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Missouri Agriculture Department wants to shed thick 'puppy mill' coat

Missouri tops the country in licensed dog breeders but it's also considered the leader in inhumane breeding. Agriculture Department Director Jon Hagler is working to change the latter.

Despite reported losses, Missouri retirement system employees received bonuses

The Missouri State Employees Retirement System, which handles investments of retirement savings for approximately 85,000 people, lost $1.8 billion last year but due to out-performing the overall market, the 14-employees split up a $300,000 bonus. Chief Investment Officer Rick Dahl received a $114,000 bonus.

House and Senate differ on health coverage for Missourians

"Show Me Health Coverage," a plan to provide health insurance to low-income parents who earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, may face stiff opposition in the House from some Republicans.

ANALYSIS: ACLU and GOP upset over militia report

The GOP and the ACLU are both "outraged" over a leaked report by the Missouri Information Analysis that characterized militia members by ideologies, specific candidates they are likely to support and third-party political groups they side with.

Puppy mills: What others are saying

New leads possible in 18-year-old case of missing Clinton woman

Investigators say they have new information on an unsolved mystery from 1991.

Airlines earn higher marks for quality in 2008

A recently released airline quality study shows that performance is on the rise, with the best ratings in four years. Hawaiian was ranked No. 1 overall, with AirTran Airways and Jet Blue close behind.

Freezing weather a concern for gardeners, farmers

A freeze warning puts many gardeners and farmers on edge, as below-freezing temperatures could kill crops and other sensitive vegetation.

Mid-Missouri Corvette Club partners with Dream Factory to raise money for sick children

More than 150 people attended the event to celebrate their classic cars.


Columbia fifth grader takes second in state geography bee

Heather Graham, a fifth-grade student representing the Columbia Homeschooling Resource Group, was the only Columbia student to advance to the final round of the state bee.

MU Police investigating body found at golf course

A man's body was found hanging in a pavilion near the seventh hole of the A.L. Gustin Golf Course.

Motorcycle collides with second vehicle Friday night

The motorcycle driver was taken to the hospital, but no one else was injured.

Bentley defendent pleads guilty to first-degree robbery

Michael Jaco agreed to testify against three other co-defendants as part of the plea deal.

The economy may be in a downturn, but chick sales are thriving

This spring chicks have been so popular with consumers that hatcheries are experiencing constant demand.

Iowa court rules gay marriage ban unconstitutional

The court's unanimous ruling said the same-sex marriage ban violates rights of gay and lesbian couples. It will take at least 21 days for the ruling to be considered final, which leaves several weeks until gay and lesbian couples can seek marriage licenses.

Special election bill passes in Missouri House

The bill, which all but five Democrats voted against, would call a special election if a statewide offical left office during his or her term.

UM System Board of Curators votes on tuition rate Friday

Meanwhile, the curators' Finance Committee voted to keep both tuition rates for undergraduate and graduate students at the same rate from fiscal year 2009 for fiscal year 2010.

Missouri Senate approves adding more sex offenders to registry

Under the resolution, 4,800 Missouri sex offenders who committed crimes before 1995 would be added to the registry.

Missouri State won't raise tuition

The university cited an agreement between Gov. Jay Nixon and Missouri colleges and universities to not raise fees for the 2009-10 school year.

Katy Trail to connect at Kansas City area

The new segment will allow hikers and bicyclists to use the trail from Pleasant Hill to St. Charles in St. Louis.