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Kansas City-area business on sale for $1

The new owner of the Independence appliance store will be responsible for the $3,300 per month lease payment, and in return, will receive all appliances, parts and materials.

Man to stand trial in Hannibal killings

Manuel Cazares is charged with second-degree murder in the February deaths of his former girlfriend, 27-year-old Amanda Thomas, and 25-year-old Carl Patrick Epley. Cazares is an illegal immigrant whose status wasn't discovered until after his arrest.

The salvation of Josh Kezer

Convicted in 1994 for the murder of a 19-year-old nursing student, Josh Kezer's exoneration two months ago was only the second part of what he considers his salvation.

Missouri House backs secret union balloting

House Democrats, many of whom are union members, fear it will "bust" labor unions.

ANALYSIS: Missouri agencies move forward with stimulus despite disagreements

State lawmakers and Gov. Jay Nixon are battling over how to spend the money given to Missouri in the federal economic stimulus package.

Missouri prepares for potential flu outbreak

Missouri officials have requested the state's share of anti-flu medicine and masks from the federal government.

Attorney General urges court to deny stay of execution request

Attorney General Chris Koster filed documents Friday that ask the Missouri Supreme Court to not grant a stay of execution for Dennis Skillicorn. Skillicorn was convicted of killing an Excelsior Springs man in 1994.

Source: Labor Dept. plans new safety regulations

The Labor Department plans to propose new rules that would protect workers from diacetyl, a chemical used to flavor popcorn, which has been causing severe lung disease as well as other repiratory illnesses.

House Republicans propose new plan for Missouri stimulus money

A new plan for using Missouri's federal stimulus money for a tax cut will get its first airing in a House committee meeting today. It is estimated that the tax rebate would be about $500 per taxpayer.

Audit finds Missouri Medicaid oversight lacking

A state audit says the Program Integrity Unit in the Department of Social Services lacks the staff and budget necessary to track and prevent wasteful spending by Medicaid health care providers.

Teach for America recruits stick with Kansas City schools

In Kansas City's inner-city school system, 50 Teach for America recruits have kept with the program despite extremely tough conditions. The nationwide program claims that 90 percent of its teachers fulfill their two-year requirement in the nation's most challenging schools.

Working for the perks at Starbucks

James St. John began his office-organizing business, Re:Do, after being laid-off by Starbucks. He returned to work for Starbucks for health benefits.

Obama will hit famous 100 day mark in Missouri

President Barack Obama will celebrate his 100th day in office in Arnold. He will be taking questions about the administration's agenda and discussing his first 100 days.

Michigan company recalls frozen pasta products

The products were distributed to brokers and distributors in seven states, including Missouri. The products were prepared without federal inspection.

Two swine flu cases confirmed in Kansas

Human swine influenza, a respiratory disease in pigs, has been confirmed in 11 cases in the U.S. The flu strain is responsible for the deaths of 68 people in Mexico, and has the potential to become a pandemic, the World Health Organization chief said.

Low construction costs are saving Missouri millions

Costs for state highway construction projects have shrunk about 14 percent since last July, saving the state $108 million. The bids for stimulus projects are also lower than the state's estimates.

Tornado damages some rural areas, halts races

Tornado touches down in Leavenworth County near Kansas City and forces NASCAR to suspend truck race.

Sedalia Mayor Wasson dies at home, had battled cancer

Wasson, 75, maintained his civic duties until a few weeks ago, his wife said.

March, prayer hour remember 'Precious Doe'

A park will be built on the site where a 3-year-old's remains were found.

State looks to buy Mississippi River island

The Missouri Department of Conservation is considering buying Marquette Island, located on the Mississippi River, south of Cape Girardeau. The island provides habitat for the endangered least tern and shelter for the endangered pallid sturgeon.