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Kansas City loses bid to host GOP convention

The Republican National Committee announced Wednesday that the city failed to make the cut when its list of finalists to host the 2016 Republican National Convention was narrowed to just two cities, Cleveland and Dallas.

UPDATE: Missouri Gov. Nixon vetoes, freezes $1 billion of spending

The cuts include more than $77 million to MU and more than $2 million to Columbia Public Schools. The Democratic governor said his actions were necessary because the budget passed by the Republican-led legislature was "dangerously out of balance."

UPDATE: Nixon vetoes student transfer bill

Calling it a "dangerous voucher scheme," Gov. Jay Nixon on Tuesday vetoed a measure that would allow the use of public money to pay for certain students to attend private schools.

Lawsuit asks Missouri lawmakers to rewrite gun rights ballot summary

A legal challenge has claimed the summary approved by the legislature for the Aug. 5 ballot measure is insufficient and unfair.

History buffs race to preserve dialect in Missouri

Missouri French has the distinction of being one of only three French dialects believed to have originated in the United States. And it remained in wide use in these parts well into the 20th century.

Missouri teen finds apparent human ashes on street

Elijah Farley and his mother contacted authorities after he found the box in east Kansas City on Sunday.

Man, grandson prepare for Missouri River race

Ken Wodrich, 71, will be competing in the Missouri American Water MR340, a canoe race that takes place on the Missouri River across the state. Wodrich, who will be racing with his grandson, Keton, built his own canoe. 

Auditor: Gun rights proposal could cost Missouri

Although no specific, direct monetary figures are cited in the ballot wording approved by Missouri Auditor Tom Schweich, it says the passage of the measure "will likely lead to increased litigation and criminal justice related costs."

Army engineers deny causing Missouri River floods

More than 200 landowners claimed in their March lawsuit that they should be compensated for the extensive damage they experienced — particularly during the extended 2011 flooding that devastated hundreds of thousands of acres of mostly farmland in South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri.

Missouri legislation would allow assistant doctors

The bill pending before Gov. Jay Nixon would create a classification of "assistant physician" for graduates who have passed licensing exams but have not completed residency training. They would be allowed to provide primary care and prescribe drugs in some areas.

Joplin church raffles AR-15 rifles to increase membership

The church's pastor said the Father's Day effort was another way to draw males age 18 to 35 to the church.

Missouri cultural funding plan gets extension

The law prescribing how that money is used was set to expire at the end of 2015. But Gov. Jay Nixon has signed legislation extending the law through 2020.

Missouri residents urged to keep it cool

Officials with the St. Louis Health Department say more people in the U.S. die from extreme heat than from tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, floods and earthquakes combined.

Messages seek to sway Gov. Nixon on Missouri deer

A few hundred letters and electronic messages have landed in Nixon's mailbox and inbox amid disagreement over regulations for deer breeders and hunting preserves.

Missouri to allow food stamps for drug felons

Legislation signed Friday by Gov. Jay Nixon will allow people with three or fewer drug felonies to receive aid through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program so long as they meet certain conditions.

Missouri has backlog of hazardous waste reviews

The audit says the Hazardous Waste Program has not investigated 111 former lead smelters that could have a high probability of contamination, nor about 3,300 former mining sites.

Nixon signs bill extending vet loan forgiveness

The loan forgiveness program expired at the end of June 2013. Gov. Jay Nixon signed a higher education bill Thursday that includes a provision removing that expiration date.

Missouri offers new guidance on student transfers

The department recommends reducing the tuition that unaccredited districts pay districts that receive transfers.

UPDATE: Opponents of right-to-farm bill hold rally at Capitol

Critics say the measure will lead to lawsuits over what farming practices are permitted and to special protections for large agricultural special interests.

Heroin overdose antidote bill awaits Gov. Nixon’s signature

If a bill passed by the Missouri General Assembly is signed into law, first responders in Missouri will be able to carry medication that reverses the potentially fatal effects of opioid overdose.