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Koster investigates Office Depot over school supply contracts

Following the lead of Florida and North Carolina, Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster is investigating Office Depot over allegations of overpricing government contracts for school supplies.

Former Missouri governor Blunt to work at Washington lobby firm

Matt Blunt, who left the governor's office in January, is now working as a senior policy adviser and business development consultant for Cassidy & Associates.

30,000 Missourians still without power

The Missouri National Guard has been going door to door to check on residents of New Madrid County, who are among those who were hit the hardest by the storm.

51,000 still without power a week after ice storm

AmerenUE is continuing work on restoring power in parts of southeast Missouri. The outages have resulted in the closing of several college campuses, as well as the establishment of emergency pet shelters.

Senate bill would complete capital improvement projects, reduce tuition

A proposed Senate bill would channel the remaining $119 million of MOHELA funds toward only those capital improvement projects begun on or by Jan. 1, while the remaining money would be put into a tuition reduction fund.

Missouri seeks $260M from feds for jobless benefits

Projections provided Monday to the Missouri State Unemployment Council show it could take until 2015 to pay back the borrowed money.

UPDATE: Missouri seeks $260 million for jobless benefits

Missouri is seeking to borrow as much as $260 million from the federal government to bail out an unemployment benefits fund that is expected to go belly up next week.

Missouri governor selects associate judge for 43rd circuit

Nixon announced the appointment Monday. The circuit covers Caldwell, Clinton, Daviess, DeKalb and Livingston counties.

UPDATE: Homes still without power prove toughest to restore

At the height of last week's storm, when ice and snow paralyzed the region, 127,000 customers were without power. All but about 44,000 homes and businesses in storm-whipped southern Missouri have had power restored. The homes left will be the most difficult to restore power to, say utility officials.

Laptops become a question of ethics in Missouri Senate

After a prolonged debate Monday in the Senate, the chamber decided to continue its ban on laptops on the chamber floor.

Traffic tickets issued in Missouri and Boone County down in 2008

Traffic violations have decreased yearly since 2006. Many variables have contributed to the decline, including high summer gas prices and vacancies within the Columbia Police Department's traffic unit.

ANALYSIS: Nixon's proposed budget cuts may be overstated

For starters, the governor doesn't have control over about one-quarter the jobs he wants to eliminate. On the other hand, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder may be overstating the size of the cuts he says the governor has already made.

Extension evaluates impact of potential cut in state funding

Extension officials fear that a large cut to the program would have lasting negative impacts.

Recalls: trail mix, NutriSystem bars, ice cream, cookie dough

The recalls cover Bear Naked's Appalachian Trail Mix products, Clif Bar's CLIF and LUNA bars and Ice Cream Spealties' novelties. NutriSystem is expanding its recall of its Peanut Butter Granola Bar and Best Brands is recalling more of its peanut butter frozen cookie dough.

McCaskill slams Wall Street's use of bailout money

Sen. McCaskill chastised Wall Street executives for handing out billions of dollars of federal bailout money for bonuses. McCaskill's compensation plan, which was referred to a Senate committee, would force companies to implement a compensation cap for their employees.

Callaway County crash kills two

Two people were killed in a car wreck on a Callaway County road. The victims were identified as Shawn M. Sumner, 17, of Williamsburg, and Kimberly K. Hall, 50, of Fulton.

Missouri National Guard sent to southern Missouri

The Missouri National Guard was sent to southeast Missouri to assist with debris cleanup and power generation after the recent ice storm. On Friday, President Barack Obama approved a request for a federal emergency declaration.

High school opens community grocery store

Seventeen students staff the store and get paid for hours they work after the school day.

Aurora boy killed in flatbed trailer accident

The boy was at a farm on a snow day when he was run over.

Gunfire wounds 5 at K.C. basketball game

A pregnant woman was among the five wounded, though none suffered serious injuries.