UPDATE: 134 now confirmed dead after Joplin tornado

Missouri officials have found all people reported missing since the Joplin tornado, but they're now warning residents and clean-up crews about potentially hazardous debris.

PHOTO GALLERY: Missouri River Floods Upper Midwest

As the waters of the Missouri River continue to rise, volunteers, local officials and military personnel flock to the area to help save homes and farmland. Although they're lining the riverbanks with sandbags and dirt, many areas are heavily flooded.

Joplin helped by Kentucky homeless group

Twelve homeless and formerly homeless volunteers are in Joplin to assist with the cleanup effort. The group also brought donated goods.

Northwest Missouri prepares for flooding

Officials have told residents in northwestern Missouri to be ready to evacuate in the next couple of weeks.

SHOW ME THE RECORDS: U.S. killer tornado statistics

Statistics provided by the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center track the location and death count of all fatal tornadoes in the U.S. since 2000.

Environmental dangers a possibility after Joplin tornado

The Environmental Protection Agency has yet to discover serious pollution issues in the tornado's wake, but a systematic assessment of the impact is not complete.

Search for survivors continues in Joplin

Rescue workers continue to search Joplin for survivors in the face of diminishing odds.

Obama tours twister-ravaged neighborhood in Joplin

The president spoke at a memorial service for tornado victims on Sunday after touring the destruction.

Dispatches from Joplin: Don't forget about us

Reporter Eliza Smith, a Joplin native, reflects on the tornado's aftermath and President Obama's visit.

PHOTO GALLERY: Joplin welcomes President Obama

People lined the streets in Joplin as President Barack Obama came to survey the destruction and speak at a memorial service on Sunday.

UPDATE: Joplin official lowers tornado death toll to 139

Joplin's death toll following the deadly tornado is on the rise, and families continue to search for missing loved ones. After incidents of mistake identification, authorities are using DNA tests and dental records to assist them.

UPDATE: 2011 now deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950

Joplin's death toll is now at least 142, with 100 still missing.

2011 now deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950

Crews continue search-and-rescue efforts while the state tries to confirm victims' identities. The tornado had an EF-5 rating, which designates storms with 200 mph winds, and killed at least 142 people.

Restaurants raise funds for victims of tornado in Joplin

Bleu Restaurant and Wine Bar, D. Rowe’s and Harpo’s planned special events that will give their customers a chance to help.

PHOTO GALLERY: Joplin rebuilds and recovers after tornado

Joplin residents adjust to life after the devastating tornado, while beginning the arduous process of rebuilding their home.

Death toll from Joplin tornado rises to 132

Authorities said they believed many of the missing were alive and safe but simply hadn't been in touch with friends and family, in part because cell phone service has been spotty. There are still 156 people unaccounted for in the tally.

Joplin Chamber: 4,000 jobs affected by tornado

Joplin's largest employers were destroyed by the tornado, but the city is determined to retain jobs. 

UPDATE: Search for tornado's missing finds few amid debris

On Thursday, the state said 232 people are still considered "unaccounted for" in Joplin, and that some of those are among the 126 people killed by the storm. 

UPDATE: First person on Joplin missing list found alive

The search continues for those on the Joplin missing list. Authorities believe most people on the list are alive but haven't been able to get in touch with family and friends.

Missouri governor waives fees for replacement documents

Gov. Nixon signed three orders that will aid victims of the Joplin tornado.