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Missouri court says home health law discriminates

The decision strikes down a 2005 change in state law that prohibited participation in a psersonal care program by people who have mental disabilities.

Nixon staff seek to ban cell phones at signing event

Although he tried to focus on the economy, Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon's first gubernatorial news conference got sidetracked by his staff's efforts to ban reporter cell phones.

3 die in Carrollton house fire

A Tuesday morning fire swept through the rural Caroll County home before firefighters arrived.

Striking Missouri nurses win ruling on jobless benefits

The state Supreme Court upheld a ruling that the nurses from St. Louis were forced off the job by unfair labor practices.

No sign of missing Kansas City mother

Renee Pernice, 35, has been missing since Jan. 2.

Court: State miscalculated pensions for the blind

As many as 3,000 blind Missouri pensioners could benefit from the ruling. For some, it could mean an increase from a check of $609 a month to about $1,000 a month.

Ex-lawmaker quits Mo, transportation inspector general job

Former Rep. Neal St. Onge had landed the job in December, when he was co-chair of the Joint Committee on Transportation Oversight.

Iraq vet loses free home offer after drug plea

The vet from Branson, who lost both legs in Iraq when his Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb, was  scheduled to receive a free house from Homes for Our Troops.

Kansas City casino revenues fall for first time

While revenues were down for the year, December's take was up 1.5 percent, the first full month after voters repealed the state's loss limit.

Missouri inauguration scenes

It's official: Nixon sworn in as Missouri's 55th governor

In his first speech as governor, Nixon called for an end to partisan politics in Jefferson City as the state faces historic economical and unemployment challenges.

Pomp and circumstance lets Missouri meet its new governor

After the governor's short inaugural address, Nixon's supporters were treated to a tour of the Governor's Mansion and a potluck dinner.

Nixon sworn in as Missouri's 55th governor

After serving as Missouri's attorney general for 16 years, Nixon took the oath of office to become governor.


Nixon's hometown takes pride on Inauguration Day

Residents in De Sota, a town about 40 miles southwest of St. Louis, spoke favorably of the hometown boy who is now Missouri's governor.

INAUGURATION DAY: Text of Nixon's address

Click here to read the full prepared remarks of Gov. Jay Nixon's inauguration speech.

Nixon to take oath as Missouri's 55th governor

Missouri's incoming governor is styling his inauguration as "A New Day for Missouri" — a phrase to be repeated in his inaugural address.

Quilts turn barns into works of art

Buildings that were afterthoughts are now part of a growing driver-friendly trail of color across the nation's back roads — in Appalachia and now in Missouri.

Truman birthplace gets second shot at park status

Park status would both honor the only U.S. president from Missouri and provide economic aid to the area.

Legally blind man shoots out-of-sight photos

Using only his peripheral vision, Bob White snaps photos of rural plants, buildings, wildlife and people.

One dead in racing wreck on I-70

The driver of a red BMW was arrested after police said he caused an accident that left a man dead while racing.