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Potential contractor gets OK to begin work on Mo. bridge repair project

No contract has been awarded, but to speed things up, state transportation officials have given approval for a potential contractor to begin the engineering work on the project to repair 802 bridges.

3 dead, 1 injured after apparent murder suicide in Mountain Grove, police say

A woman was critically injured and two of her relatives were killed by her estranged husband before he turned the gun on himself, police said.

33 Muslim immigrants sue, saying U.S. citizenship wrongly delayed

Their lawsuit says many immigrants who have met the requirements to become U.S. citizens are left in limbo for months or years because of slow processing of FBI name checks.

Bad weather forces Blunt to cancel plans to sign cyberbullying law

The governor had planned to sign the measure Friday afternoon just a couple of miles from the neighborhood where 13-year-old Megan Meier hanged herself in 2006 after receiving cruel messages over the Internet.

Web site aims to block Anheuser-Busch takeover encourages visitors to contact elected officials and Anheuser-Busch shareholders to discourage the takeover of the company by Belgium-based brewer InBev. The Web site claims to have more than 18,000 signatures on its online petition.

Black leaders in St. Louis to recruit 'street teams' in anti-crime campaign

The leaders who organized an anti-crime march that drew tens of thousands last weekend in St. Louis said Thursday they have begun recruiting “street teams” to mobilize in high-crime neighborhoods.

Mo. taxpayers will be able to contribute to breast cancer services

Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation Thursday adding the contribution checkoff to Missouri’s income tax forms.

Three Rivers Community College fires president

John Cooper was placed on administrative leave with 30 days of pay.

Man pleads guilty to causing anthrax scare in KC

The 21-year-old man, who is in prison in Minnesota, pleaded guilty to sending a letter containing a white powder and a note mentioning anthrax to the IRS headquarters in Kansas City.

Man charged with assault tells police he's a cult leader

The 22-year-old Bonne Terre man said he was the leader of the Bonne Terre Cult.

Missouri firm caught in legal battle over rodeo bull's semen

A Texas ranch says sperm from the bull, named Mommas Boy, was illegally taken in the 13 days between the time the bull was bought and delivered.

Critics say Steelman ad misleading on fighting illegal hiring practices

Republican gubernatorial candidate Sarah Steelman has stopped airing a TV ad touting her actions against a construction company that hired illegal immigrants — just as Democrats intensified their criticism of it.

McBaine bur oak tree’s DNA to be preserved

Samples of Missouri’s largest bur oak tree have been grafted in order to preserve its DNA.

Pilot program credited for drop in Missouri prison population

A Missouri Supreme Court judge told a conference audience Wednesday that keeping nonviolent criminals away from violent criminals helps them to not reoffend.

7-year-old boy drowns in Big Buffalo Creek near Stover

A 7-year-old boy drowned Wednesday after losing his footing and being swept into a culvert by the current of Big Buffalo Creek in central Missouri.

California Supreme Court refuses to delay same-sex marriage initiative

Gov. Matt Blunt expressed disappointment Wednesday that California’s highest court declined to delay until after the November elections its decision legalizing same-sex marriage in that state.

KC's smoking ban is put on hold

A Jackson County judge has postponed Kansas City’s ban on smoking in bars and restaurants.

Missouri newspapers report increased use of recycled newsprints

Thirty-nine of the 58 participating newspapers reported using at least 50 percent recycled newsprint, according to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.

Monsanto executive sets goal to develop new strains of crops

Monsanto Co. plans to develop strains of corn, soybeans and cotton that can yeild more grain and fiber while consuming less water by 2030.

State revenue growth in line to meet budget projections

Missouri collected $7.2 billion in May, which is higher than the growth rate anticipated by the budget.