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Bill encourages transparency in medical costs

The health plan put forward by Rep. Rob Schaaf would require doctors to inform patients of different prices.

Severe weather closes roads across Missouri

Yet another round of severe weather closed nearly 200 roads in Missouri, forced the emergency evacuation of a newspaper office and had flood-weary residents along the Meramec River bracing for more high water.

Jefferson City voters keep ban on casino gambling

Elections took place across Missouri on Tuesday.

Insure Missouri bill clears Senate Health Committee

The measure, approved by a unanimous 5-0 vote, would phase in government-financed health care coverage for more than 200,000 Missourians — at an ultimate projected cost of more than $90 million per year in state funds.

Mo. workers from out of state stuck in tax law limbo

JEFFERSON CITY — Next Tuesday's tax deadline may not be the end of the paperwork for thousands of Missouri workers who live elsewhere.

Kirkwood to elect mayor 2 months after slayings

Their choices are a veteran city councilman, seen by some as part of the old guard, and three write-in candidates.

McCain decries Democrats' Iraq pullout plan in Kansas City speech

KANSAS CITY — Republican presidential candidate John McCain said today that calls from his Democratic rivals to withdraw U.S. forces from Iraq stand as a "failure of leadership" as they are making promises they cannot keep.

Mo. GOP spokesman Sloca resigns

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri Republican Party spokesman Paul Sloca says he decided to step down because he was ready for a change.

Biodiesel bill would support long-term market for renewable fuel

The city’s been pumping a biodiesel blend into its fleet of diesel vehicles for the past six years.

Moratorium on death penalty gathers bipartisan support

On Tuesday, the Missouri House Public Safety Committee discussed the bill that would create a death penalty commission and impose a moratorium.

Court: State can't require registry info from pre-1995 sex offenders

KANSAS CITY — A Missouri appeals court says the state can't require people convicted of sex crimes before 1995 to provide information for the state sex offender registry.

Measure aimed at limiting Mo. property tax increases passes House

Senate gives quick initial OK to bill on illegal immigration

JEFFERSON CITY — State senators gave quick preliminary approval today to legislation cracking down on illegal immigrants and those who hire them.

More rain expected by Wednesday in parts of Missouri

ST. LOUIS — Some Missouri communities may see minor to moderate flooding this week in the wake of drenching storms, the National Weather Service said today, even as forecasts are calling for more rain.

Document signed by Lewis and Clark could be worth $80,000 or more

The document is one of few outside the official reports from their exploration of the American West from 1804 to 1806.

Farmers assess flooded fields, gauge growing season

Farmers in southeast Missouri are trying to gauge what sort of growing season they'll have after recent flooding and heavy rains.

Mo. company made ‘John Adams’ pewter

Dishes, candlesticks, ink wells and dozens of other objects made at Tom and Patricia Hooper’s ASL Pewter company in downtown Louisiana are being used in the miniseries “John Adams” on HBO.

List of Missouri candidates

Tuesday was the deadline in Missouri for candidates to file for the Aug. 5 primary elections; the general election will be Nov. 4.

Boone County commissioners struggle with new village incorporation laws

Legislation pending in the Missouri General Assembly could repeal a law that lowered the requirements for incorporating villages.

Federal judge clears way for Missouri River rise

If the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers follows through with its plan, officials would release extra water into the river from Gavins Point Dam in South Dakota over a two-day period in an attempt to encourage spawning of the pallid sturgeon, an endangered species.