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NEWS RELEASE: Gov. Nixon announces state response to first probable Missouri case of swine flu

Gov. Jay Nixon announced Wednesday the first reported case of swine flu in Missouri.

Shooting survivor asks Senate to abandon campus conceal-and-carry legislation

A four-bullet survivor of the Virginia Tech shootings urged Missouri lawmakers on Wednesday to abandon the idea of letting students carry concealead weapons on campus. The proposed bill passed through the House and has had an initial reading in the state Senate.

Missouri has one probable case of swine flu

Gov. Jay Nixon says Missouri has a probable case of the swine flu. Nixon announced the suspected case involving a Platte County resident Wednesday evening at a hastily called Capitol news conference.

College bonding bill clears Missouri Senate committee

A Senate committee approved a bill on Wednesday that would issue up to $800 million in bonds for capital improvements; $550 million of that would go to improve college campuses.

Secretary of State: 230,000 Missouri voters might lack ID

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan estimated some 230,000 Missouri voters lack a photo ID from comparing a voter database to a government-issued identification card database.

Virginia Tech survivor condemns Missouri college gun bill

A man who was shot during the Virginia Tech rampage said more guns would have worsened the situation.

68 dogs taken from alleged puppy mill in Phelps Co.

The dogs were living in inadequate cages and many appeared to need veterinary care. the dogs were removed and taken to the Humane Society in St. Louis.

Funeral held for Waynesville player hit by pitch

Family, friends and teammates attended the funeral of Patrick Clegg, who died after being struck by a wild ball.

Obama talks at Missouri town hall meeting for Day 100

Obama spent part of his 100th day in office with a town hall meeting at Fox Senior High School in Arnold.

Missouri schools prepare for possible swine flu

School health officials are trying to inform students and families about the illness.

Store owner accused of selling knock-offs

The owner of two St. Louis stores has been accused of selling counterfeit goods, smuggling goods into the U.S. and money laundering.

Missouri House OKs amendment to let pharmacies refuse contraception pills

Republicans say the amendment, which passed the house in a 115-43 vote, gives pharmacies the freedom to choose the products they stock. Democrats call it an attempt to control womens' bodies.

Missouri House sends 2 child-support bills to Nixon

One of the bills would give people longer grace periods to get up to speed on child support payments, while the other would let men challenge paternity judgments with a DNA test until Dec. 31, 2011.

Missouri specimen samples prove negative for swine flu

The Missouri Health Department tested about two dozen people with flu-like symptoms, and none proved to have swine flu.  Health officials are further preparing as more cases surface elsewhere.

US: Nuclear solution comes with huge price tag

  America's efforts to shift from being dependent on fossil fuels to using nuclear energy could be hampered by the huge cost of building reactors. The cost is ultimately eaten by consumers with increased monthly rates, even before the construction starts.

Administrative hearing set to discuss Missouri grain dealer issues

The Missouri Department of Agriculture has set a hearing where farmers, who lost money when a grain dealer went out of business, will learn how much they can expect to recover.

Senators debate higher education building bonds

A proposed amendment creates $100 million for projects such as buildings, facilities and parks, which some say would be a misuse of state credit. Others point to this as an example of "good debt."

Missouri bill would let pharmacies refuse 'Plan B' sales

The Missouri House has endorsed a measure allowing pharmacies to decide whether or not they will stock emergency contraceptives or abortion pills.

Obama to mark first 100 days with stop in Missouri

Although Missouri as a whole voted against President Obama, Jefferson County didn't. He's stopping by Jefferson County on his 100th day in office to show his support.

Missouri House rejects derision over slavery remarks

Rep. Rob Schaaf, R-St. Joseph, compared expansion of government-run children's health care to economic slavery in March.