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GM to temporarily close Wentzville plant, 12 others this summer

While the plants experience an annual two-week shutdown in the summer, signaling the changing of the model year, 13 of GM's 22 North American plants will experience a longer shutdown this year to allow them to cut inventory.

New St. Louis archbishop dealt with difficult diocese

Bishop Robert Carlson, named Tuesday to the St. Louis archdiocese, replaced a bishop in Saginaw who spoke of the church's need to re-examine its stance on abortion, birth control and the ordination of women.

UPDATE: AmerenUE suspends plans for new mid-Missouri nuclear reactor

AmerenUE, the St. Louis-based utility, announced Thursday it will no longer pursue building a second reactor at its mid-Missouri nuclear power plant. Permission to construct it hinged on legislation being passed that state lawmakers said Wednesday would not be revisited in the current legislative session.

House Republicans propose $1 billion tax rebate

The state has flexibility with about $2 billion of stimulus money. House Republicans want some of that to go back to taxpayers.

East Prairie residents irate over poisoned dogs

Sheriff Keith Moore is investigating why 15 dogs were found dead Wednesday throughout East Prairie, in southeast Missouri. Local pet owners suspect someone left bags of poisoned meat on the roads. More dogs are missing, and some owners say it's not a new problem.

Filing indicates Nixa worker in theft case had deep debt

David Griggs and his wife owed about $200,000 with nearly no assets, according to a December bankruptcy filing. David Griggs faces federal charges of embezzling nearly $10,000 from Nixa. He is a former streets department worker for the city.

Newly finished Clooney flick brings $50 million to St. Louis

A few months of filming brought new money to the city economy.

Filipino court overturns rape conviction of St. Louis Marine

Lance Cpl. Daniel Smith, of St. Louis, had been sentenced to life in prison on a rape conviction from three years ago. Thursday, an appeals court in the Phillipines found only consensual contact between Smith and a Filipino woman at the former U.S. Subic Bay Naval base. Several Philippine groups are unhappy, saying the court's decision is an example of not standing up to the United States.

Flags to be lowered Friday for fallen West Virigina soldier

The soldier died at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.

Concealed weapons bill meets objections on campus

University presidents in Missouri, as well as campus police, are all against legislation that would allow concealed weapons on campus, while supporters of the bill stand their ground.

Watchdog group accuses Missouri Supreme Court of violating Sunshine Law

Better Courts for Missouri, a watchdog group, is trying to obtain e-mails from Supreme Court employees.

Missouri bill would make sexual relations between correctional workers, offenders legal

The Missouri Senate passed a House bill that will make sexual relations between correctional workers and individuals on parole or probation legal, reversing existing legislation.

Missouri governor backs Veterans Commission director

A surprise attempt to oust Larry Kay, the director of the Missouri Veterans Commission, failed.  Gov. Jay Nixon affirmed his support for Kay and denied allegations of involvement.

St. Louis animal shelter and Zootoo reach settlement

An agreement between the two has Zootoo giving an undisclosed amount of money to Stray Rescue, a St. Louis animal shelter that won a national contest sponsored by Zootoo with a $1 million prize.

About $60,000 in frozen chicken missing from KC trucks

About$60,000 worth of frozen chicken was taken from six stolen refrigerator trucks found in Kansas City. Police warn the public to only buy chicken from reputable vendors.

Missouri House votes to remove many bingo regulations

Missouri prison workers sue state for overtime pay

A lawsuit argues prison workers were given almost no notice before being forced to use compensatory time off to avoid earning overtime pay.

Lebanon 16-year-old dies of alcohol poisoning

Lebanon teenager Perry McClenahan was found dead in his home Saturday. Preliminary autopsy results showed he died from alcohol poisoning. The Laclede County sheriff said the two people who are suspected of supplying the minors with alcohol have been identified and might face charges.

Chilling details revealed in LaGrange killings

Charges against a northeast Missouri man accused of killing his wife and young son have been upgraded to first-degree murder following a preliminary hearing that included gruesome details about the crime.

Missouri pastor gets 15 years for child molestation, exploitation

The pastor of a smallMissouri church in Newton County has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for molesting an underage girl and photographing another in the nude. A plea agreement dropped 18 other counts he was facing.