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American Mustache Institute opens voting for the best 'stache

The St. Louis-based invites people vote on its website the best 'stache of the country. The 16 finalists include Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr, New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi and former baseball MVP Keith Hernandez.

Woman who didn't return kids to custody found

The Missouri woman and her four children, ages 7, 10, 12 and 15, were found at an Olympia, Wash., motel. The children were safe and are now in protective custody.

ANALYSIS: ‘Proposition A’ casino revenues would not reach 27 percent of Missouri students

The potential revenue from Missouri’s repeal of casino loss limits would not reach the state’s largest school districts. Proposition A will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot as a measure called Schools First Elementary and Secondary Education Funding Initiative.

As the economy takes a hit, so does John McCain

Since the country’s financial troubles have deepened, polls that once gave John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, an early advantage in Missouri now show him even with Barack Obama.  Plant closings and high gas prices have taken a toll on residents rural Missouri.

Democrats say Hulshof should return $100,000 donation

Republican Rep. Kenny Hulshof’s gubernatorial campaign said there is no link between the donation and the announcement of an urban school reform plan, which would include taxpayer subsidies for private school tuition.

Trial begins Monday for man accused of killing 3-year-old ‘Precious Doe’

In 2005, four years after her headless body was found in the woods, “Precious Doe” was identified as Erica Green. Jackson County prosecutors have charged Harrell Johnson, 29, with first-degree murder. Michelle Johnson, Erica’s mother and Harrell Johnson’s wife, will be called as a witness by prosecutors.

One man dead, another grazed in shooting at St. Louis County

A shooting Saturday night at a Beverly Hills, Mo., home left one dead and another grazed.

Independence man charged in death of mom’s fiance

John Horton Jr. was arrested Saturday after witnesses say he shot his mother’s boyfriend at his home.

Officials aim to find out what stinks in Carthage

State officials plan to distribute a survey to Carthage residents in hopes of identifying the source of the city’s odor problem.

Factory farm permits approved despite court ruling

The jurisdiction of a court ruling that denied a permit for a hog farm near Arrow Rock is still unclear.

Phase 1 of I-64 project ahead of schedule

The five-mile stretch that has been shut down for rebuilding will reopen as early as late November. Phase 2 of the I-64 project will begin shortly after.

Poultry plant closes in Buffalo, Mo.

About 465 jobs will be lost in Dallas County and surrounding areas when the Petit Jean poultry plant shuts its doors.

Trial set for suspect in 1985 rape-murder case

More than 20 years after the crime, a trial date has been set for suspect Gerald Carnahan in the rape-murder of Jackie Johns.

Woman arrested after shooting at marijuana eradication helicopter

A Douglas County woman is awaiting charges after shooting at a National Guard helicopter.

Man who faked own death convicted of sex charges

Charles Rothman tried to fake his death by setting his fishing boat adrift.

Palin and Biden debate in their first meeting of campaign

The clash over Iraq was the most personal, and pointed, of the 90-minute debate between vice presidential candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin.

Democrats want details from Bond on U.S. attorney’s dismissal

A Justice Department report revealed that Republican Sen. Kit Bond’s office pushed for Todd Graves’ dismissal, while Bond insists he had nothing to do with Graves’ departure from office.

Proposition B addresses home health work conditions

An initiative on Missouri's November ballot, which would create the Missouri Quality Homecare Council, would help recruit home health care workers, recommend wages and benefits and would keep a registry of Missouri personal care attendants, but some worry the measure is stealth attempt to unionize home health care workers.

UPDATE: Ford begins production of more fuel-efficient F-150

While the automaker is banking on the truck's improved mileage to lure back customers — company officials said fuel cost has jumped to a top-5 truck buyer concern — tight credit and increasing worries about economic instability have pulled U.S. auto sales to a 15-year low, with truck sales leading the plunge.

Branson tourism down in 2008

The Branson Chamber of Commerce said visitor numbers were down by 95,000 in April, May and June, and inquiries about vacations there fell by 400,000.