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Missouri Rep. Ike Skelton proposes to longtime friend

He plans to marry Patty Martin of Lexington, likely in their hometown.

Hurricane Ike pours floodwaters on Midwestern states

The hurricane and its effects have killed at least 40 people and left some areas without power.

Gov. Blunt visits Mo. soldiers in Kosovo

Gov. Matt Blunt said the Missouri National Guard faces a ‘demanding chore’ in Kosovo, where 1,000 guard members are now serving on a peacekeeping mission.

Truman president resigns

Barbara Dixon leaves after five years over differences with the board of governors.

Missouri River flood traps hunter who is rescued safely

A hunter  James Berg is alive and well after being rescued from a tree as floodwaters surrounded him.

Tap water tested in investigation of brain tumors in Cameron

Alarmed by the reported tumors in the Cameron area, a team of state and federal officials took samples of tap water Monday to have them tested for potential health hazards.

Big-city Mo. mayors gather to form legislative agenda

The mayors of St. Louis, Kansas City, Springfield, Columbia, St. Joseph, Joplin and Jefferson City met behind closed doors Tuesday in the capital city. Also at the meeting was the St. Louis County executive.

Investigation of plane crash prompts call for better skydiving oversight

National Transportation Safety Board officials suggested that the Federal Aviation Administration work with the United States Parachute Association to strengthen safety regulations.

Metal theft investigation exposes exotic animals living in poor conditions.

A theft investigation in northern Missouri led to the rescue of more than 200 animals, including chinchillas, alligators and baboons, Macon County Sheriff Robert Dawson said Tuesday.

Missouri on lookout for more flooding

The heavy rains over the weekend likely to cause several Missouri rivers to flood in the coming days.

Gov. Blunt visits National Guard, leaders in Kosovo

Gov. Blunt is in Kosovo for the week to visit the Mo. National Guard stationed there and meet with leaders. Blunt also plans to visit with an Austrian business.

Mo. social service workers head to Louisiana to help out

Missouri is deploying 141 workers from the Department of Social Services to help in relief efforts in Louisiana.

Mo. man charged with child sodomy found dead in Virginia

A year ago, John Dunivan fled from authorities after he was accused of sodomizing a young girl. His remains were found earlier this month after he shot himself, according to authorities.

Audit finds fewer workers compensation claims since 2005 law

A state audit found that there has been a decline in workers compensation claims since a 2005 law made it harder to prove.

Kansas City Zoo becomes love nest for toads

Endangered Wyoming toads are being bred in captivity at the K.C. Zoo in a last-ditch attempt to save the species.

Towns prepare for flooding after weekend rain

Major flooding is predicted at several communities, including St. Louis, St. Charles and Ste. Genevieve.

Hurricane Ike causes heavy rain, flash floods across Missouri

The heavy rainfall caused many creeks to overflow their banks, making roads across Columbia impassable and flooding some homes and businesses. In Boone County, flooding closed 28 roads on Saturday night and Sunday, and rescue crews were busy responding to numerous reports of stranded cars.

USDA: Farmers are on pace to harvest second largest corn crop on record

Crop progress and condition reports released by the National Agricultural Statistics Service’s Missouri Field Office indicate the corn crop is faring well.

Deputy kills southeast Missouri man who threatened the officer with a loaded rifle

The Webster County Sheriff’s Department said 44-year-old Richard Parker pointed a loaded rifle at an officer Saturday and threatened several times to kill him.

ANALYSIS: For Nixon, Hulshof, it's the same change, different rhetoric

It seems Attorney General Jay Nixon and U.S. Rep. Kenny Hulshof are in general agreement. Except the Democratic and Republican gubernatorial candidates can’t agree on which way is North and South, which way is forward and which way is backward.