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Southeast Missouri man dies in Mississippi River barge accident

A 67-year-old worker died Saturday in Cape Girardeau after falling into an empty hopper barge.

Cheney to visit Missouri on Oct. 20

The vice president is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder in Cape Girardeau.

Joplin School Board to discuss tattoos on teachers

Superintendent C.J. Huff said tattoos could become more of an issue as the district hires young teachers from an age group that's more comfortable with tattoos.

School may ban teachers from talking to students outside school

The superintendent of the southeast Missouri school says the rule would protect teachers from false accusations.

Autism center planned for southeast Missouri

The Southeast Missouri State University Autism Center for Diagnosis and Treatment is scheduled to open next summer in Cape Girardeau.

Investigation links brain tumors to insulation plant

A toxicology expert has linked a high cancer-incidence rate to the former operation of a Rockwool Industries insulation plant in this small Missouri town.

ANALYSIS: Missouri gubernatorial race a contrast in campaign strategies

Republican Kenny Hulshof has introduced a new policy almost weekly since the start of the Missouri gubernatorial race, while Democrat Jay Nixon has stuck to three basic messages: the economy, health care and higher education.

Biden makes stop in Springfield

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden spoke in Springfield on Friday, stressing that John McCain's campaign is trying to belittle Barack Obama instead of focusing on important issues.

Gubernatorial races nationwide focused on economy

Problems in the economy have overshadowed all other election issues.

Government employee admits stealing federal money

Steven Brown admitted he ran up more than $280,000 on his government-issued credit card. Brown worked for the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in Arnold.

Formal sentence expected in videotaped sex killing

Richard Davis of Independence faces the death penalty when he is sentenced Thursday in the May 2006 killing of 41-year-old Marsha Spicer, also of Independence.

Kansas City will vote on light-rail again

Voters approved a plan in 2006, but this November, they'll be voting for city-supported construction of a 14-mile starter route.

Small appliance museum opens in southwest Mo.

Larrison's World's Largest Small Appliance Museum opened Friday in hopes of preserving for future generations what kept yesteryear's kitchens percolating.

Several injured in bus and SUV crash

Six people are in serious condition following a crash stemming from a bus failing to yield to an SUV in Stoddard County.

Drury students attend presentation on binge drinking

Drury University officials are hoping a 90-minute presentation on binge drinking helps prevent the kind of thing that happened to a freshman a month ago.

Biden talks health care, tax cuts at stop in Jefferson City

Vice presidential candidate Joe Biden promised more jobs, affordable health care and tax cuts for 95 percent of Americans in one of three campaign stops in Missouri on Thursday.

Nixon, Hulshof spar in second debate

Ethics, health care, the economy and highway funding were among the topics d’jour at the hour-long debate on Thursday in Kansas City.

Danforth proposes return to core Republican beliefs

Former Sen. John Danforth wants the Republican Party to get back to its "good, old" traditions: lower taxes and less government.

Attorney general candidates disagree on 'shield law'

The only major disagreement that emerged between Missouri's attorney general candidates in their second debate involved a proposal to protect journalists from having to disclose anonymous sources and unused information in court.

Boone County candidates weigh in on new nuclear plant

Statehouse candidates in Boone County are weighing in on whether to rewrite a 1976 consumer protection law that AmerenUE has targeted as a barrier to financing a second nuclear power plant in Callaway County.