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Statewide voter turnout records set in Missouri

Sixty-nine percent of registered Missouri voters turned out on Election Day, despite earlier projections from the Missouri secretary of state's office that projected a voter turnout of as high as 76 percent.

Blunt attorney wants e-mail lawsuit dismissed

The governor's attorney says that the case, which is seeking access to Blunt's office's e-mail records, should be dismissed because of lack of evidence.

Missourians split ticket between Republicans, Democrats

Political scientists point to evangelicals, rural voters as key constituencies in the state.

Obama's election gives some black Missouri leaders hope

As Democrat Barack Obama assumes the position of president-elect in the U.S., many Missouri black leaders said this may open doors for a black politician to become a statewide elected official.

Missouri has never elected a black official to a statewide office.

Exit poll: Missouri voters most concerned about economy

The exit poll showed how much the state's mood has changed since 2004. When President George W. Bush carried Missouri four years ago, slightly more than half of voters said the economy was good.

Late deciders in Missouri broke for McCain, exit poll finds

McCain didn't win the election, but he has the lead in Missouri before counting provisional ballots.

McCain, Obama race tests Missouri's bellwether status

Although Obama has won the presidency, McCain may collect Missouri's electoral votes; he leads Obama by 5,853 votes with about 7,000 provisional ballots to count.

Gambling initiative passes, wipes out limit on casino losses

It will take another month before gamblers can enjoy Missouri casinos without the loss limit in place.

Missouri once again has divided leadership

Peter Kinder retained his seat as lieutenant governor while Chris Koster was elected  attorney general.

All state ballot issues, constitutional amendments pass

Missourians passed all the intiatives and constitutional amendments on the ballot. They included an English-only amendment to the state Constitution, expanded options for stormwater bonds, established a home-care attendant council and increased required renewable energy sources for publicly owned utilities to 15 percent.

Proposition 1, city water bond, approved

City voters approved a measure to issue $38.9 million in bonds to finance future renovations and additions to the city's water system over the next six years.

Jay Nixon easily wins gubernatorial race

The Democrat was declared the winner by The Associated Press as soon as polls closed.

Southeast Missouri man accused of killing father

The 21-year-old man was charged with murder and assault after his father was found dead from a gunshot wound to the head and his stepmother was also found shot. 

Methodists open new ministry in eastern Missouri

St. Louis man convicted for killing construction worker

Ryan Seeler, 34, was convicted Monday night in the July 7, 2007, death of 22-year-old Gavin Donahue, who was hit while working on a construction crew along Highway 40 near Chesterfield.

Missouri polling sites report long lines, heavy turnout

Election officials have been reporting long lines at polling places across Missouri despite accounts of fraudulent messages telling voters to wait to vote until Wednesday.

Constitutional wrap up: Missouri ballot initiatives pass

Missourians have adopted an English-only amendment to the constitution, expanded options for storm water bonds, established a home-care attendant council and increased required renewable energy sources for publicly owned utilities to 15 percent.

Trial of escaped murder suspect set to begin

The trial of a man charged with first-degree murder who escaped from and later turned himself back in to St. Louis police is scheduled to begin Tuesday.

$5.7 million tax refund for insurance companies denied

Eight out-of-state insurance companies requested refunds on taxes paid in 2004 on premiums collected in Missouri, but were refused because they missed the deadline.

Train strikes, kills Catawissa teen

An Amtrak train struck a 15-year-old girl who was walking on the tracks in Franklin County. She later died.