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Mo. lawyer sentenced to federal prison for defrauding bank

A northwest Missouri lawyer will spend four years and two months in federal prison for defrauding a bank of nearly $867,000.

Teacher suspended for pro-Obama YouTube video

A teacher at a Kansas City charter school has been suspended after video of his public school students chanting praise of Barack Obama was posted on YouTube.

New courthouse dedicated to Limbaugh in Cape Girardeau

Radio's Rush Limbaugh is among those on hand for the dedication of a new federal courthouse in Cape Girardeau named for his grandfather. A ceremony on Monday cut the ribbon for the $62 million Rush Hudson Limbaugh Sr. courthouse.

'Precious Doe' trial under way

A man accused of murdering and beheading a 3-year-old girl says it wasn't a premeditated act.

Animals from largest Missouri raid up for adoption

370 animals were rescued from a single property during an August raid in southwest Missouri.

Three animals to be removed from Mo. endangered list

The state Conservation Commission voted in September to remove the bald eagle, barn owl and western fox snake from the state endangered list. That decision takes effect after a 30-day public comment period.

Teen dead after falling off of cliff

Authorities say the 18-year-old was trying to catch up with friends when he slipped off a cliff at Cliff Cave Park in south St. Louis County.

Two-time bank robber headed back to prison

After serving time for his first robbery in 2003, John Pogue will be serving 12 years in prison for doing it again.

St. Louis to name new police chief

The replacement will come from inside the system and will be decided by the St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners by next week.

American Mustache Institute opens voting for the best 'stache

The St. Louis-based invites people vote on its website the best 'stache of the country. The 16 finalists include Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr, New York Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi and former baseball MVP Keith Hernandez.

Woman who didn't return kids to custody found

The Missouri woman and her four children, ages 7, 10, 12 and 15, were found at an Olympia, Wash., motel. The children were safe and are now in protective custody.

ANALYSIS: ‘Proposition A’ casino revenues would not reach 27 percent of Missouri students

The potential revenue from Missouri’s repeal of casino loss limits would not reach the state’s largest school districts. Proposition A will appear on the Nov. 4 ballot as a measure called Schools First Elementary and Secondary Education Funding Initiative.

As the economy takes a hit, so does John McCain

Since the country’s financial troubles have deepened, polls that once gave John McCain, the Republican presidential nominee, an early advantage in Missouri now show him even with Barack Obama.  Plant closings and high gas prices have taken a toll on residents rural Missouri.

Democrats say Hulshof should return $100,000 donation

Republican Rep. Kenny Hulshof’s gubernatorial campaign said there is no link between the donation and the announcement of an urban school reform plan, which would include taxpayer subsidies for private school tuition.

Trial begins Monday for man accused of killing 3-year-old ‘Precious Doe’

In 2005, four years after her headless body was found in the woods, “Precious Doe” was identified as Erica Green. Jackson County prosecutors have charged Harrell Johnson, 29, with first-degree murder. Michelle Johnson, Erica’s mother and Harrell Johnson’s wife, will be called as a witness by prosecutors.

One man dead, another grazed in shooting at St. Louis County

A shooting Saturday night at a Beverly Hills, Mo., home left one dead and another grazed.

Independence man charged in death of mom’s fiance

John Horton Jr. was arrested Saturday after witnesses say he shot his mother’s boyfriend at his home.

Officials aim to find out what stinks in Carthage

State officials plan to distribute a survey to Carthage residents in hopes of identifying the source of the city’s odor problem.

Factory farm permits approved despite court ruling

The jurisdiction of a court ruling that denied a permit for a hog farm near Arrow Rock is still unclear.

Phase 1 of I-64 project ahead of schedule

The five-mile stretch that has been shut down for rebuilding will reopen as early as late November. Phase 2 of the I-64 project will begin shortly after.