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Missouri judge strikes down affirmative action measure

Cole County Circuit Judge Richard Callahan said there was a technical flaw in the draft of a proposed constitutional amendment.

Heat causing pavement buckling and blowups in Missouri

When pavement temperatures rise, concrete slabs expand, push up against each other and either heave up or crumble. This is happening across the country, not just in Missouri.

Five chosen for Missouri press hall of fame

Brian Brooks, associate dean at the MU School of Journalism, is one of five who will be inducted to the hall of fame in October.

Missouri's timber industry hurt by recession

In the past 18 months, the state's timber industry has fallen by 25 percent. But those in the industry remain optimistic.

Missouri highway agency poll triggers budget veto

The Missouri Department of Transportation spent about $33,000 on a poll used to lobby elected officials to shoot down a bill allowing motorcyle riders age 21 and older to ride helmet-free on most state roads.

Missouri earns 'C' for financial disclosure laws

The state ranked in a tie with Oregon and Kentucky for 19th in the country.

Southeast Missouri town will change to 4-day weeks

The change in hours is a trial for July to October.

St. Louis prepares heat relief for Cardinals fans

Flush in the middle of a hot spell, St. Louis officials are preparing heat relief for crowds at upcoming Cardinals games.  Too late to reschedule the games, members of the city's fire department will be on hand at Busch Stadium to provide help.

UPDATE: Gov. Nixon proposes $430 million in budget cuts

The governor made spending reductions in the legislature's $23 billion operating budget and two-year, $600 million capital improvements bill.

Gov. Nixon proposes $430 million in budget cuts

The governor made spending reductions in the legislature's $23 billion operating budget and two-year, $600 million capital improvements bill.

Missouri receives $22.9 million from stimulus for energy program

Some of the $22.9 million will be used to help businesses become more energy efficient, officials said. Once its energy plans have been implemented, Missouri is eligible to receive an additional $28.6 million.

Jobless benefits available because of Missouri storms

The benefits are available to individuals in 28 counties. Individuals must be unemployed as a direct result of the storms.

Swine flu arrives in Cole County

A case invovles an infant who is less than one year old.

Obama, Democrats press hard for U.S. climate bill

If passed, the climate change legislation would require the U.S. to reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions that can lead to climate change by 17 percent by 2020 and about 80 percent by the next century.

Missouri study finds difficulty getting local budgets

In the study, researchers who sought municipal budgets from certain cities were asked why they wanted the information, and some cities required written requests.

Washington University labs get funding for biodefense research

The St. Louis medical school will receive $37 million to continue research in biodefense and infectious diseases.

Hot weather a boost for mosquitoes and West Nile

Calls about mosquitoes in St. Louis County have increased since last year, and nearly 20 percent of the mosquitoes tested have turned up positive for West Nile.

Economy sending students to cheaper public colleges

New college students across the U.S. are transferring from private universities to lower-priced public institutions, often because of economic fears.

Open St. Louis hydrants frustrate water and fire officials

Crews have been closing hydrants by the dozens this week, and firefighters have grown frustrated because of the difficulties they sometimes face in the process.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon set to announce state budget cuts

Gov. Jay Nixon is set to make an announcement regarding the state budget for the 2010 fiscal year. He is expected to discuss budget cuts he will carry out in the coming year.