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Amtrak makes marked improvement in Missouri

The passenger train service managed to imporve it's on-time arrivals between St. Louis and Kansas City drastically thanks to additional track and new fines for railroad companies for trains routinely being late.

Lawsuit accuses TSA of unreasonable airport detention in St. Louis

The American Civil LIberties Union filed the suit on behalf of a political activist who was detained for not answering the security officials' questions about $4,700 he was carrying. The suit claims that the activist didn't have to reveal the source of the money.

Citizens weigh in on proposed plans for Missouri national park

The National Park Service is considering four development proposals that will determine what new restrictions, if any, will be enforced in the Ozark National Scenic Riverways national park.

State retirement system pays performance bonuses despite losses

The fund performed above the average of the market, which allows the system to award bonuses. The bonuses were about $460,000 total.

Attorney general refers 373 possible sex offenders to Highway Patrol

The Missouri State Highway Patrol will be looking into whether the offenders are violating parole by using the social networking site MySpace.

UPDATE: Missouri approves revised deal for Chiefs training camp

The deal requires the team to hold its summer camp in Missouri for at least 10 years, or else pay the state penalties.

Missouri environmental hazard information now online

The Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services has launched its Environmental Health Tracking Network Portal.

Consumers cry foul over levels of propane in tanks

Two propane gas companies sued by consumers who are complaining that the company cut back on the amount of propane in canisters while still charging the same price. The cost has since dropped, but the cutback on fuel in the tanks continues.

Missouri Humane Society urges heat safety for pets

Heat indexes could exceed 100 degrees this week, so the Humane Society is offering tips to keep pets safe.

Woman leads suspect in robbery attempt to sheriff's department

After a Michigan man attempted to rob an Illinois woman at gunpoint, she called 911 and led the unsuspecting man to the sheriff's department, the authorities said.

Missouri senator praises sex offender registry ruling

The state Supreme Court's ruling requires all sex offenders register for their crimes, including those committed before the registry's creation in 1995.

Ameren to purchase wind power

Ameren Corp took its first step toward diversifying its fuel mix Thursday by signing an agreement to buy 102 megawatts of wind power from phase II of Horizon Wind Energy's Pioneer Prairie Wind Farm in Iowa.

Southeast Missouri boater recovering from facial injuries

Hershel Knuckles struck a low-hanging tree branch while boating on Saturday.  He underwent surgery and has since been released from Saint Francis Medical Center in Cape Girardeau.

Midwest storms spawn tornadoes

Strong storms tore through the Midwest Wednesday, bringing tornadoes and flooding with them.

Missouri to get nearly $19 million in storm damage grants

Missouri-based electric cooperatives and the Missouri Department of Transportation will use the money for projects including debris removal and repairing electrical transmission systems damaged by winter storms in late January.

UPDATE: Chrysler to reopen St. Louis assembly plant

The automaker will restart operations at 7 plants on June 29 after they were shut down in May when the company entered Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Missouri GOP files ethics complaints against Carnahan

The Missouri Republican Party filed complaints claiming Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Robin Carnahan failed to include her husband's business on financial disclosure statements.

Missouri chief justice claims successes despite controversies

Despite a crisis in public defender funding and controversy regarding Missouri's method of selecting judges, outgoing Supreme Court Chief Justice Laura Denvir Stith sees certain successes.

Nixon seeks bonding proposal for building projects

The proposal comes in the wake of the failure of a measure that would have paid for $700 million in college and university improvements by issuing bonds.

Schaefer rallying support for cancer hospital

State Sen. Kurt Schaefer said he has heard from from "several people in positions to know" that the governor will veto funding for the hospital.