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Two people killed in crash near Fulton

The crash occured on Old Business 54, as a 17-year-old driver turned off of U.S. 54 in Callaway county Tuesday evening, colliding with another vehilcle, killing a 38-year-old man and 18-year-old man.

Insurance industry does not support autism mandate

Insurance lobbyists argued in front of Congress that covering additional programs for autistic children is not feasible.

Regulators concerned Ameren bill could up commission's workload

Some members of the Missouri Public Service Commission said they're worried a bill that would affect how utility companies recoup financing costs for new power plants could increase the commission's workload.

Forsee recommends MU Extension project be spared from budget cuts

"Extension is viewed as a core part of what we do," Forsee said. "As we think about our budget and the tough allocations, we certainly look at the total of that budget."

UPDATE: Missouri high court upholds execution procedures

The dispute over the legality of the procedures' adoption has halted Missouri executions since 2005. It is unclear when executions will resume. The state has more than a dozen pending requests for execution dates.

Missouri House endorses four-day school week option

Districts that choose the four-day option could lengthen their school days by an hour and shorten their school year by 32 days.

Federal stimulus could expand rural broadband in Missouri

The stimulus includes $7.2 billion in competitive grants and loans for broadband expansion aimed at rural areas. About one-fifth of Missourians live where there is no high-speed Internet access.

Missouri Senate backs new tax powers for river ports

The legislation would allow for the creation of port improvement districts that could impose property and sales taxes.

Missouri House approves tax break for saw mills

The bill would classify saw and planing mmills as agricultural and horticultural land instead of commercial property. Supporters say the new zoning could drop the mills' tax rate from 32 percent to 12 percent.

UM System president turns down bonus

UM System President Gary Forsee says he won't accept $100,000 in bonuses he is entitled to receive and said he would also forgo a performance award in 2010 and doesn't want a salary increase in 2009.

UPDATE: State sues over diversion of Missouri River water

A lawsuit filed against the Bureau of Reclamation and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contends that environmental issues and the effect of diverting Missouri River water to North Dakota was not considered when the plan was approved.

UPDATE: Senators introduce military drug abuse bill

Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, and Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican, introduced legislation Tuesday calling for changes in the military's approach to substance abuse.

Nixon creates stimulus idea Web site

The Web site was launched to solicit ideas from citizens, local governments, businesses and non-profits about how to use Missouri's portion of the federal economic stimulus money.

Hallmark Cards Inc. pulls plug on Hallmark Magazine

Hallmark Magazineis getting the axe after fewer than three years on stands at a time when the overall industry is struggling.

Missouri Supreme Court upholds execution procedures

A circuit judge had ruled against 17 condemned inmates who claimed the state's execution method was invalid because it was not adopted as an official rule by the Department of Corrections.

Trustee: Southwest Missouri village will survive

A Leawood official said the village isn't in danger of going bankrupt, despite having its bank accounts wiped out. Gene Paul Boyd, the town's longtime treasurer, faces felony stealing charges.

Parents face additional charges in incest case

A western Missouri man suspected of fathering four children with his teenage daughter and charged with second-degree murder in the death of one of the infants was indicted Monday for endangering the welfare of a child.

Kansas City-area barbecue festival expands

The competitive barbecue event during Memorial Day weekend will be held at the Capitol Federal Park at Sandstone in Bonner Springs.

Tiger seized in Seneca kennel raid faring better

A Bengal tiger seized from a southwest Missouri kennel along with 208 dogs and a house cat has been cleaned up and is putting on weight as her condition improves.

McCaskill introduces military drug abuse bill

The proposed legislation includes an independent review of military drug abuse and treatment by the Institute of Medicine at the National Academies of Science or a similar outside agency. Army records show that legal painkiller use by injured troops has increased nearly 70 percent since the start of the Iraq war six years ago.