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Another Missouri superdelegate picks Obama

A sixth superdelegate has chosen to support Barack Obama in his bid for nomination. Five others have not backed a candidate.

Rare bear cub snarls traffic

Traffic jams are rare in rural southern Missouri. Leave it to a bear cub to cause one.

Young girl killed in car accident

A 15-year-old eastern Missouri girl is dead following a one-car accident.

Missouri Supreme Court to set execution dates in ‘due course’

The Missouri Supreme Court said late Friday it will set dates for two men in “due course” and the Department of Corrections confirmed Monday for the first time that its execution team is in place.

Missouri horse racing could be back on track

The Missouri Horse Racing Commission met for the first time in 10 years to discuss the potential for a live horse racing track in the state.

State health care cuts are ‘morally reprehensible’

Poor families suffer, while Missouri Republicans fund tax giveaways for the rich.

Washington University to host vice presidential debate

The St. Louis university will host a face-to-face meeting between vice presidential candidates.

Park Service plans public meetings for potential Arch changes

The famous Gateway Arch in St. Louis might be getting upgrades on its grounds. The National Park Service is holding two meetings to solicit comments on proposed changes.

Workers clean diesel fuel spill in Missouri River

Divers and salvage workers clean a diesel fuel spill from a towboat that ran aground Friday near West Alton. Diesel leaked from the boat’s fuel tanks, a Department of Natural Resources spokesman said.

Volunteers discover rare baseball board game

Volunteers at the Bingham-Waggoner Estate in Indpendence discovered a rare baseball board game that could be worth more than $30,000.

25 people involved in N. KC casino brawl

A routine arrest at a North Kansas City casino early today quickly escalated into a fight involving dozens of people, North Kansas City police said.

Authorities search bait shops for illegal minnows

State wildlife officials in Kansas and Missouri are reviewing how they keep non-native species from invading their respective states after a near-miss involving minnows.

Witness in murder trial changes story

After his testimony resulted in Joshua Kezer’s 1994 murder conviction, Mark Abbott says he could be wrong.

Analysis: Missouri's universities give mix reviews to 2008 legislature

University leaders were encouraged by increases in operating budgets, but were disappointed by low faculty salaries and less financial support from the state.

Buddhist Center holds Vesak celebration

Members of the Vipassanna Buddhist Church in Jefferson City celebrated Vesak, a major Buddhist festival, on Saturday.

More than $2,000 raised to pay for dog's pacemaker

Search-and-rescue dog is doing well since having surgery in Columbia.

Dead hogs prompt officials to consider charges

At least 50 dead hogs were found at an abandoned farm in southeast Missouri on Tuesday.

City mulls allowing residents to drive golf carts instead of cars

Cardwell city clerk Mary Vaughn said the city council has discussed the idea with the police department, which said it’s OK provided drivers follow the city’s rules for other drivers.

Blunt attorney wants e-mail lawsuit dismissed

The lawsuit claims the governor or his top deputies tried to destroy the state’s backup e-mail files to avoid complying with Sunshine Law requests.

Hulshof endorsed by Bond in Missouri governor’s race

Congressman Kenny Hulshof won the endorsement Saturday of Sen. Kit Bond in Missouri’s Republican gubernatorial primary — a prize he hopes could churn up more money and votes.