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Missouri GOP scrutinizes tax credits in job-creation plan

A bill intended to boost Missouri's economy and increase employment through tax credits came under fire by a group of Republican state senators during session on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Second soldier at Fort Leonard Wood dies of meningitis

Pvt. Randy Stabnick contracted a non-contagious form of meningitis, one of five cases of meningitis reported in Missouri so far this year.

UMKC lands top prize for community service efforts

The University of Missouri-Kansas City was one of three schools nationally to receive the top honor for volunteer service and civic engagement from the Corporation for National and Community Service last week.

Missouri treasurer seeks to put more money in state banks

The state treasurer is proposing a plan he said could inject millions of dollars into the state's economy in addition to helping banks and businesses.

Missouri bill would allow overseas online military voting

Poor handling of absentee ballots for military personnel and their families living overseas has prompted Missouri legislators to introduce a new bill that will allow them to vote online, but the bill has its critics.

Missouri bridge project touted as first under stimulus package

The nation's first stimulus-triggered project is the replacement of a 1933 bridge over the Osage River that had to be closed to large trucks in 2007 because of structural concerns.

Ailing elephant at St. Louis Zoo shows signs of improvement

A 2-year-old elephant is responding well to anti-viral medication after falling ill with a type of herpes infection that only hits elephants.

St. Louis I-64 improvements on schedule

The reconstruction of Interstate 64 in St. Louis is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

Missouri Safe House taking in 'mail-order brides'

Safe House for Women in Cape Girardeau has taken in three foreign women in 18 months who met their husbands on the Internet, only to be abandoned in the U.S.

Missouri newspaper group announces furloughs

The furloughs at NPG Newspapers, a publishing group based in St. Joseph, will affect 390 employees at newspapers throughout Missouri and Kansas.

New bill would require prescription for cold meds

A new bill proposes requiring a prescription for cold medications, which lawmakers believe would cut down on production of methamphetamine. Opponents of the bill argue it would increase patient costs and burden doctors.


Meningitis blamed for soldier's death; another falls ill

One Missouri soldier is dead and another is ill as the result of meningitis.

Bond in St. Louis for housing roundtable

Sen. Kit Bond wants more employment and affordable living in Missouri.

Missouri among leaders for lawmakers becoming lobbyists

A 2005 study by the Center for Public Integrity ranked Missouri fifth in the nation for the number of lobbyists who had served in the legislature.

Man accused of incest; teen says he sired her baby

This is the second incest case in Missouri in recent months.

Nearly 6,000 still without power in Missouri Bootheel

Utility customers in southern Missouri remain without electricity after an ice storm struck Jan. 26 and 27 and knocked down power lines.

Missouri senators question stimulus stipulations for health care, education

With President Barack Obama expected to sign the federal stimulus into law on Tuesday, Missouri state lawmakers are looking at what that means for the state and whether accepting all of the money offered by the federal government is a good idea.

Missouri House bill requires prescriptions for Sudafed

A bill aimed at curbing meth production would require a prescription for medicine containing the decongestant psuedoephedrine, often found in behind-the-counter drugs.

ANALYSIS: Missouri governor reverses on budget proposal after backlash

After receiving backlash against proposal to slice funding for UM, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon reverses on positions.

Iraq War vet decides to have second leg amputated

Derick Hurt lost his right leg during the Iraq War five years ago. He has decided to have his left leg amputated and to win back the girl he loves.