State News

About half of the candidates for state offices expected to file on first day

Tuesday is the first day candidates can register to run for election. About 350 people are expected to file Tuesday.

Missouri senators target dogfighting legislation

In light of recent high-profile dogfighting cases, such as the incident involving Michael Vick and an October dogfighting bust in Stoddard County, Missouri senators are looking to tackle legislation that would expand the state’s dogfighting laws.

Still announces run for state representative

Mary Still, a longtime Columbia resident, is running for the 25th district seat that Judy Baker will vacate.

Robb wants twins together

Twins and other multiple-birth siblings would be allowed to be in the same classroom, as long as their parents request it in a timely fashion, under a bill that has been introduced in the state House.

Corn gene map completed

ST. LOUIS — A group of researchers led by Washington University will announce that it has mapped the genetic sequence of the corn plant.

Rural real estate values strong in Missouri, Kansas

A survey from the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City confirms the strength in rural real estate values, with a decrease in urban real estate values.

State Rep. Judy Baker running to replace Hulshof

Baker's announcement places her among two Democratic and three Republican candidates running for the seat in Congress.

Cape Girardeau considers allowing bowhunting of deer within city limits

Faced with rising numbers in the amount of accidents caused by deer, Cape Girardeau may allow bowhunting of deer.

'Property tax credit' primarily benefiting renters

A state tax break meant to ease the property tax burden for senior citizens and the disabled on fixed incomes is predominantly benefiting people who don’t own — much less owe taxes on — their homes.

Local Democrat Sean Spence announces candidacy for 25th District

Spence said he believes his background in government and business provides him with the knowledge to serve Missouri’s 25th district.

Roads treacherous but outages slim across Missouri

ST. LOUIS — Another winter storm blew into Missouri on Thursday, shutting down schools, causing accidents and creating commuter headaches.

Judge selection method open to vote under proposed amendment

JEFFERSON CITY — Critics of the way some Missouri judges are selected today filed a proposed constitutional amendment to let voters pick a new method.

Law dictating governor use of state cars needs work, audit says

JEFFERSON CITY — A state audit of the governor’s office released Thursday points out continued problems with political and personal use of state vehicles.

Judge rewrites contentious ballot summary for stem cell initiative

At issue is a procedure known scientifically as somatic cell nuclear transfer, in which a person’s cell is injected into a human egg, which is then stimulated to grow as if it had been fertilized by a sperm.

Webber to run for 23rd District seat

Hickman High School alumnus and Iraq War veteran Stephen Webber has decided to run for the 23rd District seat in the Missouri House of Representatives.

Threatening a woman into abortion illegal under proposed bill

JEFFERSON CITY — Husbands and wives can divorce in Missouri without needing a reason. But abortion opponents want to make it a crime if a man threatens divorce to pressure his wife into an abortion.

Specialty license plates bill seeks expanded lawmaker scrutiny

JEFFERSON CITY — A federal court ruling requiring Missouri to issue a "Choose Life" license plate has prompted lawmakers to reconsider the way the state approves specialty vehicle plates.

Third Republican to run for Hulshof’s seat

A third Republican, Tourism Director Blaine Luetkemeyer is competing to succeed Congressman Kenny Hulshof.

State senate mulls legislation to limit construction of new casinos

The bill would limit the building of new casinos and increase taxes on existing ones

Republican announces she will campaign to fill Hulshof’s seat

Danie Moore, of Fulton, officially announced that she will run to represent the 9th Congressional District. She is the second Republican to make this announcement. She said that her top priority is national security.