Restaurants raise funds for victims of tornado in Joplin

Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar, D. Rowe’s and Harpo’s planned special events that will give their customers a chance to help.

PHOTO GALLERY: Joplin rebuilds and recovers after tornado

Joplin residents adjust to life after the devastating tornado, while beginning the arduous process of rebuilding their home.

Death toll from Joplin tornado rises to 132

Authorities said they believed many of the missing were alive and safe but simply hadn't been in touch with friends and family, in part because cell phone service has been spotty. There are still 156 people unaccounted for in the tally.

Joplin Chamber: 4,000 jobs affected by tornado

Joplin's largest employers were destroyed by the tornado, but the city is determined to retain jobs. 

UPDATE: Search for tornado's missing finds few amid debris

On Thursday, the state said 232 people are still considered "unaccounted for" in Joplin, and that some of those are among the 126 people killed by the storm. 

UPDATE: First person on Joplin missing list found alive

The search continues for those on the Joplin missing list. Authorities believe most people on the list are alive but haven't been able to get in touch with family and friends.

Missouri governor waives fees for replacement documents

Gov. Nixon signed three orders that will aid victims of the Joplin tornado.

List released of 232 still missing after tornado hit Joplin

A list of names of people who are still missing was released Thursday morning and has been posted online. Officials said 232 people are unaccounted for.

'Tornado Alley' reactor not fully twister-proof

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission deemed equipment and storage areas at the Wolf Creek nuclear plant, which is 150 miles from Joplin, un-secure weeks before the Joplin tornado.

First person on Joplin missing list alive

Sally Adams, 75, was found with her cat Thursday. She was the first person named on the list of people who have been missing in Joplin since a tornado struck on Sunday.

Homeowners in most tornado-prone states often uninsured

Many of the states recently affected by the string of deadly tornadoes have the nation's highest rates of uninsured homes, according to The Associated Press. Arkansas Insurance Commissioner Jay Bradford is pushing for ways to make hazard insurance for homes more affordable.

Joplin school district begins recovery process

The Joplin school district has located all staff and most of its students. Repairs began today on one middle school, with more to follow.

Replacement for destroyed Joplin hospital to open by Sunday

Joplin hospital owners said a temporary replacement for St. John's Regional Medical Center, which was destroyed by the tornado that tore through the city, will be set up by Sunday.

Duquesne also hit by Joplin storm

Dispatch from Joplin: Pitching in

The resilience of the tornado survivors is encouraging and inspiring. Even in times of great loss, much can be gained from witnessing such horrific events.

UPDATE: Tornado shows problem with Missouri Rainy Day Fund

Gov. Nixon does not plan to use Missouri's Rainy Day fund to finance Joplin tornado aid.

Oklahoma child found dead, death toll raised to 10

This week's tornado strikes in Oklahoma have left 10 people dead, and some are still missing.

State parks waive fees for weather victims

Families displaced by recent storms can camp for for free in some Missouri state parks. Fee waivers are good for 30 days, though they might be extended later. Families need to provide their own camping gear.

Body found of toddler missing in Joplin tornado

Carol Jo Tate said Wednesday that the body of her son, 16-month-old Skyular Logsdon, was identified at the morgue handling tornado victims.


UPDATE: New tornadoes rattle nerves, leave damage in Missouri

Several twisters touched down across the state Wednesday and destroyed buildings and school buses, and the possibility of a disaster as serious as Sunday's tornado in Joplin made severe thunderstorms and funnel clouds all the more threatening to Missourians.