"Smart grid" technology promises to revolutionize the electric power industry by making utilities more intuitive, but critics and regulators worry about its cost benefit and questions of security and privacy.

5 people die in crash in eastern Missouri

The car apparently crossed the center line and collided with the another vehicle on Missouri Route OO just southeast of Farmington.

Tribe buys American Indian mound in St. Louis

The Oklahoma-based Osage Nation plans to develop the mound into an interpretive historical site and ban any further archeological digs on the site.

Missouri education officials discuss campus safety

Almost 300 teachers, school board members, social workers and campus police officers from across Missouri gathered at an annual school safety and security conference on Thursday.

Benefits of new GI Bill vary from state to state

The new GI Bill will go into effect on Aug. 1, and in some ways, it's the most generous version of the bill yet, but only in certain states. In other states, such as California, the bill's benefits will hardly be felt at all.

Rural air subsidy costs increase

As the cost of subsidies for rural communities receiving money from the Essential Air Service program increases, Congress moves to increase the budget by almost 30 percent in order to not cut or reduce the program.

UPDATE: Route of Tour of Missouri announced

The route will travel from St. Louis to Kansas City, a reversal from past years, and the race will include seven teams who raced in this year's Tour de France.

UPDATE: Missouri housing agency approves new ethics rules

The new ethics rules for the Missouri Housing Development Commission will apply to all commissioners and staff of the commission as well as to any developers who work with the commission.

Burglar gives cops best lead: his name

A man suspected of forcing his way into a home and threatening a group inside spelled out his name during the incident, leading to his arrest.

Route for Tour of Missouri bike race announced

There will be four point-to-point road races across the state, an individual time trial in Sedalia and circuit races in St. Louis and Kansas City.