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Star story prompts probe into firefighter murder case

The inspector general’s office is looking into the actions of federal investigators involved in a case that sent five people to prison for life for the 1988 deaths of six Kansas City firefighters. The Kansas City Star reported in June that as many as 15 witnesses now say they were pressured to lie under oath in the trial.

Joplin man charged with contempt following scams

Concert and event promoter Derrick Gates is being charged with four contempt counts after failing to reimburse vendors he collected money from. The three events he had planned were never took place.

Former state representative dies of brain aneurysm

Rep. Sherman Parker was a member of the state House from 2003 to 2006.

Arrest made in murder of pregnant St. Louis woman

University City police arrested a 35-year-old man in connection with the murder. The slain 22-year-old woman was pregnant with her first child.

Ike’s flash floods ravage Silex, Missouri

Remnants of Hurricane Ike caused flash floods through Missouri this week. In Silex, Mo., dozens of houses were damaged, leaving many residents of the town homeless.

Missouri Humane Society sends more rescuers to Texas

 The Missouri Humane Society is sending six more animal rescuers to the southeastern Texas coast following an urgent request from that state’s emergency management officials.

Head of Springfield charity for the blind charged with stealing

Micky L. Martin is accused of stealing more than $25,000 over 3 1/2 years.

Missouri scraps private financing for bridge projects

The credit market crunch has forced the state to pay for the projects through bonds.

Mo. doctors move to Kansas for lower malpractice costs

A Missouri physicians' group plans to build a new medical office building in Galena, Kan., citing lower malpractice insurance costs across the state line.

Abducted teen crashed car to make escape

Kory Wakefield, a 300-pound football player in Leadington, was abducted by gunpoint and forced to drive 200 miles before crashing his car to escape his abductor.

Civil War historical site created of first battle with black soldiers

The state is creating a historical site on land in western Missouri where black soldiers are believed to have engaged in their first Civil War battle.

Missouri's new 'castle doctrine' at heart of murder case

Hannibal city leader died Wednesday

A longtime Hannibal city leader is dead after an accident at his home. Jim Dexheimer served on the Hannibal City Council for more than 20 years and was mayor pro tem in the northeast Missouri community of 17,000 residents.

Twain museum invites Obama, McCain to debate

And, in the spirit of Mark Twain, it wants Stephen Colbert to moderate.

States ask MillerCoors forgo plans for alcoholic energy drink

MillerCoors spokesman Julian Green said the company still plans to release Sparks Red on Oct. 1. He said the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, or TTB, has approved all formulas and labeling for Sparks.

Independence business says it's not making pro-Clinton calls

But its number has come up when some residents received odd phone calls encouraging them to write in Hillary Clinton's name for president.

3 KC residents plead guilty in bogus tax return case

Prosecutors say the defendants stole personal information of about 300 people and used it to file at least 365 fraudulent federal tax returns since February 2005.
Eight co-defendants have now pleaded guilty to the charges from the indictment.

UPDATE: Woman who faked sextuplets' birth is missing

Officials say 47-year-old Sarah Everson of Grain Valley left the Kansas City Community Release Center on Friday to go on a job search and never returned.

Drury student hospitalized for alcohol poisoning

The freshman was drinking at an off-campus party on Saturday night after Drury's fraternity "Bid Day."

Flood crests less than expected

The Missouri and Mississippi rivers and their tributaries are still expected to crest above flood stage in spots, causing problems for creeks and local waterways.