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Missouri senator wants limited liability for utility companies in 'clean coal' project

The city of Springfield wants to pump carbon dioxide into the earth in a process known as carbon sequestration. The bill introduced by Sen. Kurt Schaefer would limit personal injury liability for utility companies.

Missouri House Budget Committee staying late to pass budget bills

The committee is expected to remain in a hearing late Wednesday night to complete the 2010 fiscal year budget. The committe is reviewing and voting on more than 120 amendments to the proposals.

Missouri lawmakers want equality for scholarship recipients

Bills in the House and Senate would eliminate the gap between private-school and public-school scholarship amounts.

Missouri Senate votes to back restrictions on traffic cameras

An amendment to a transportation bill would require police to positively identify the driver of a vehicle caught on camera running a red light.

Church shooting suspect had arsenal in bedroom

A man accused of shooting an Illinois pastor to death mid-sermon also left an index card in his bedroom marked "Last Day Will" and had singled out the day of the shooting as "death day" in his day planner. The arsenal included two shotguns, a rifle and 550 bullets.

Charges filed in Kansas City-area child sex ring

Four men were indicted Tuesday in connection with an attempted child sex ring.

Novinger man charged after 26 cattle killed

Larry C. McFarland is accused of shooting 29 cattle, killing all but three of them on Jan. 12 in Macon County. He is already being held for other charges.

Missouri lawmakers debate fire safety for care centers

Legislation adopted in 2007 in response to a fire in a southwest Missouri group home that killed 11 people still hasn't been implemented. Changes to the law are still being debated.

One arrest made in robbery-kidnapping, puppy still missing

Anthony Lee Cal Jr. was arrested Tuesday on charge of two counts each of robbery and kidnapping. Cal and another man took a couple's pit bull puppy along with a wallet from one of the victims. The puppy is still missing.

St. Louis transit agency cuts staff

St. Louis' Metro is cutting 51 jobs. By the end of spring, 553 jobs will have been eliminated.

Missouri pastor pleads guilty to sex charges

Randall D. Russell, a pastor from Neosho, pleaded guilty on the charges of first-degree child molestation and sexual exploitation of a minor. The sentencing is scheduled for April 21 and prosecutors say Russell will receive 15 years.

Blunt asks appeals court to bar defamation suit

Former Gov. Matt Blunt's office legal counsel Scott Eckersley sued Blunt for defamation and wrongful termination in September 2007. Attorneys for Blunt are asking an appeals court to dismiss the lawsuit and are citing executive privilege.

Missouri casinos going strong as larger hot-spots decline

Though large casinos at gambling hot-spots across the country are losing money, Missouri casinos have posted more patrons and higher revenues in February than during the same month last year, according to the Missouri Gaming Commission.

Charges filed in Kansas City-area child sex ring

Federal charges have been filed against an active duty naval recruiter and three others for attempted commercial sex trafficking of a child.

Senators back restrictions on traffic cameras

The Senate approved an amendment Tuesday requiring police to positively identify the driver of a vehicle caught on camera running a red light before a ticket could be issued.

More than $500,000 missing from nursing school

Springfield police have not made any arrests in connection with the suspected embezzlement from St. John's College of Nursing and Health Services but Republic police say they are investigating the same suspect for thefts from another organization.

'Filthy' living conditions examined after elderly woman's death

The 71-year-old eastern Missouri woman died Jan. 21 from septic shock. Iron Mountian Lake police are investigating the notion that unsanitary living conditions led to her death.

Blunt asks appeals court to bar defamation suit

Former Gov. Matt Blunt is claiming executive privilege in his fight against a former staff lawyer who said he was wrongfully terminated.

Steelman attacks earmarks, angles for Missouri seat in U.S. Senate

Steelman contends earmark spending has contributed to the nation's troubled economy and wastes money.

Cedar Fair exploring sale of amusement parks in Missouri, Minnesota

Cedar Fair, based in Sandusky, Ohio, took on a huge debt in 2006 with its $1.24 billion acquisition of Paramount Parks Inc.