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Boyfriend pleads guilty in baby's shaking death

A southwest Missouri man changed his plea to guilty on Monday in the shaking death of his girlfriend's 2-month-old baby. Police said Hoth told them that he shook the baby in an attempt to stop him from crying.

Southeast Mo. community college searches for president — again

The search for a new president of Three Rivers Community College in southeast Missouri is starting over.

Some emergency: In St. Louis, that meant buying a sno-cone machine

An audit showed the city also bypassed normal purchasing rules to for "emergency" purchases of fleece blankets, magnetic baseball schedules, a satellite phone and photo equipment.

St. Louis man charged in infant's death

An eastern Missouri man is charged with murder in the death of a 6-week-old baby.

Report: Bond opposition led to Graves’ departure

A report by the department's internal watchdog found that the Republican senator's legal counsel, Jack Bartling, asked the White House at least twice in 2005 to remove Graves because of political friction between Bond's staff and that of Graves' brother, Rep. Sam Graves, R-Mo.

Trial begins for agent charged with killing parolee

Missouri fugitive apprehension agent Steven Julian will face a Callaway County jury on charges stemming from a February incident in Cape Girardeau.

InBev shareholders approve Anheuser-Busch deal

Anheuser-Busch has not yet set a date for its shareholders to vote on the deal.

Lt. Gov. Kinder's employees awarded temporary pay raises

When some of Lt. Gov. Kinder's employees took temporary leave, the remaining employees took on the absent employees' pay in addition to their duties. Kinder maintains that these are salary increases, not bonuses, which would be illegal.

Seven Missouri congressional seats not expected to change

Incumbents holding seven of Missouri's nine U.S. House seats are likely to keep them after the November elections, although all face at least one challenger. 

Overloaded Mo. public defenders will begin refusing clients

A recent policy approved by the Missouri Public Defender Commission will allow public defender offices that exceed maximum caseload capacity to reject new clients.

Investigation continues after police officer shoots man

A weekend incident in which a Cape Girardeau officer shot a man outside Copa Bar is still under investigation. The officer who fired the gun is on administrative leave. A police spokesman says there is no indication the officer did anything wrong. 

Fake police officer pleads guilty

Bill Jakob, 36, of Washington, Mo., pleaded guilty to charges that included 13 counts of impersonating federal law officers. He faces sentencing on Dec. 19. His attorney expects him to get about five years in prison.

Report: Political friction led to Graves' departure

Former U.S. Attorney Todd Graves of Missouri was likely forced out of his post in 2006 because of opposition from Missouri Sen. Kit Bond's office, according to a Justice Department investigation. Bond's legal counsel said Bond had no knowledge and was not involved in the multiple requests for Graves' removal.

ANALYSIS: Candidates in governor's race play economic blame game

Government executives often get praise when the economy thrives and get the blame when it doesn’t. But executives, in the form of presidents or governors, might not be deserving of either. All the same, Missouri’s gubernatorial candidates claim their ideas  — their election to the office — would change things for the better. 

Thousands of people in the St. Louis area are still coping with flood damages

The flooding that swept the area earlier this month has left homes in the area unlivable, pending repairs. Compounding the problem, is the fact that many living in the flood plain do not have flood insurance and will not be eligble for money that would help them repair and rebuild.  

Hulshof proposes change in Missouri judicial appointments

Congressman Kenny Hulshof's proposal for replacing Missouri's procedure for judicial appointments is being met with strong opposition from the Missouri Bar Association, a group that disagrees with the gubernatorial candidate's belief that the Court Plan has become "very partisan."

Columbia man charged with possession of child pornography

A Columbia man faces federal child pornography charges stemming from an arrest in May, after he allegedly drove to a Carthage hotel to meet someone he thought was a 13-year-old girl.

Joplin mosque's sign set ablaze

After a Joplin mosque's sign was set on fire early Thursday, the FBI has begun a hate crime investigation.

Mother confesses to killing 6-week-old son

Sweet Cherry Ann Halliburton had another two babies who died, but the ruling of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is being questioned by police who have decided to reopen the Aberdeen, S.D. case in light of Halliburton's arrest this week.

Fenton woman arrested in Nebraska car chase

The pursuit began shortly before 1 p.m. Saturday when state troopers found the car on eastbound I-80 near Giltner, Neb. driving at speeds topping 100 mph.