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Missouri House bill requires prescriptions for Sudafed

A bill aimed at curbing meth production would require a prescription for medicine containing the decongestant psuedoephedrine, often found in behind-the-counter drugs.

ANALYSIS: Missouri governor reverses on budget proposal after backlash

After receiving backlash against proposal to slice funding for UM, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon reverses on positions.

Iraq War vet decides to have second leg amputated

Derick Hurt lost his right leg during the Iraq War five years ago. He has decided to have his left leg amputated and to win back the girl he loves.

Greene County searches for alternative to offender catch-and-release system

The book-and-release policy for low-level offenders started in 2005 to save money, but often puts suspects back on the street with no charges, according to county officials who are suggesting a new system of probable-cause bonds.

Bonnie and Clyde shootout site nominated for historical preservation

The Joplin apartment, which has been nominated for placement on the National Register of Historic Places, was the scene of a shootout with the "Barrow gang" in 1933 that left two Missouri law enforcement officers dead.

St. Louis elephant's virus has zoos worried

Three elephants in Springfield have died of the virus since 2000, and there is still no known cure.

Experts: Devastation of Missouri ice storm will heal over time

The major ice storm that hit Missouri in January might have devastated many trees and some wildlife, but biologists say time will heal the wounds.

Missouri Senate considers adding tax break for companies moving underground

Companies who locate their data centers in refurbished mines could receive a tax break.

Missouri Humane Society rescues more than 100 dogs

The dogs being removed from a puppy mill Friday were allegedly living in filthy kennels and unsafe cages.

Possible tax break for Missouri companies that move operations underground

Missouri's thousands of abandoned mines make it a leader in the underground storage industry.

Charges brought in prison drug smuggling case

A former corrections officer and two others are charged with attempting to smuggle drugs into the state prison in Moberly.

Three Missouri residents in custody after car chase

The car crossed state lines before being found in a Missouri field.

Anti-death penalty speakers to tour Missouri

Opponents of Missouri's death penalty are planning an eight-stop Road Trip for Justice which will begin Sunday and finish Feb. 21 in St. Louis.

Missouri could get $4.4 billion from stimulus package

Missouri's possible $4 billion cut of the federal stimulus package would go to more than two dozen areas, including homeless prevention, drinking water and transportation improvements.

Bess Truman's papers contain private life, president's finances

Former first lady Bess Truman's papers offer insight into Truman family dynamic.

Missouri Senate bill would require inspection of pre-need funeral sellers

The new bill that would require financial examination of pre-need funeral companies every five years among other restrictions is moving quickly through the Missouri Senate.

MoDOT plans $1 billion worth of stimulus projects

The Missouri Department of Transportation plans for nearly $1 billion in projects using stimulus money that could possibly create 14,000 jobs in Missouri.

UPDATE: Welty case goes to jury

A jury is deliberating the case of Owen Welty, 15, who is charged with second-degree murder in the 2006 death of 64-year-old Don McCollough.

UPDATE: 15-year-old acquitted in neighbor's murder

A St. Louis County jury found Owen Welty not guilty of second-degree murder and armed criminal action Thursday in the 2006 shooting death of his 64-year-old neighbor. Welty was one of the youngest people ever charged with murder in Missouri.

Tax credits facing backlash in Missouri Senate

Some Missouri senators hope to fix what they see as a broken tax incentive policy.