Obama to visit Joplin on Sunday

The president said the federal government will use all the resources it can to help Joplin rebuild. Obama will travel to Joplin the day after he returns from a six-day trip to Europe.

Survivors pick up lives, homes after historic Joplin tornado

With 122 dead, 750 injured and an unknown number missing, people are attempting to reconnect with friends and family in the aftermath.

Dispatch from Joplin: Picking up the pieces

Joplin residents are just beginning to cope with the devastation caused by Sunday's tornado, digging through collapsed buildings to uncover trapped victims and sifting through collapsed homes will continue as the town continues to assess damage and fatality numbers.

Joplin tornado nation's deadliest in more than 60 years

With 122 deaths and counting, Sunday's storm became the eighth-deadliest single tornado in U.S. history.

Five plains states at risk for severe weather

Tornadoes, hail and strong winds could hit an area stretching from Texas to Kansas and Missouri today.

Joplin tornado had more than 1 vortex

The "multivortex" twister was given an EF4 rating by the National Weather Service. It's the deadliest tornado in the U.S. on record in more than 60 years.

Georgia hospital to help Joplin tornado survivors

The Phoebe Sumter Medical Center was destroyed by a tornado four years ago. They are currently rebuilding and asking the community to donate to Joplin.

Columbia realtors collect shoes for Joplin tornado victims

The Columbia Board of Realtors will continue accepting all types of shoes through noon Wednesday at locations around Columbia.

Couple moved from Joplin one day before tornado

One couple's Joplin apartment complex was destroyed one day after they moved to an Oklahoma City suburb.

Storm leaves thousands without electricity in Missouri

About 16,000 Ameren customers in Missouri are still without electricity in the aftermath of the recent storm. There were 68,000 homes and businesses without power, but as utility crews work to restore electricity, that number decreases.

Joplin tornado in line with recent outbreak

The tornado that hit Joplin is similar to last month's storms that leveled urban communities throughout the South and led to high death tolls.

UPDATE: Rescuers race to find survivors of Joplin tornado

The devastation in Joplin has left at least 117 dead and destroyed much of the city's buildings, including Joplin High School. Crews are still working to find survivors in the rubble.

PHOTO GALLERY: Tornado aftermath in Joplin

Houses, businesses, churches and schools were among the buildings destroyed by the tornado that hit Joplin on Sunday evening, killing at least 116 and injuring an unknown number of people.

UPDATE: Death toll from southwest Missouri tornado rises to 116

Nearly 2,000 buildings were damaged or destroyed after Sunday's tornado ripped through Joplin.

UPDATE: Death toll from Missouri tornado rises to 116

The city manager in Joplin says the death toll from a tornado that struck the city Sunday has risen to 116 but added that seven people have been rescued.

UPDATE: Survivors of Joplin disaster recall narrow escapes

The manager of a hospital service, a high school principal, families and customers at an IHOP restaurant, including two state legislators, recall where they were when the tornado hit Joplin.

UPDATE: Feds offering home aid following southwest Missouri tornado

Those with homes damaged in Sunday's tornado can receive federal aid for uninsured expenses, including temporary housing.

Task Force 1 finds 'complete devastation' in Joplin

As of 3:15 a.m., the teams from Task Force One were conducting search-and-rescue missions.

UPDATE: Missouri officials say tornado killed at least 89

Houses, churches, schools, businesses and homes were flattened after a tornado hit the city of Joplin on Sunday evening. Officials said at least 89 people were killed and an unknown number of people were injured during the storm.

Joplin residents share stories of devastation

Two Joplin natives tell stories of grief and relief after Sunday evening's tornado.