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Rep. Hulshof introduces anti-cyberbullying bill

The proposed legislation would impose criminal penalties over harassment via computers, text messages and other electronic devices.

Heart specialists suggest buying personal blood-pressure monitor

The recommendation to keep tabs on blood pressure during the day mirrors that of diabetics checking insulin levels.

Wind farm stirs trouble in northwest Missouri

The wind industry, which produces about 1 percent of the nation’s energy, has gained considerable purchase in the U.S, growing by 45 percent last year. But now come claims that industrial windmills cause what one researcher calls “wind turbine syndrome,” a range of symptoms that include headaches, anxiety, sleep problems and dizziness in some people who live close by.

State dissolves Shawn Hornbeck Foundation

The Shawn Hornbeck Foundation has been dissolved by the state because of paperwork problems, but its members continue to pursue their mission of finding missing children.

Five Amur tigers born at Saint Louis Zoo

The Saint Louis Zoo has five new tiger cubs born late last month. The critically endangered Amur tigers — two males and three females — were born April 28 and are with their mother, Kalista, in an off-display indoor maternity den.

Law on copper thefts tightened

Gov. Matt Blunt was traveling throughout the state Wednesday to sign legislation that helps police track people who plunder copper and aluminum and sell to it scrap metal dealers.

Records reveal Mo. fee hike set to pay for computer system

A sharp fee increase for state vehicle and driver’s license records appears to have been set to pay for the cost of a new computer system — a justification not allowed under Missouri’s open-records law.

Opening of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park delayed

The opening of Johnson’s Shut-Ins State Park in southeast Missouri is being delayed because of severe winter weather and more recent flooding.

Teacher abuse reform falls short in Missouri legislature

A pair of proposals allowing local school districts to more easily rid Missouri classrooms of teachers who sexually abuse their students failed to win approval in the recently concluded legislative session.

Mo. to join group setting military kids education policies

Missouri is set to become the seventh state to join an interstate education compact for military children.

Judge bars Missouri lawyers from State Farm case

A federal judge on Monday disqualified a group of Missouri lawyers, including a former high-ranking prosecutor, from working on a case against State Farm Insurance Cos. over its handling of policyholder claims after Hurricane Katrina.

Regulators probing milk price manipulation

Federal commodity regulators are investigating whether the farmer-owned dairy cooperative that controls about a third of the nation’s milk supply engaged in a price manipulation scheme, a spokeswoman for the group said Monday.

Legislators extend exceptions to Sunshine Law

Plans for government security systems, state buildings and terrorist attack responses will continue to be closed records in Missouri.

Missouri officials say they're prepared for next major quake

Missouri emergency management officials say they’re better prepared for a major earthquake, thanks in part to last month’s 5.2 quake in southern Illinois.

Program to help U.S. homeowners

Tyrone Turner’s most important piece of advice for homeowners facing foreclosure is to bargain hard with the bank, and to remember that losing their home isn’t the only option if they fall behind on loan payments.

Limits on abortion resurface

Republican gubernatorial candidates Sarah Steelman and Kenny Hulshof each called for new abortion restrictions Monday after lawmakers failed to pass a bill making it illegal to coerce a woman to have an abortion.

Mo. House dissension more prevalent with lame ducks

Two lame ducks — Gov. Matt Blunt and House Speaker Rod Jetton — resulted in a Republican split in the House and little action on issues, especially Blunt's plan to provide government-subsidized health insurance to as many as 200,000 lower-income Missourians

Eventful Missouri legislative session comes to close

The Missouri General Assembly passed 70 bills on to the governor.

Bill that could give UM’s student curator a vote heads to governor’s desk

According to the bill’s provisions, however, the student curator’s power to vote would be contingent on Missouri losing a congressional district after the 2010 census.

Mo. Senate OKs illegal immigration bill

The Senate approved a broad bill Thursday that adds penalties and restrictions on illegal immigrants but also includes provisions opposed by House leaders that affect businesses.