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Saint Louis Symphony releases recordings

The four recordings were made under the direction of the late Hans Vonk, who died in 2004.

Jill Biden to campaign in Missouri

Sen. Joe Biden's wife will discuss the economy, health care and education.

Ballot decision allowed Nixon to raise more money

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan allowed a Democratic candidate for governor on the primary ballot after disqualifying him for not submitting necessary documentation.

Skeletal remains found in Pike County

Investigators say identifying the remains could take some time.

Missouri warns against allowing golf carts on streets

Only golf carts designated as "low-speed vehicles" can be used on Missouri roads.

Houston teens sentenced after pleading guilty of parents' shooting

A nineteen-year-old pleaded guilty for having her boyfriend shooting her parents at their home near Summersville.

Worker at St. Louis homeless shelter hospitalized after assault

The suspect, 28-year-old Pamela Fraction, is charged with assault for the incident that happened Thursday at New Life Evangelistic Center.

Carthage sheriff says double homicide shows 'hatred'

Jasper County Sheriff Archie Dunn said the crime scene included certain "elements" not usually present in local murders that he thought reflected a degree of "hatred" toward the victims.

Missouri gasoline prices plummet close to that of last year

Missouri's average price for a gallon of regular unleaded gas was $2.81 on Monday.

Country of Origin labels hit the produce aisle and meat counter

Shoppers can now actively choose between homegrown and foreign products. And the United States Department of Agriculture can better track products during food outbreaks. But the law doesn't cover all retailer or all food, making the origin of most foods still a mystery to customers.

International shortage of cancer-detecting isotope brings scientists to MU

A critical shortage of the radioactive isotope molybdenum-99 has brought scientists from more than 15 countries this week to Columbia to discuss the MU Research Reactor's role in increasing the production of this substance.

Jasper County couple found dead Sunday morning

After not showing up for church, the couple's son found their bodies at their house. Authorities are looking into the possibility of a double homicide.

Company to dig for uranium in southeast Missouri

If the Colorado-based company finds uranium on private land, the owners of the land would receive 4 percent of the proceeds.

Southeast Missouri man dies in Mississippi River barge accident

A 67-year-old worker died Saturday in Cape Girardeau after falling into an empty hopper barge.

Cheney to visit Missouri on Oct. 20

The vice president is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder in Cape Girardeau.

Joplin School Board to discuss tattoos on teachers

Superintendent C.J. Huff said tattoos could become more of an issue as the district hires young teachers from an age group that's more comfortable with tattoos.

School may ban teachers from talking to students outside school

The superintendent of the southeast Missouri school says the rule would protect teachers from false accusations.

Autism center planned for southeast Missouri

The Southeast Missouri State University Autism Center for Diagnosis and Treatment is scheduled to open next summer in Cape Girardeau.

Investigation links brain tumors to insulation plant

A toxicology expert has linked a high cancer-incidence rate to the former operation of a Rockwool Industries insulation plant in this small Missouri town.

ANALYSIS: Missouri gubernatorial race a contrast in campaign strategies

Republican Kenny Hulshof has introduced a new policy almost weekly since the start of the Missouri gubernatorial race, while Democrat Jay Nixon has stuck to three basic messages: the economy, health care and higher education.