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Endangered lemur species birth at zoo

The baby Coquerel's sifaka is at the St. Louis Zoo's Primate House.

Plattsburg woman dies in highway crash

Sixty-year-old Shirley Harless died in a head-on collision on U.S. 69. The other vehicle was drive by Lucas Bates, 28, of Lawson.

Women of Faith tour begins in Kansas City

Kansas City is the first stop of 28 for the Women of Faith tour. Since it began in 1996, 4 million women have attended. Women of Faith is scheduled to be in St. Louis June 26-27.

Defense to seek second opinion on Joplin boy's mental health

The defense of a 16-year-old boy accused of firing a rifle inside a Joplin middle school have asked for a second evaluation of the boy's mental health. A judge-appointed mental health professional has already found the boy not competent to stand trial as an adult.

Man questioned in woman's death accused of selling drugs

Bobby Joe Stogsdill was arrested Thursday after a sting in Miami, Okla. Amber G. Barr died Sunday in a Joplin hospital, reportedly of serious dehydration.

St. Louis woman killed while trying to cross railroad tracks

Heather Sheree Balven, 31, was pregnant with her second child. The crossing has no lights or gates to warn of trains.

Former Missouri seminary to be used as middle school

Hannibal Christian Academy will operate on the site of the St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary, which closed in 2002 amid accusations of sexual abuse by an instructor.

Jobs bill stalls in Missouri Senate

Rather than adopting a bill aimed at job creation that Gov. Nixon had requested, legislators this week introduced a substitute bill that would phase out certain tax credits pending legislative review.

Senate makes Missouri's private jails accountable

In a nearly unanimous vote, Missouri senators on Thursday gave approval to a bill that would make private jails subject to state regulation.

Motorcyclists could run some red lights under Missouri bill

The bill would give motorcylists who run red lights after waiting an "unreasonable" amount of time a defense if pulled over by police officers. Proponents say many motorcycles are not large enough to activate traffic lights sensors, leading to backups in left-turn lanes.

Missouri lawmakers' plan would cap ATM fees for jobless benefits

About three-quarters of Missourians receiving jobless benefits — or about 100,000 — receive payments through MasterCard debit cards while others use alternatives such as direct deposits into their bank accounts.

Former Missouri lawmaker wants misdemeanor sex charge dismissed

The trial for the former Republican House member from Frontenac will begin Thursday.

Church shooting suspect held in St. Louis, to return to Illinois

The man charged with shooting Rev. Fred Winters of Maryville, Ill., has been released from the hospital.

Motorcyclist dies after fleeing Missouri State Highway Patrol

Loren Ryan, 20, lost control of his motorcycle while being pursued by state trooper.

Dead baby with multiple injuries found in Riverview home

Police took an 18-year-old man in custody.

UPDATE: Man charged with fatal hit-and-run sues Tulane fraternity

Man serving five-year sentence says hazing resulted in post-traumatic stress disorder.

78-year-old Missouri woman faces meth, child endangerment charge

Items used to make meth and heroin were found in the police bust, in which two other people were arrested.

Man convicted in fatal crash says hazing affected his actions

A Kansas man serving a five-year sentence for a fatal hit-and-run says he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder after fraternity hazing at a Lousiana university. He filed a federal lawsuit earlier this month against the fraternity, saying that his disorder affects his decisions.

Man charged with molesting woman in bed with her husband

A 26-year-old Joplin man has been bound over for trial in for the alleged sexual assault of a woman while she was asleep in bed with her husband.

St. Louis man committed as sexual predator

A 63-year-old St. Louis man was committed to a sex offender treatment center after a judge decided he was a sexually violent predator. The man recently completed a 20-year prison sentence for the sodomy and sexual assault of a 6-year-old boy.