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Peter Kinder signs bill designed to end property tax battle

The legislation allows those working in Missouri but living elsewhere to take a tax reduction off their Missouri income

UPDATE: Mo. Supreme Court upholds midwifery law

The 2007 law had been struck down by a Cole County judge but was overturned Tuesday in a 5-2 decision.

FEMA reacts better to flooded Midwest than to Hurricane Katrina

FEMA became a symbol of government bungling during Katrina efforts but are proving their worth in Midwest flooding crisis.

Former Southeast Missouri State employee found with files containing student Social Security numbers

A former employee of Southeast Missouri State University was found with data files that contained names and Social Security numbers of about 800 students. The data was recovered, and charges were filed against the former employee.

Steelman faces uphill battle as an outsider

There is no incumbent in Missouri’s gubernatorial race. But that’s hard to tell from the way the Republican primary is shaping up.

Missouri unemployment rate hits 6 percent in May

The state unemployment rate charged upward last month, reaching its highest point in more than three years. Missouri’s unemployment rate also hit 6 percent in January 2005 and July 2004.

Kansas Supreme Court rules juveniles have right to jury trial

The Kansas Supreme Court says juvenile offenders have a constitutional right to a jury trial. In its 6-1 ruling Friday, the court said legislators have changed the juvenile system to make it more like the adult system.

News of lower-than-predicted river cresting not of comfort to all

Inland levees protecting Elsberry and eastern Winfield were still holding strong this morning and would likely hold back floodwaters during the river’s crest, said Andy Binder, spokesman for Lincoln County Emergency Management.

Mosquitoes likely to invade in aftermath of flooding

A Missouri health department veterinarian says the mosquito species most likely to breed in the floodwaters are “nuisance” species that leave welts and itchy bites, but they cannot spread the West Nile virus.

In Hannibal, exaggerated flood perceptions are worse than reality

Mark Twain’s hometown relies heavily on the annual influx of tourists. However, flood perceptions are driving would-be visitors far from their vacation plans.

McCaskill questions InBev CEO about Anheuser-Busch

The Missouri senator and other lawmakers have been blunt about opposing the sale of the St. Louis icon.

Volunteers from New Orleans to help flooded Missouri town

Clarksvill is expecting volunteers from New Orleans to help prepare for flooding. Clarksville lies north of St. Louis, where the Mississippi is expected to crest at record levels.

Baby giraffe is newest addition to Saint Louis Zoo

The male calf was born Saturday at the zoo and stands more than 6 feet tall and weighs 143 pounds. Zoo visitors can see him with his mother.

Drivers get newly-designed license plates

The new license plates feature a bluebird and the “Show-Me State” nickname spelled without the hyphen. The state says it won’t fix this grammatical mistake.

Mo. woman pleads not guilty in Internet suicide case

Lori Drew was charged with a federal crime because no applicable state law existed.

Volunteers needed to help town prepare for floods

Flooding is endangering many Missouri river towns and help is needed to reinforce levees.

Missouri asks Bush to expedite declaration for flood help

Officials predict crest levels are expected to exceed those set by the Great Flood of 1993, which some levees may not withstand.

Kinder asks Pres. Bush to expedite flood help

Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder is asking President Bush to expedite a disaster declaration to help Missouri deal with record flooding along the Mississippi River.

Northeast Missouri prepares for flooding

Communities along the Mississippi River in northeast Missouri are taking steps to deter water levels that continue to rise and to avoid flooding. Some have decided to evacuate.

2 lawsuits accuse former Kansas City area clergymen of abuse

The two cases concern priests from St. Elizabeth Parish in the 1970s.