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Mo. House dissension more prevalent with lame ducks

Two lame ducks — Gov. Matt Blunt and House Speaker Rod Jetton — resulted in a Republican split in the House and little action on issues, especially Blunt's plan to provide government-subsidized health insurance to as many as 200,000 lower-income Missourians

Eventful Missouri legislative session comes to close

The Missouri General Assembly passed 70 bills on to the governor.

Bill that could give UM’s student curator a vote heads to governor’s desk

According to the bill’s provisions, however, the student curator’s power to vote would be contingent on Missouri losing a congressional district after the 2010 census.

Mo. Senate OKs illegal immigration bill

The Senate approved a broad bill Thursday that adds penalties and restrictions on illegal immigrants but also includes provisions opposed by House leaders that affect businesses.

House adds item to bill to allow death sentences for child rape

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments in April on a Louisiana law allowing the death penalty for child rapists. But the court has not yet ruled.

Senate OKs illegal immigration bill

But it has a provision House leaders don’t like.

Missouri House repeals village law, adds new restrictions

Missouri House members voted Wednesday to repeal a contentious law making it easier for landowners to incorporate their properties as villages. But they linked it to new restrictions on sexually oriented businesses.

Some House members call for removal of speaker

A group of Republicans in the state legislature approached the Democratic leadership Wednesday asking about the potential removal of House Speaker Rod Jetton.

Controversial amendment could stall immigration reform

The amendment gives the state attorney general the power to investigate companies that try to hide the employment of illegal workers by misclassifying them.

Lawmakers reject database fee increase

In a rebuke of Gov. Matt Blunt’s administration, House members on Tuesday overwhelmingly rejected a large fee increase charged to businesses obtaining vehicle and driver’s license information from state databases.

Obama set to discuss economy in Cape Girardeau

The Democratic presidential hopeful will meet with workers at a clothing manufacturer. The stop is part of a tour of mostly swing states.

Female lawmakers say discrimination remains in Missouri’s legislature

Although one-half of Missouri’s statewide elected officials are women, some women in Missouri’s legislature say gender equality has not been extended to the state legislature.

Weather conditions resembling those from stormy weekend possible today

Even if the latest storms aren’t particularly violent, they’ll make for a soggy cleanup in towns such as Picher, Okla.

Missouri Senate Republicans move forward with voter ID bill

Senate Republicans pushed forward with a proposed constitutional amendment that would allow voter identification laws in the state. The issue is one of the most partisan issues to be raised in the session.

UM curators vote to formally oppose bill to add voting student member to board

The UM System Board of Curators voted Monday morning in an emergency meeting to voice its formal opposition to Senate Bill 873, which could create a voting student curator position in 2011 if Missouri loses a U.S. Congressional District seat.

Republicans try to pass a voter ID bill before session ends

As quick as a camera flash, Republican lawmakers have resurrected a plan to require photo identification for voters. They will press to pass it this week, lest their political opportunity to do so disappears.

Grounds surrounding Gateway Arch could see changes

The National Park Service is seeking public input as it considers changes to the grounds of the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

Lawmakers OK $140 million for Mo. construction projects

Improvements to the Governor’s Mansion and Amtrak railroad tracks are among the projects included.

Suit against Blunt by former aide set to include four Mo. courts

Scott Eckersley says Gov. Matt Blunt and others defamed him when they sent packets about his firing to reporters.

MU professors demand meeting with Deaton over salary plan

The teachers want to discuss a $7 million proposal to boost faculty salaries through administrative cuts and the elimination of vacant teaching jobs.