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Governor’s race debates hit MU on J-school centennial

Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof and Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon both confirm they will participate in a 3:15 p.m. debate on Sept. 11.

Missouri residents and businesses aid Gustav effort

Members of the Missouri National Guard were deployed to help in the hurricane-stricken region, while Anheuser-Busch distributed thousands of cans of drinking water.

Mo. candidates for governor agree to debate

Republican Congressman Kenny Hulshof and Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon both confirm they will participate in a 3:15 p.m. debate on Sept. 11 at MU.

Nixon urges compliance with 'robo calls' law

Attorney General and gubernatorial candidate Jay Nixon responds to complaints about automated calls that took place during the Aug. 5 primary 

Donnelly's AG recount lawsuit dismissed

Two absentee and provisional ballots cast during August’s primary will be tallied after a lawsuit filed by a losing candidate in the Democratic attorney general race.

Hulshof benefits from repeal of campaign contribution limit

A state law that took effect on Thursday allows candidates to receive donations of unlimited size, but it requires that contributions of more than $5,000 be reported within 48 hours.

State entities join eminent domain lawsuit

The secretary of state’s office last month announced that supporters of two proposed state constitutional amendments to limit the use of eminent domain had not collected enough signatures. The measure’s backers have sued to challenge that finding.

UPDATE: Hulshof benefits from repeal of contribution limit

In the first few days since the limits were lifted, Hulshof reported receiving more than $1.2 million from contributors writing checks of between $5,000 and $600,000 a pop.

Local GOP members laud Gustav focus, split on Palin

Many reiterated a common theme in backing Republicans' decision to postpone convention events in favor of focusing on aid to victims of Hurricane Gustav: Patriotism has no party.

Blunt selects new circuit judge for Jackson County

David Byrn will serve as a judge in Missouri’s 16th Circuit, filling a vacancy created when Judge Thomas Clark resigned.

Mo. Humane Society takes custody of rescued animals

A raid in southwest Missouri last month was the largest animal rescue in the Humane Society’s history.

St. Louis couple copes with son’s life-altering injury

Eight months ago, the Mosses’ 18-year-old son was critically injured in a car wreck. Now this couple is preparing to deal with the challenges of bringing their son home from the physical rehabilitation center.

Emergency rooms reopen after chemical-spill leads to quarantine of victims

 An East St. Louis, Ill., chemical spill caused eight people to be hospitalized and two Missouri hospital emergency rooms to be quarantined. The hospitals have since reopened their emergency rooms while one person remains hospitalized.

Gov. Blunt mobilizes more troops to assist with hurricane relief

The Missouri governor is sending another 700 Missouri National Guard Members to Louisiana. Hurricane Gustav hit the U.S. coast Monday morning.

Relocated prairie chicken population continues to drop

Missouri was once a stronghold for the species, and 45 males were brought from Kansas in hopes of raising the population count.

Mo. national guard to help out damage relief from Gustav

If Hurricane Gustav hits Louisiana as hard as predicted, Missouri is sending more helpers and preparing to shelter evacuees.

Palin gets warm reception at McCain rally in O'Fallon

The Republican presidential campaign made a stop in O’Fallon on Sunday in preparation for the upcoming convention in Minnesota, but the focus was more on Sarah Palin and the impending hurricane.

Analysis: Hulshof hopes to tap hospitals for Missouri health plan

To expand health coverage to the uninsured, Republican gubernatorial candidate Kenny Hulshof wants to dip deep into the money now paid to hospitals as reimbursement for their charity care.

MU students to help investigate fatal explosion

The Midwest Innocence Project is reopening the case of five people convicted of causing a 1988 explosion that killed six Kansas City firefighters.

Thousands didn't get stimulus checks; they didn't file returns

Many of those who haven't are more than 65 years old. But there's still time to file and collect a check. The deadline is Oct. 15.