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Laptops become a question of ethics in Missouri Senate

After a prolonged debate Monday in the Senate, the chamber decided to continue its ban on laptops on the chamber floor.

Traffic tickets issued in Missouri and Boone County down in 2008

Traffic violations have decreased yearly since 2006. Many variables have contributed to the decline, including high summer gas prices and vacancies within the Columbia Police Department's traffic unit.

ANALYSIS: Nixon's proposed budget cuts may be overstated

For starters, the governor doesn't have control over about one-quarter the jobs he wants to eliminate. On the other hand, Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder may be overstating the size of the cuts he says the governor has already made.

Extension evaluates impact of potential cut in state funding

Extension officials fear that a large cut to the program would have lasting negative impacts.

Recalls: trail mix, NutriSystem bars, ice cream, cookie dough

The recalls cover Bear Naked's Appalachian Trail Mix products, Clif Bar's CLIF and LUNA bars and Ice Cream Spealties' novelties. NutriSystem is expanding its recall of its Peanut Butter Granola Bar and Best Brands is recalling more of its peanut butter frozen cookie dough.

McCaskill slams Wall Street's use of bailout money

Sen. McCaskill chastised Wall Street executives for handing out billions of dollars of federal bailout money for bonuses. McCaskill's compensation plan, which was referred to a Senate committee, would force companies to implement a compensation cap for their employees.

Callaway County crash kills two

Two people were killed in a car wreck on a Callaway County road. The victims were identified as Shawn M. Sumner, 17, of Williamsburg, and Kimberly K. Hall, 50, of Fulton.

Missouri National Guard sent to southern Missouri

The Missouri National Guard was sent to southeast Missouri to assist with debris cleanup and power generation after the recent ice storm. On Friday, President Barack Obama approved a request for a federal emergency declaration.

High school opens community grocery store

Seventeen students staff the store and get paid for hours they work after the school day.

Aurora boy killed in flatbed trailer accident

The boy was at a farm on a snow day when he was run over.

Gunfire wounds 5 at K.C. basketball game

A pregnant woman was among the five wounded, though none suffered serious injuries.

Hunters charged with shooting trumpeter swans

Seven hunters face misdemeanor criminal charges for allegedly killing protected migratory birds in central Missouri.

State will collect Mercury-containing items in February

Almost 90 locations around the state will accept people's mercury-containing items.

Missourians without power told not to rough it

A second Branson Walmart closed by ice-sagged roof

The Mountain Grove Walmart will likely reopen Friday if an inspector declares it safe.

Attorney says Blunt e-mail report back on track

Investigators looking into former Gov. Matt Blunt's e-mail practices are protected by the state's legal expense fund, according to the attorney general's office. The investigators now are expected to file a report on their findings.

Ice-sagged roof deemed safe, Branson Walmart reopens

A Walmart Supercenter in Branson has reopened after a structural evaluation found the snow-laden roof to be safe.

Winter weather puts pressure on Walmart

A Walmart Supercenter in Branson is closed because of its sagging roof.

Missouri man pleads guilty in Oklahoma sex crime case

The man was sentenced to more than 11 years in prison for attempting to have sex with a child.

Consultants propose closing 29 St. Louis schools

Consultants hired by the St. Louis public school district recommended closing nearly a third of the district's schools and said other facilities need extensive renovations.