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Secretary of State considers gubernatorial campaign

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan is thinking of stepping up to the challenge of running for state governor.

Former House member Jack Jackson to run for lieutenant governor

Jackson formally announced his candidacy Friday and plans to set up his campaign committee Monday.

K.C. City Council approves smoking ban measures

The measure will take effect in 60 days, unless a citizen petition, which would extend the ban to bars, tobaccos stores and pool halls, passes on the April 8 ballot.

Rod Jetton considering governor race

Another major Missouri Republican has joined the ranks of those confirming an interest in the job that Gov. Matt Blunt announced Tuesday he would not seek to retain. House Speaker Rod Jetton said Thursday he is considering an entrance into the gubernatorial race.

Religious groups say election without Blunt will not change agendas

Gov. Blunt’s decision not to seek re-election has left Missouri religious groups looking for a candidate to bear the social conservative standard. Most say the agenda won’t change, no matter who the candidate is.

Lt. Gov. Kinder formally announces he will run for governor

Kinder’s decision makes him the first to enter in the wake of Blunt’s announcement.

NAACP opposes petition to end discrimination-based affirmative action

An initiative petition calling for a constitutional amendment that would kill many affirmative action programs is spawning opposition from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

The petition, which is being circulated by the Missouri Civil Rights Initiative, proposes to end discrimination in all state-run institutions based on “race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin” unless such programs are necessary to secure federal money.

Nixon emphasizes Democratic party unity

Democratic gubenatorial candidate Jay Nixon focused on Democratic unity. Nixon’s statement comes in the wake of Blunt’s announcement that he will not seek re-election.

Daniel Boone City Building renovations welcomed by employees

City employees and residents like what they see in the newly renovated first floor of the Daniel Boone City Building.

Blunt’s surprise exit not Missouri politics’ first

Gov. Matt Blunt’s decision not to run in this year’s gubernatorial race is similar to past state politicians.

Potential players in the next gubernatorial race

Several noteworthy names are on the meter for Missouri's top government spot.

Analysis: To win, Nixon now must campaign like Blunt

Democratic Attorney General Jay Nixon has been campaigning for years against Republican Gov. Matt Blunt. To win, Nixon now must campaign just like Blunt — as someone calling for change from the failed policies of a governor no longer on the ballot.

Blunt says he lost sense of mission

The governor declined to endorse any of the numerous Republican candidates who have announced plans to enter the race.

Inmates will receive transportation to abortion clinics

The state of Missouri must provide transportation to abortion clinics for inmates who want to undergo the procedure, a federal appeals panel ruled Tuesday.

Gov. Matt Blunt won't run for re-election

Gov. Matt Blunt announced Tuesday afternoon that he will not run for re-election this year.

Senate committee suggests higher court fees to boost deputy sheriff pay

The committees report suggests that the Missouri Sheriffs' Association decide which departments would receive the extra cash.

Midwifery continues in Missouri despite being outlawed

While midwifery remains illegal in Missouri and 12 other states, an underground network of midwives without nursing degrees continue to deliver children here, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported.

Fending off lawsuits part of the initiative petition challenge in Mo.

In 2006, there were more lawsuits than proposals actually making the ballot. In advance of the November elections, about one lawsuit has been filed so far for every two initiative petitions approved for circulation.

Lawyers want to know who is on execution teams

Lawyers for five death row inmates are pressing Missouri to identify members of its execution team after the St. Louis Post-Dispatch revealed that a nurse on the team was a convicted stalker.

Blunt introduces early education funding proposal in Ashland

The plan would increase the town’s education funding by $1.2 billion.