Expert predicts a quieter spring for Columbia

MU weather expert Tony Lupo says Columbia residents can expect a spring with less severe weather than normal.

Storm causes power outages across Columbia

Two separate electrical problems caused power outages on different sides of Columbia early Sunday afternoon and in the early hours of Monday.

30,000 without power in Missouri after Sunday night storms

Strong winds and tornado conditions caused widespread damage as a fast-moving storm whipped through Missouri.

PHOTO GALLERY: Snow transforms Columbia landscapes

A snowfall hit Columbia on Thursday.

Warmer weather expected next week

The National Weather Service says there will be no snow in Columbia next week, and temperatures will climb into the 50s.

Missouri's annual tornado drill to be held March 8

The drill is meant to help Missourians prepare for severe weather events. Missourians should practice taking shelter when they hear sirens or broadcast messages.

PHOTO GALLERY: More wintry weather hits Columbia

Snow and sleet are expected to continue through Thursday afternoon before changing to all snow Thursday night.

Columbia's slushy roads create problems for drivers

Of the 25 weather-related accidents Thursday, most have been non-injury slide-offs.

PHOTO GALLERY: Winter warms up

Temperatures reached the mid-70s Thursday, setting a record high temperature for Columbia. The previous record was 68 degrees, set in 1994.

VIDEO: Warmer temperatures lead to snowmelt

The melting should continue with temperatures reaching into the 60s this week, according to the National Weather Service.

Columbia residents take opportunity to enjoy warm weather

After months of cold weather and a near-blizzard, warmer weather has finally arrived. Residents did not hesitate to take advantage of the sun.

Warmer weather good not only for people

Greenhouse and nursery owners as well as cattle farmers look forward to warmer temperatures that will make there work easier and reduce costs.

Several morning accidents delay commutes

Seven car accidents backed up traffic Wednesday morning in Columbia.  Slick roads and increased traffic contributed to the crashes, which resulted in only minor injuries. 

Blizzard roars through snow-weary Midwest

The storm could push Tulsa, Okla., past its all-time record for snowfall in a single winter.

More snow and low temperatures expected in Columbia

The National Weather Service in St. Louis is forecasting bitter cold for the upcoming week and possible snow Tuesday night.


Residents responsible for removing snow from sidewalks

Armed with shovels and tractors, residents are forced to take to the streets again to clean up more snow. Some see it as an adventure; others just want it to go away.

Columbia businesses thaw after big freeze

Sycamore and Sophia's move forward after closing their doors for the snow storm on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The Old Farmer's Almanac had predicted snowfall in Missouri

The Old Farmer's Almanac had predicated the snow this week, but its weather prediction for late Feburary and mid-March clashes with Punxsutawney Phil's.

Missouri to receive federal aid for winter storm

President Obama declared a state of emergency in Missouri on Thursday.

Columbia moves forward in blizzard cleanup

All critical, first priority and second priority snow routes have been cleared.