Volunteers surprise Joplin couple with rebuilt home

In just a week, workers from Home Depot and a Virginia organization completely refurbished a Joplin house badly damaged by the May 22 tornado.

UPDATE: Crews race floodwaters to build up Iowa levee

Floodwaters are expected to arrive Tuesday in Hamburg, Iowa, after the Missouri River ruptured two levees in northwest Missouri.

MORE COVERAGE: Online resources for coverage of Missouri River flooding

Here is a roundup of links providing information regarding the flooding of the Missouri River.

UPDATE: Levee ruptures send floodwater toward Hamburg, Iowa, and Big Lake, Mo.

Residents of Hamburg, Iowa, and Big Lake, Mo., brace for floodwaters headed in their direction after two levee ruptures Monday. Many have already evacuated Hamburg.

Joplin tornado death toll rises to 153

Two more people succumb to injuries sustained in the May 22 tornado in southwest Missouri.

Forecasters say deaths from tornadoes hit them in pit of stomach

Weather forecasters often feel helpless when tornadoes descend and death tolls rise. Tornadoes have killed more than 520 people this year.

McBaine levee under repair as Missouri River flood looms

A 300-foot portion of the 11-mile-long levee has fallen into Perche Creek. Work began Monday to construct a new section of the levee. The repair should be finished before forecast floods of 27 feet to 33 feet on the Missouri River reach the area.

Columbia cooling centers provide relief from heat

Cooling centers around Columbia are provided for people who need to find a place to escape the heat this summer.

UPDATE: Missouri river levee springs second partial breach

In Atchison County, a 1 inch to 1½ inch hole has developed in the levee. Emergency management officials said they expected more breaches as the river rises.

Missouri River flood could rejuvenate endangered wildlife

While flood waters along the Missouri River could cause damage to residents and towns near the river's edge, endangered wildlife might benefit with the resurgence of high waters.

Volunteers pour into Joplin to help with tornado relief effort

Volunteers from across the country are in Joplin doing whatever they can to help with the disaster relief effort.

Officials caution against reliance on tornado sirens

Missouri officials say tornado sirens may not always work correctly and can be hard to hear inside. They're not meant to be the only warning system.

Missouri officials to discuss flood preparation

With flooding likely along the Missouri River, Gov. Jay Nixon and other officials were heading to St. Joseph on Thursday to discuss preparations.

UPDATE: 134 now confirmed dead after Joplin tornado

Missouri officials have found all people reported missing since the Joplin tornado, but they're now warning residents and clean-up crews about potentially hazardous debris.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri River Floods Upper Midwest

As the waters of the Missouri River continue to rise, volunteers, local officials and military personnel flock to the area to help save homes and farmland. Although they're lining the riverbanks with sandbags and dirt, many areas are heavily flooded.

Joplin helped by Kentucky homeless group

Twelve homeless and formerly homeless volunteers are in Joplin to assist with the cleanup effort. The group also brought donated goods.

Northwest Missouri prepares for flooding

Officials have told residents in northwestern Missouri to be ready to evacuate in the next couple of weeks.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: U.S. killer tornado statistics

Statistics provided by the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center track the location and death count of all fatal tornadoes in the U.S. since 2000.

Environmental dangers a possibility after Joplin tornado

The Environmental Protection Agency has yet to discover serious pollution issues in the tornado's wake, but a systematic assessment of the impact is not complete.

Search for survivors continues in Joplin

Rescue workers continue to search Joplin for survivors in the face of diminishing odds.