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Freeze poses little concern to fruit farmers

Forecast of hard freeze has Missouri fruit industry expecting less damage compared with the devastating freeze of April 2007, according to mid-Missouri growers. Most of the farmers said that the fruit can handle the temperatures that were expected to affect Missouri on Monday night.

Black Parents Association hosts college prep workshop

The workshop will be held from 7-9 p.m. Thursday at St. Luke United Methodist Church. It is free and open to the public, and all high school students are welcome to attend.

Missouri lawmaker among 6 to meet Cuban President Raul Castro

The meeting came a day after six representatives — including one from Missouri — met with Cuban President Raul Castro.

Missouri Senate endorses scholarship expansion plan

The Senate on Monday endorsed Gov. Jay Nixon's plan to expand Missouri's scholarships by eliminating the mentor requirment of Missouri's existing A+ Schools Program. The program would also apply to all students from public high schools.

Missouri House endorses drug tests for welfare some recipients

The Missouri House gave its preliminary approval to a bill designed to facilitating tests of work-eligible welfare recipients for illegal drug use.  The drug tests would be given based on "reasonable cause."

Missouri Supreme Court considers sex offender case

A federal law already requires almost all sex offenders in Missouri to register, which supersedes the state law the Missouri legislature is considering, according to Assistant Attorney General Jeremiah Morgan.

UPDATE: Flight student charged with piloting plane into U.S.

Student stole airplane from flight school, expecting to be shot down by U.S. military.

UPDATE: Missouri senators allege conflicts of interest in Ameren bill

Two senators argued over the source of robo-calls and loyalties to AmerenUE and Noranda Aluminum Inc.

UPDATE: Missouri trooper says man stole plane in suicide attempt

The FBI said the naturalized Canadian man has no terrorist background. The trooper said he flew the plane across three states, hoping to get shot down. He landed near Ellsinore, Mo.

Nuclear plant bill officially enters Senate discussion

The bill regarding paying for new nuclear power plants entered Senate floor debate Tuesday. It centers around St. Louis-based AmerenUE, and its plans to secure financing through charging electric customers before the plant starts producing electricity.

Ex-Leawood treasurer ordered to stand trial

Gene "Paul" Boyd has been charged with the embezzlement of more than $300,000 of the city's money.

Stolen Canadian plane landed in Missouri

The man suspected of stealing the plane said he flew into the U.S.  hoping to be shot by fighter planes. He was arrested in Ellsinore, Mo., after landing the plane on a rural highway.

Missouri election chief blasts proposed changes

The proposed amendment, which would require a photo ID to vote, was met with harsh criticism.

Missouri House gives judicial selection proposal initial OK

A proposed amendment given initial approval by the Missouri House would change the way judges are appointed in the state.

Missouri delays tax refunds, borrows cash

Missouri has delayed tax refunds and borrowed $325 million from its cash reserves in order to pay some of its bills.

Missouri Agriculture Department wants to shed thick 'puppy mill' coat

Missouri tops the country in licensed dog breeders but it's also considered the leader in inhumane breeding. Agriculture Department Director Jon Hagler is working to change the latter.

Despite reported losses, Missouri retirement system employees received bonuses

The Missouri State Employees Retirement System, which handles investments of retirement savings for approximately 85,000 people, lost $1.8 billion last year but due to out-performing the overall market, the 14-employees split up a $300,000 bonus. Chief Investment Officer Rick Dahl received a $114,000 bonus.

House and Senate differ on health coverage for Missourians

"Show Me Health Coverage," a plan to provide health insurance to low-income parents who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, may face stiff opposition in the House from some Republicans.

ANALYSIS: ACLU and GOP upset over militia report

The GOP and the ACLU are both "outraged" over a leaked report by the Missouri Information Analysis that characterized militia members by ideologies, specific candidates they are likely to support and third-party political groups they side with.

Puppy mills: What others are saying