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Missouri Senate resumes debate on tax break bill

The senators are trying to decide whether to expand business tax credits to stimulate economic growth or curtail the use of the income-tax reducing credits.

Missouri House committee passes bill allocating federal stimulus funds

The House Budget Committee passed Gov. Jay Nixon's bill that calls for $155 million to go to several state departments for the remainder of the fiscal year.

Missouri Democratic Party funds: What others are saying

Missouri to study policy that sends surrendered dogs to auctions

Critics wonder why unfit breeders get to profit from the sale of their dogs.

Missouri Senate stalls again on tax incentive legislation

After 10 hours of debate over legislation regarding tax credits for Missouri businesses, the Senate, for the fifth time in two months, did not vote. The bill is aimed to provide tax incentives for developing companies in areas of technology or other industries. In fiscal year 2008, tax credits accounted for what would have otherwise been just over $500 million in revenues for the state.

Winning Lotto ticket sold in St. Louis County

The ticket is worth $1.1 million and was sold at a Shop 'N Save in south St. Louis County, according to the Missouri Lottery. The winner has until Oct. 5 to turn in the ticket and receive the prize.

Missouri Democratic Party under scrutiny over funds

The Democratic Party in Missouri is under fire for its usage of campaign funds over the years. According to Missouri and federal law, politicians cannot use money raised in campaigns for Missouri offices in federal elections.

Federal prosecutor to seek indictment against plane thief

Adam Dylan Leon, who allegedly stole a plane on Monday from his Canadian flight school and flew it erratically across seven states before landing it on a rural Missouri highway, faces two federal charges. Prosecutors want him jailed until his case is resolved.

Woman's body found in state park

The body of a Missouri woman was found in a park in Lincoln County.

St. Louis TV station gives job seekers face time

KNLC, operated by the New Life Evangelistic Center, is allocating free commercial time to people looking for jobs. This way, job seekers can promote themselves and share resumes with potential employers.

Shooting down stolen plane not considered, Defense official says

A Canadian man who stole a plane and landed in Missouri did not show hostile intent, a North American Aerospace Defense Command spokesman said.

Missouri receives U.S. Department of Labor grant for layoffs

The $2.4 million grant from the U.S. Department of Labor will help fund workforce development services for former industrial workers in southern parts of the state.

Missouri General Assembly supports additional restrictions on sex offenders

Missouri General Assembly supports initial provision of a crime bill that will ban sex offenders from loitering in parks or coaching sports teams with minors. There is some debate whether the rule should apply to foreign courts.

Missouri senators allege undue influence in Ameren bill

Republican Sen. Kurt Schaefer says his district has been bombarded by untrue robo-calls opposing the bill and accused Republican Sen. Jason Crowell of being involved in the campaign.

Dead man re-elected mayor of Missouri town

Winfied mayor Harry Stonebraker was re-elected Tuesday, a month after his death. Stonebraker died of a heart attack at 69 on March 11. A mayor will be appointed to serve until a special election in April 2010.

Missouri senators debate nuclear plant bill

Senate debate has begun on a bill that would allow AmerenUE to pass the financing costs of a new reactor at its Callaway plant on to current utility customers.

Man runs away from courtroom

Dustin Fernow could face new charges after running out of a courtroom Monday. Fernow was on probation for burglary.

Delays expected for Missouri tax returns

A shortfall in the state's revenue is causing the state to delay tax refunds. Missouri has been borrowing funds from its reserves since February. The state expects to make all payments by the end of the fiscal year.

Freeze poses little concern to fruit farmers

Forecast of hard freeze has Missouri fruit industry expecting less damage compared with the devastating freeze of April 2007, according to mid-Missouri growers. Most of the farmers said that the fruit can handle the temperatures that were expected to affect Missouri on Monday night.

Black Parents Association hosts college prep workshop

The workshop will be held from 7-9 p.m. Thursday at St. Luke United Methodist Church. It is free and open to the public, and all high school students are welcome to attend.