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State lowering tax on workers' compensation benefits

Missouri is lowering a tax on employers for workers' compensation benefits from 1 percent to 0.5 percent starting next year.

Libertarian says party needs to get beyond 'making a stink'

Andy Finkenstadt says that if he is elected governor, he would follow the letter and spirit of the law.

Missouri gas prices dip below $2 a gallon

In Missouri, the average price is $2.31, down from $3.39 a month ago. But several stations in the Kansas City area dropped below $2 per gallon on Tuesday.

Luetkemeyer's loans to campaign surpass $1 million

Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer loaned on Saturday $200,000 more to his campaign for 9th District representative in Congress, according to campaign finance records.

UPDATE: Brokovich asks residents of Cameron to unite in brain tumor investigation

Brockovich, a Kansas native, became famous after a 2000 movie about her efforts in a 1996 water pollution case. She told area residents Tuesday that she was prompted to start her investigation after receiving several e-mails from people about brain tumor problems.

Obama, McCain focus on get-out-the-vote campaigns for Mo. voters

The sales pitch has been made. Now it's time to close the deal for thousands of presidential campaign volunteers who have been contacting Missourians on behalf of Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain.

Erin Brockovich talks to Cameron crowd about probing cause for tumors

Brockovich said she received a string of e-mails from patients, not only from the Cameron area but also from people living in other states who had prior local ties.

Voter turnout could affect wait time at polling places

Three out of four Missourians registered to vote will cast a ballot Nov. 4, according to an estimate from the secretary of state's office, which has some groups worried about how busy polling places could be on Election Day.

Candidates offer views on Missouri infrastructure funding

One of the issues facing candidates is how to improve funding for Missouri's highway system.

Democratic Missouri governor candidate Nixon raises $16 million

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Jay Nixon has raised roughly twice as much during his three-year campaign as Republican rival Kenny Hulshof, according to reports filed Monday with the Missouri Ethics Commission.

Judge ponders Halloween-related sex offender law

A new state law requires sex offenders to stay home on Halloween with their lights off and a sign posted saying they have no candy or treats.

Reports: Gas prices below $2 in southwest Mo.

Gas has fallen to as low as $1.97 - $1.99 in some southwest Missouri towns.

Poll: Obama, McCain about even in Missouri

A  poll of 800 likely Missouri voters showed Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain are about even in the presidential race. In the gubernatorial race, Democrat Jay Nixon was ahead of Republican Kenny Hulshof.

Vandals target members of Congress in Missouri, Minnesota

Claire McCaskill and Russ Carnahan of Missouri had their homes and vehicles spray-painted with graffiti in the past week, days after six Minnesota politicians were also vandalized.

CenturyTel to acquire Embarq in $5.8 billion deal

The combined phone company would have 8 million lines in 33 states, mostly in rural areas where the majority of their customers are located.

Missouri receives millions in aid from government

Due to flooding and other natural disasters, Missouri was among 15 states awarded government grants to rebuild its infrastructure.

Palin to campaign in Cape Girardeau

Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will be in the state again for a Thursday morning campaign in Cape Girardeau.

Governor's mansion preservation executive director to retire

After more than 30 years, Mary Pat Abele will be retiring from executive director of the Missouri governor's mansion preservation group.

ANALYSIS: Straight ticket no longer option in Mo.

Leader of national Episcopal Church visits Kansas City

Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Schori visited the Kansas City area this past weekend and said a crucial part of preaching the gospel includes having church members ensure that the U.S. government make good its promises to provide financial help to Third World countries.