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Nixon replaces another lottery commissioner

Judene Blackburn joins the five-member panel of all new commissioners appointed by Gov. Jay Nixon. Nixon revamped the commission and asked it to look at its contracts and how much money is spends on prizes and advertising.

UPDATE: Drill sergeant found guilty of sexual assaults

The charges against Angel M. Sanchez were filed in May, days before the release of a Pentagon study on sexual assault in the military.

Missouri Bar panel rates Missouri judges up for election

The Missouri Bar released positive results from a review of judges up for election Nov. 4. But three judges from St. Louis County only received support after appealing poor reviews.

Insurers double in Missouri's online marketplace

The federal agency said Missouri is one of four states — along with Indiana, New Hampshire and West Virginia — where the number of insurers is at least doubling.

Few 2014 campaign TV ads in Missouri

A total of seven candidates spent just $335,800 on TV ads through early September, a 59 percent decline from the comparable period in 2010.

UPDATE: Fire that destroys Michael Brown memorial stokes fresh resentment

Ferguson resident Meldon Moffitt said the fire started around 6:30 a.m. Tuesday on Canfield Drive, the street where Brown was fatally shot Aug. 9.

Ferguson unrest cost county $4.2 million

The county's chief operating officer, Garry Earls, said $2.6 million has been spent on police overtime, the biggest chunk of the $4.2 million bill.

UPDATE: GOP nominates widow of deceased Missouri lawmaker

Committee Chairman Jerry Wadel said Patricia Pike was chosen in a close vote of the 20-member panel.

Branson Board of Aldermen eases smoking ban proposal

The board rewrote a proposal to ban smoking in most public places, reducing the maximum fine for violations and removing some proposed outdoor smoking regulations.


Feds censure local police, yet give lethal weapons

The Pentagon, which provides the free surplus military equipment, says its consultation with the Justice Department will be looked at as the government reviews how to prevent high-powered weaponry from flowing to the untrustworthy.

Ferguson residents begin using body cameras

Activist groups We Copwatch and the Canfield Watchmen met with nearly two dozen Ferguson residents Saturday to teach them their rights during police interactions and how to use body cameras to record police.

Rewriting Missouri education goals causes tension

A law passed in May requires educators and parents to rewrite learning benchmarks for each grade to replace the standards adopted in the Common Core.

Police warn of scam involving Scholastic

The Jefferson City Police Department said some central Missouri schools have been getting bills from a source identifying itself as Scholastic School Supply for items that were never actually ordered.

UPDATE: Drill sergeant pleads guilty to sexual assaults

Army Staff Sgt. Angel M. Sanchez was accused of sexually assaulting eight women he was tasked with training. He offered the plea before the start of Monday's hearing.

Ferguson town hall meetings not open to all

A spokesman for the city said the meetings will be closed to the media and nearly anyone else who is not a resident of the St. Louis suburb.

Missouri's electronic cigarette debate centers on definition of tobacco product, taxes

Missouri officials are scrambling to figure out how to regulate electronic cigarettes ahead of the Food and Drug Administration's guidelines, which are still in the review period. As some states move to regulate the products such as e-cigarettes, Missouri became the first state to forbid such taxes.

Three arrested in latest round of Ferguson protests

After the arrests, the crowd of protesters grew and some of them blocked traffic.

Judge: Man in 9/11 Kansas City airport hoax should be freed

The terminal was shut down for several hours on the busy Sunday and at least two flights were canceled because of the incident. A bomb squad later determined there were no explosives in his bags.

Emerson funding seeks to help Ferguson area youths

Emerson, a Fortune 500 company, is donating $4.4 million for scholarships and youth development in north St. Louis County.

Lawsuit filed over Common Core standards

The plaintiffs include suburban St. Louis businessman Fred Sauer, who was an unsuccessful Republican candidate in the 2012 gubernatorial primary. Two other plaintiffs are identified as Missouri taxpayers and residents.