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Ethics on Missouri lawmakers' 2015 agenda

At least 28 bills have been filed so far to address concerns, but elected officials have been promising change for years with little success. It'll take a "major scandal to enact changes, says MU political science professor Peverill Squire.

St. Louis suburbs prepare for ash borer invasion

A gradual schedule of culling the ash trees has prevented some cities from the financial hit. Columbia began preparations in 2013.

After spotlight, Ferguson faces a challenging road forward

One shop owner says the greatest crime in the St. Louis area would be to give up.

Two settle lawsuits with mistakenly jailed people

Both cases involved people who were jailed on other people's charges.

Missouri lawmaker pushes for school health clinics

State Rep. Jay Barnes, R-Jefferson City, wants the Department of Social Services to make incentives for health care clinics at schools if at least half of their students qualify for free- or reduced-price lunches.

Lawmakers seek funding for levees in northwest Missouri

A letter from the legislators notes that billions of dollars are at risk by continued flood threats along the Missouri River in the St. Joseph region.

Data shows people moving to Oregon, Carolinas

Missouri trended toward the outbound — 53 percent of moves were leaving instead of arriving.

St. Louis plans new approach on panhandling

Downtown St. Louis Inc. plans a public awareness campaign to educate residents on how to interact with panhandlers.

51 years after wreck, 7-inch car part found in man's arm

Arthur Lampitt of Granite City, Illinois, didn't know anything was in his arm until he set off a metal detector at a courthouse about a decade ago.

11,000 Missouri deer killed with alternative methods

Alternative methods include crossbows, spears and muzzle-loading firearms. Boone County saw 106 deer taken by alternative methods.

Crowd rallies to support St. Louis police

Members of the crowd chanted slogans including "police lives matter."

St. Louis Children's Hospital ends hotline service

At its peak in the late 1990s, the hotline received roughly 90,000 calls per year.

Governor exploring options for tolls along I-70

Gov. Jay Nixon received a report today from the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission that details the condition of the highway and potential solutions. 

Missouri laws taking effect Jan. 1 cover beer sales, drug costs, storage units and more

Laws passed during the 2014 session to go into effect on Jan. 1 cover the cost of cancer drugs, beer sales and mammogram reporting. They address how long rented storage units must be in default before contents can be sold and improvements to the state's One Call program.

Missouri legislature takes on education in 2015

One bill, which would set up a letter grading system for public schools, is intended to make it easier for parents to understand who their children's schools are performing.

Kansas City on pace for lowest homicide count in 47 years

As of New Year's Eve, there had been 76 homicides in the city. The last time the count was lower was in 1967 with 66 people.

Execution set for Missouri man who killed neighbor

The Feb. 11 execution is scheduled to be the second one in Missouri in 2015.

Nixon to deliver State of State Address on Jan. 21

The Democratic governor will be making his seventh address.

Missouri ski resorts open Friday

Eureka and Weston resorts delayed opening because of lack of snow.

Officers use pepper spray as protesters storm St. Louis police headquarters

Protesters posted an "eviction notice" on the door of the police station, citing reasons why Chief Sam Dotson and others should be removed.