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Aftershocks continue in the Midwest

The U.S. Geological Survey says 26 aftershocks have been centered in Illinois since last week’s 5.2-magnitude temblor that originated in the southeast part of that state.

Senator: Limit travel's ties to insurance rates

Sponsoring Sen. Scott Rupp says some Missourians have been denied life insurance policies because they planned to vacation in certain parts of the world. He says some insurance companies, for example, view Israel as dangerous.

Malpractice suits and premiums down since 2005, Blunt says

Critics countered that many Missourians are declining to file medical malpractice suits because the lower cap on damages means that even if they win, most of the money will go to attorneys.

Budget writers OK responder radio plan

The radio system now used by the Missouri State Highway Patrol is about 50 years old.

House: Pair teacher councils and districts on contract talks

It's an attempt to set up a structure for collective bargaining.

House rejects bill to limit tipped worker wages

Critics said the proposed reduction would have been unfair to tipped workers and disrespectful to voters who approved the minimum wage increase.

Push to expand tuition aid plan

Under an agreement by House and Senate budget negotiators, the Access Missouri scholarship program would be expanded next year to cover a projected 49,000 students, including several thousand from wealthier families.

Bill gives Aquila power plant a pass

The state House voted to allow Aquila to continue operating a power plant near Peculiar. The plant was built amid substantial legal questions.

Amendments keep Insure Missouri in the Senate

The Senate Insure Missouri bill got its first taste of floor debate on Tuesday as senators debated several amendments with just more than three weeks left in legislative session.

Mo. prisoners seek reviews of crack cocaine sentences

The U.S. Probation Office covering eastern Missouri already has received nearly 600 petitions from federal prisoners, asking that their terms either be shortened or ended.

Mo. senators debate health coverage plan for uninsured

JEFFERSON CITY — After its flashy debut fizzled out, Gov. Matt Blunt's Insure Missouri proposal made a comeback of sorts today as senators debated legislation that eventually could subsidize health insurance for as many as 200,000 lower-income Missourians.


Mandated ethanol-blended fuel concerns some lawmakers

JEFFERSON CITY — Although it has been in effect for only four months, some lawmakers want to repeal Missouri's law requiring gas stations to sell ethanol-blended fuel.

Punish employers who hire illegal immigrants, union members say

JEFFERSON CITY — Hundreds of union members fill the Capitol's south lawn today urging lawmakers to punish employers who hire illegal immigrants.

Reevaluating the sale of ethanol-blended fuel

Though it has been in effect for only four months, some lawmakers want to repeal Missouri’s law requiring that gas stations sell ethanol-blended fuel.

Reserve Callaway deputy finds woman’s body

A woman’s body was found Sunday afternoon near the Mokane River in Callaway County, according to a news release from the Callaway County Sheriff’s Department.

House adopts new abortion rules

The bill, which still needs Senate approval, would make it a crime to coerce a woman into an abortion and would require doctors to offer women extra information before an abortion.

Midwest earthquake highlights need for preparedness

A five-day training exercise by National Guard troops to prepare for “no-notice events” received more attention following last week's 5.2 magnitude earthquake.

After quake, Eastern Missouri residents rush to insurance providers

But they are finding out there’s a waiting period for coverage, even as aftershocks continue to shake the ground.

State office contenders disqualified from running

Candidates vying for state treasurer, governor, the House and county commissions were disqualified Monday by the Missouri Ethics Commission after they failed to file finance reports by the April 15 deadline.

Aftershock from Friday earthquake felt in eastern Missouri

A magnitude 4.5 aftershock rumbled out of Illinois early Monday morning