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Obama has 3 stops in Missouri on Wednesday

He plans to be in Springfield, Rolla and Union.

Lawmakers will look into the the pros and cons of state's ethanol and CAFOs policies

Becasue of the rising costs of food and gas, some lawmakers are suggesting that Missouri needs to rethink its ethanol policy.

Steelman loans her campaign more money

After putting an additional $200,000 into the race, the total amount of her loans is $770,000.

Nader tries to get on Missouri’s ballot

The former consumer advocate has thrown his hat into the presidential arena again and is looking to get the necessary signatures to appear on Missouri's ballot.

Page picks up endorsements of three former lieutenant governors

Democratic lieutenant governor's candidate Sam Page is promoting the endorsements of Roger Wilson, Joe Maxwell and Kenneth Rothman.

Limbaugh says he wants to own NFL team

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh has a hankering to become an NFL team owner and said if the St. Louis Rams came up for sale, he might be interested in buying them.



Nixon sues for mortgage fraud

Attorney General Jay Nixon has filed seven lawsuits targeting individuals and businesses that have committed what he describes as mortgage fraud.

AmerenUE applies for second nuclear plant

If the plant is built, it would be next to the utility’s existing nuclear plant in Callaway County.

Analysis: Facts often get blurred in the heat of political campaigns

Sarah Steelman criticizes Kenny Hulshof’s record on earmark spending, but most of the projects are not those he personally championed. Hulshof says she is taking his votes out of context.

Obama to campaign in rural Missouri

Barack Obama returns to Missouri to campaign in rural areas after opening 24 offices in the state.

Police investigate possible financial mismanagement in Liberty School District

Police are investigating reports of possible fiscal mismanagement in the Liberty School District.
Building on a recent private audit submitted to the school board, investigators will be looking into various issues including unauthorized use of school credit cards and property and questionable decisions on multimillion-dollar construction projects.

Evidence mounts in Kansas City videotaped sex killing case

As they fled police, Richard D. Davis and his girlfriend, Dena Riley, made handwritten “last will and testaments” and told an acquaintance that they planned to commit suicide.

Special counsel chosen for Gov. Blunt e-mail lawsuit

A Cole County judge gave Joe Maxwell and Louis Leonatti until Aug. 26 to determine whether to pursue the lawsuit.

Republican gubernatorial candidates back Medicaid cuts

U.S. Rep. Kenny Hulshof and Treasurer Sarah Steelman held a debate on St. Louis radio station KMOX to compare their positions to each other’s and Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon’s.

Longtime Missouri newspaper editor dies

Joni Adams Bliss, the first woman to work as managing editor of the Southeast Missourian newspaper in Cape Girardeau, died after a battle with ovarian cancer.

McCain, Obama say Missouri vets back them

Presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama each tried to lay claim to the support of Missouri veterans on Tuesday.

Wachovia posts $8.9B loss for 2nd quarter

Wachovia Corp. lost a staggering $8.9 billion in the second quarter of this year, leading the nation’s fourth-largest bank to cut its dividend and slash 6,350 jobs in response to mortgage-related losses.

CoxHealth to pay $60M to settle claims it paid doctors kickbacks

The payments to the government will also settle claims that the Springfield-based health care system billed Medicare for costs not allowed under federal laws. CoxHealth is not admitting any wrongdoing in the settlement.

EPA delays its decision on temporarily lowering ethanol requirements for gas

Texas Gov. Rick Perry says the agency should lower ethanol requirements because of rising corn prices. The EPA hopes to have a decision in early August.

Suspect in 8 slayings also suspected in jail fight

Authorities say a man accused of eight murders in Illinois and Missouri allegedly attempted to assault another jail inmate.