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Political fallout varies when lawmakers drink and drive

The request to former state Attorney General John Ashcroft from then-state Sen. Ralph Uthlaut Jr. was clear: Are Missouri lawmakers immune from arrest for drunken driving and other traffic violations?

MU student elected National FFA president

Zach Kinne was elected national FFA president in at the 80th FFA Convention in Indianapolis.

American Bar Association calls for moritorium on death penalty

The Missouri Bar Association won’t take a stance on having a moratorium on the death penalty in Missouri, but a national ban is recommended by the American Bar Association.

Blunt task force examines the effects of abortion

Gov. Matt Blunt, an abortion-rights opponent, has launched a task force on a scientific quest to determine how abortions affect women.

Graham says he's stopped drinking

Sen. Chuck Graham, under pressure from Republicans to resign following his drunk driving arrest last weekend, said he has no plans to ditch his re-election campaign.

Janitorial business owner sues Blunt over loss of contract following immigration raid

Gov. Matt Blunt terminated the state contracts of Sam’s Janitorial Services in Jefferson City following a raid that resulted in the arrest of 25 employees. The owner of the service said the governor overstepped his authority.

Sen. Graham fundraiser to take place as scheduled Friday

A planned fundraiser for Sen. Chuck Graham will take place as scheduled Friday evening at the Clinton Club at Mizzou Arena.

Family Resources board seeks removal of member who has questioned procedures

Steve Tatlow, after raising concerns with the Missouri attorney general’s office about the public entity’s practices, faces retribution from board colleagues.

Police and hospital support staff action in Graham arrest

A spokeswoman for University Hospital said staff acted appropriately in trying to prevent Columbia police from obtaining Sen. Chuck Graham’s urine — the Police say they acted appropriately as well.

Bush to visit St. Louis on Thursday

The president will tour the headquarters of a St. Louis-based business, give a speech about the federal budget and attend a Republican fundraiser.

U.S., Missouri flags restored over state Capitol

With both permanent flagpoles destroyed by high winds, state officials have erected a temporary pole to carry the U.S. and Missouri flags.

Other state legislators offer support to Sen. Graham

Rep. Tom Burcham, the last Missouri legislator to be arrested for drunken driving, gave advice to Sen. Graham, who was arrested Saturday on suspicion of driving while intoxicated.

Two dead after severe weather hits Missouri

Widespread storm damage has been reported from mid-Missouri to southwest Illinois.

State pays enough for schools now, Mo. judge says

The state provides as much public school funding as the Missouri Constitution requires, a Cole County judge ruled Wednesday in rejecting a lawsuit filed by almost one-half of the state’s school districts, including Columbia Public Schools.

Staph infection becomes a bigger threat, state health experts says

Community-acquired Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus, a type of staph infection, is a recently found illness that is more easily treatable but capable of more damage.

Judge rules against state's school districts

The state provides as much public school funding as the Missouri Constitution requires, a Cole County judge ruled Wednesday.

Ethics Commission ruling could close financial gap between Nixon, Blunt

If the Missouri Ethics Commission rules that the gubernatorial candidates must refund excess campaign donations, Gov. Matt Blunt would have to return $4.2 million, and Attorney General Jay Nixon would have to return $1.3.

Organizations provide families with child identification kits

The demand for the kits, which provide digital and DNA records of children, has risen in response to prominent Missouri kidnapping cases.

Government distributes $39.4 million to state universities

Gov. Matt Blunt’s higher education initiative calls for MOHELA to pay the state $350 million over several years. The money will fund various college construction projects.

ConAgra defends decision not to recall pot pies

The pot pies were being pulled from store shelves Wednesday at the company’s request, but a prominent food poisoning lawyer criticized the decision not to recall the Banquet and generic pot pies.