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Flooding risks loom across U.S.

WASHINGTON — Government forecasters said Thursday that the floods washing over large parts of the Midwest are just a taste of things to come, with one meteorologist complaining about a jet stream “on steroids.” While Boone County was spared major flooding from widespread rains earlier in the week, the ground remains laden with moisture.

At least five dead in Missouri floods

With at least five people dead and hundreds displaced, authorities are straining to keep pace with some of the worst flooding to hit their region in decades.

Blunt seeks $3.1 million for Governor's Mansion

JEFFERSON CITY — Gov. Matt Blunt is asking lawmakers to spend $3.1 million to repair the 137-year-old home for the state’s chief executive.

Analysis: Mo. lawmakers use budget to make points

Republican House members have made a political point by cutting the budget of Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon. But it may be a dull point when it comes to state law.

Republicans file Insure Missouri legislation

After months of deliberation, Missouri Republicans have filed legislation to implement the governor’s proposed Insure Missouri plan to expand government-backed health care coverage for more Missourians.

Gas prices in Missouri among best in nation

The good news for Missouri motorists: Gasoline prices here are the second-lowest in the nation.

House looks to limit access to public colleges

The Missouri House gave first-round approval by voice vote Wednesday to a bill prohibiting illegal immigrants from attending public colleges and universities.

Broad bill gives tax breaks on farms, fuels

The Senate gave first-round approval Wednesday to a bill that creates millions of dollars in tax breaks and subsidies. It sprinkles state aid to farmers, animal feeding operations, gas stations, motorists who buy biofuels, ethanol producers, dairies, livestock farmers, certain vehicle buyers and an agriculture education program.

Blunt seeks backlog of e-mails from Nixon

Gov. Matt Blunt is fighting back against Attorney General Jay Nixon’s investigation into his handling of e-mails. Blunt has said it will cost nearly $541,000 to retrieve and review the e-mails from a backup system.

House committee rejects governor’s plan for higher education funding

The House Budget Committee on Tuesday rejected efforts to restore the governor’s recommendation for more than $13 million in state funds for Missouri’s higher education institutions.

Bill would require insurance companies to cover infertility treatments

Rep. Steve Hodges sponsored the legislation after an elementary school teacher wrote to him to share her story of trying to have a child.

Debate of tax bill cut short

A measure to bar judges from imposing tax increases moved forward with controversy Tuesday in the Missouri House after a Republican leader prematurely cut off debate.

Tax break proposed for hybrid buyers

A tax incentive of $2,000 or 10 percent of the vehicle’s price, whichever is the lower number, was given preliminary approval Monday for cars produced in the U.S.

Biodiesel-blend bill granted initial approval

The proposed legislation would require a 5-percent biodiesel blend for most fuel sold in Missouri. Missouri corn and soybean producers said the idea would improve the environment and reduce the dependency on foreign oil.

Sprint Center fire shouldn't affect Big 12 Tournament

A heating element on a ceiling that dropped onto roofing material started a fire at around 6 a.m., The Kansas City Star reported.

House to debate amendments to higher education budget

An amendment to include funding for the Preparing to Care initiative, requested by all of the state’s two- and four-year state colleges and universities, will be among the topics discussed Tuesday afternoon.

Republicans to meet to elect delegates for congressional district and state caucuses

Boone County GOP members must fill 110 delegate slots, plus alternates. Three delegates will have the chance to attend the national convention in September.

Republicans ask for support from their party at Lincoln Day dinner

Republicans campaign within their party to strengthen their support base.

Gov. Blunt demands $540,000 for e-mail records

The demand is in response to Attorney General Jay Nixon’s hiring of a team of investigators to research the claim that Gov. Blunt violated the Sunshine Law. John Holstein, representing Blunt’s office, says this will take 14,620 hours, or over seven years, of staff time to collect the information.

Legislature doesn't want state to tax federal rebates

Legislative staff estimate the state will collect about $160 million on the rebates unless the legislature does something.