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Officials seeking no-show in child death case

Larry Clay Jr., 33, of St. Louis is wanted after failing to appear in court Wednesday. He is charged with felony child abuse resulting in death and, according to authorities, had agreed to plead guilty. A 16-month-old died five years ago while in his care.

Rally not enough to spur health care expansion

Gov. Nixon's plan to build on the state's health care program was rejected Wednesday by the House Budget Committee. A crowd had gathered outside the Capitol to support the health care expansion, and lawmakers debated whether the state has enough money for the project.

Nixon in St. Louis to talk about stimulus

The governor's Thursday visit to St. Louis will include a discussion of how he plans to spend federal stimulus funds. His Transform Missouri Web site allows input from residents.

Willard baby sitter charged with infant death

Brenda Jean Caringer, 53, turned herself into police Wednesday. Lucas Theede-Bennett died from multiple injuries Jan. 6 while under her care. Caringer is charged with second-degree murder and child abuse resulting in death.

UPDATE: Workers' compensation ruling could lead to more lawsuits, attorney warns

The Missouri Supreme court ruled that people excluded from the workers' compensation system because of a narrower definition of "accidental injury" now could sue their employers in court.

UPDATE: Officials consider privatizing Kansas City airport

A plan to privatize Kansas City International Airport would bring in more than $1 billion for the city.

Missouri Supreme Court rejects challenge to workers' law

Missouri's Supreme Court rejected labor union challenges to a 2005 workers' compensation law Tuesday. However, the court widened the interpretation of "accidental injury," which one workers' compensation lawyer thinks will start a flood of lawsuits against employers.

Court upholds conviction for 2001 slaying near Springfield

The state Supreme Court rejected various claims that David Zink had ineffective legal aid in his 2004 trial.

Senate passes change to highway building law

Legislation passed Wednesday by the Senate would give the Missouri Department of Transportation greater power to award design-build contracts for road and bridge projects.

Missouri House votes to exempt more businesses from franchise tax

The Missouri House voted 143-17 Wednesday to exempt companies worth $10 million or less from paying business franchise taxes. A business franchise tax is a levy on a corporation's assets, inventory and property.

Judge drops eye drop poisoning case

The first-degree assault case against 40-year-old Tonia Peterson was dropped Monday because of lack of evidence. Peterson was accused of poisoning her husband with Visine eyedrops in his tea.

Senate panel rejects red-light camera ban

A Missouri Senate committee rejected a ban on the use of automated cameras at red lights. Proponents of the ban contend that the cameras are unconstitutional and lead to rear-end accidents.

Grocery distribution center to add jobs in Republic

Gov. Jay Nixon and leaders from the town of Repulic announced plans for a new McLane Company grocery distribution center that is expected to create 400 jobs. The 400,000-square foot warehouse is expected to open in 2010.

Union man pleads guilty to shooting death of father

Michael Hunt, 29, pleaded guilty to a second-degree murder charge Tuesday in the 2008 shooting death of his father. His sentencing will be on May 5.

Officials consider privatizing Kansas City airport

Kansas City officials are thinking about applying for one of the remaining spots in a federal program to privatize airports. Officials estimate the sale would bring in $1 billion for city operations and construction.

Senate approves bill to create child support courts

Under the bill, people convincted of failing to pay child support could have their sentences reduced if they complete court-ordered treatment or resume payments. The bill will now be sent to the House.

Two people killed in crash near Fulton

The crash occured on Old Business 54, as a 17-year-old driver turned off of U.S. 54 in Callaway county Tuesday evening, colliding with another vehilcle, killing a 38-year-old man and 18-year-old man.

Insurance industry does not support autism mandate

Insurance lobbyists argued in front of Congress that covering additional programs for autistic children is not feasible.

Regulators concerned Ameren bill could up commission's workload

Some members of the Missouri Public Service Commission said they're worried a bill that would affect how utility companies recoup financing costs for new power plants could increase the commission's workload.

Forsee recommends MU Extension project be spared from budget cuts

"Extension is viewed as a core part of what we do," Forsee said. "As we think about our budget and the tough allocations, we certainly look at the total of that budget."