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Missouri House speaker to launch $250 million Capitol rehab

The new House Speaker Ron Richard plans to pitch the idea to set up a charitable trust this spring to former House speakers and past Senate leaders.

UPDATE: Effort to restore southeast Missouri power could take days

Utility providers are scrambling to return power to southeast Missouri after this week's ice and snow storms. Providers said it could be a week or longer before electricity returns to the hardest-hit areas.

Missouri Senate votes against pay increases for state legislators, judges

 The Missouri Senate rejected a recommendation to increase the salaries of state legislators, state officials and judges by a 32-1 vote. The current economy and recent lay-offs across the state influenced the state Senate's decision.

Homeless in Missouri expected to increase

Homeless counts are expected to increase this year, however the surveys across the state are expected to be difficult because of the recent strings of harsh weather.

Cooper County man dies of hypothermia

Hypothermia victim Greg Gerling was found Wednesday morning in the woods without shoes or a coat.

UPDATE: Missouri lawmakers vote down raises for state officials

The Senate voted 32-1 on Thursday to reject pay raises that had been recommended by a citizens' commission. The House turned down the pay raises earlier this week 129-31. Both votes easily exceeded the two-thirds majority required by the Missouri Constitution to reject the salary plan of the commission.

UPDATE: Father charged with murder, incest gets attorney

A public defender will represent the accused, who is being held in the Cass County jail. The charges against the father include second-degree murder and two counts of incest. His court date has not been set.

Koster alerts Missourians to telephone credit card scam

The caller claims to be from a company called Card Services and asks people to enter their credit card numbers to see if they qualify for a better rate.

Power in rural southeast Missouri won't be fully restored until next week

Tuesday's ice storm that hit southeast Missouri knocked out power and heat for thousands of customers. AmerenUE expects power to be fully restored by the middle of next week. The company has brought in trailers for those who need a warm place to stay.

Missouri lawmakers vote down raises for state officials

Lawmakers cited the economy as reason for voting against pay raises. A citizens' commission had suggested pay raises for judges, legislators and statewide elected officials. Both the House and Senate votes easily cleared the two-thirds requirement for rejecting the commission's salary plan.

Lebanon man will be tried after wife found dead in November

Sharon Sabla, 57, was found dead Nov. 15. A probable cause statement said her husband, Horst Gunter Sabla, admitted to shooting her and encasing her body. He will be tried for first-degree murder.

Father charged with murder, incest gets attorney

A public defender will represent the accused, who is being held in the Cass County jail. The charges against the father include second-degree murder and two counts of incest, among others. His court date has not been set.

UPDATE: 120,000 still without power in southern Missouri

The count of homes and businesses without electricity rose on Wednesday with the addition of 25,000 outages.

Nixon's proposed budget relies on stimulus package

The governor said 1,300 state jobs would have to be cut and 50 programs would have to be trimmed or eliminated to balance the budget.

Nixon repeats pledge to spare higher education from cuts

He also made suggestions for how the University of Missouri should spend its money.

UM System sues professor over patent

The University of Missouri System claims Galen Suppes, a chemical engineering professor, won't release the rights to more than 30 inventions and 11 potential patents it says were developed in his labs at MU.

Transportation high on list of potential federal stimulus expenditures

A state Senate committee charged with overseeing the receipt of federal stimulus funds discussed a wide range of issues Wednesday surrounding the $809.2 million in federal relief that Gov. Jay Nixon has included in his budget proposal for fiscal year 2010.

Funds for higher education capital improvement projects under review

More than 30 capital improvement projects funded by the 2007 sale of MOHELA's assets are being suspended or reviewed because of insufficient capital within the loan agency.

Missouri House weighs closing some police records

Those in favor of closing some records say doing so will protect the reputation of police officers who haven't done anything wrong, while others fear police departments could get away without being held accountable in more serious situations.

Former U.S. Rep. Hulshof joins Kansas City law firm

Former Missouri Representative Kenny Hulshof will joining the Kansas City-based law firm of Polsinelli Shugart PC on Sunday . He will specialize in public policy-related issues.