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'Twins bill' will move to the Missouri House floor

A Columbia representative’s “twins bill,” which would give parents of multiple-birth siblings control over their children’s classroom assignments, will move to the Missouri House floor.

Man run over while trying to stop thieves at Starbucks dies

A suburban St. Louis resident died from injuries sustained while trying to stop thieves who stole a tip cup at a Crestwood Starbucks.

Midwifery law reviewed by state Supreme Court

The law legalizing midwifery was stuck down in August because it was not related to health insurance, opposers of the law say. A midwives group is appealing the decision.

Much of Missouri hit with winter weather

Two days after Missourians played outdoors in shorts and flip-flops, much of the state on Tuesday was digging out after yet another winter storm brought up to 8 inches of snow.

House approves extra $80 million for state programs

The money will be put toward school districts, health care and state programs.

Bill would allow MOHELA to originate loans

A state Senate bill allowing the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority to originate its own student loans would ease the pressure fueled by the credit crunch, a MOHELA director has said.

Missouri group mobilizes over what they say is a deceptive initiative

A group called Working to Empower Community Action Now say it fears the Missouri Civil Rights Initiative is deceptive in finding support to effectively ban most affirmative action programs in Missouri.

General Assembly moves to restrict ballot initiatives

The people elected to make laws in Missouri are trying to make it more difficult for voters to make laws themselves.

Fire in Fulton leaves resident, firefighters injured

An occupant who was renting the house and three firefighters were injured this morning.

Senate votes to end checks to dependents of deceased injured workers

JEFFERSON CITY — Senators unanimously passed legislation Thursday meant to reverse a Missouri Supreme Court decision that could allow millions of dollars to flow to the families of disabled workers after their deaths.

States mull laws to help military families shuffling states

ANNAPOLIS, Md. — The wife of a Navy doctor, Leonor Chavez doesn't worry about her daughter having to change schools every few years. It's the paperwork that comes with the moves that daunts her.

Ice cream cone's bid to be state dessert goes to House

JEFFERSON CITY — It had a rocky road, but the ice cream cone has won Senate approval to become Missouri's official dessert.

Busch Entertainment announces Dubai theme parks

ST. LOUIS — The entertainment division of Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. plans to expand outside the U.S. for the first time by opening four theme parks in Dubai, the fast-growing tourist destination in the Middle East.

Senate votes to keep sensitive documents private

JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri lawmakers voted Thursday to keep some public safety and utility documents closed to the public.

Governors announce plans for new Mississippi River bridge

ST. LOUIS — Missouri and Illinois ended years of bickering Thursday over how to pay for a new Mississippi River bridge and at what cost, announcing a deal for a new four-lane, $640 million span meant to ease congestion at one of the nation's busiest crossings.

Senators approve alternative teacher certification

Citing a shortage of teachers, senators passed legislation late Wednesday making it easier for people lacking education degrees to gain approval to teach in Missouri’s public schools.

Mo. Senate passes bill targeting property tax increases

Senate President Pro Tem Michael Gibbons said his bill targets cases in which property taxes rise as a result of reassessments in property values.

Bill would grant child witnesses special privileges

Missouri lawmakers are considering a bill to make testifying in court more comfortable for children.

Plans for new Mississippi River bridge set for release

ST. LOUIS — After years of wrangling between Missouri and Illinois, plans for a new Mississippi River bridge at St. Louis will be announced on Thursday.

Arrest warrant issued for Cardinals' Scott Spiezio

IRVINE, Calif. — An arrest warrant for St. Louis Cardinals utilityman Scott Spiezio was issued by local police on six charges stemming from a crash in late December. The warrant filed Tuesday alleged driving under influence, driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content of .08 percent or more, hit and run, aggravated assault, assault and battery.