State Health Department buildings evacuated because of roof snow

Two state Health Department buildings were evacuated because of snow on the roof. Workers are expected to return Monday.

More snow possible in Columbia

Although the National Weather Service is forecasting warmer temperatures through the weekend, there is a chance for some snow accumulation.

Mammoth storm across U.S. leaves bitter cold, destruction

Roofs collapsed under the weight of snow in the Northeast, wind chills dipped below 30 in parts of the Midwest, and people are still trying to dig out after a  winter storm struck most of the nation Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bitter chill keeps Missouri under snow blanket

Gov. Jay Nixon asked the federal government Wednesday for an emergency declaration for all of Missouri's 114 counties to help with the costs of responding to the snowstorm.

Birds struggle to find food in harsh winter weather

After a snowfall, ground-foraging birds can't find the seeds they normally feed on.

National Weather Service says spring flooding likely in Missouri

The Weather Service cites high levels of stream flow, soil moisture and snowpack in the upper Mississippi valley.

VIDEO: The blizzard of 2011 in time lapse video

An almost record setting 17-plus inches of snow blanketed Columbia and much of the Midwest early Tuesday morning. With roads becoming impassable and even walking a challenge, a fact to which my rear can attest, city services and many businesses shut down.

'Snow boards' key to measuring snowfall

The storm total for snowfall in Columbia is 17.7 inches as of Wednesday morning. Despite gusting winds, a tried-and-true process ensures measurements are sound.

Interstate 70 reopens in Missouri

The interstate was shut down on Tuesday because of whiteout conditions caused by a winter storm that struck most of the country. Interstate 44 remained closed on Wednesday morning.

UPDATE: Historic storm moves on, but problems remain

Southwest, central and northeast Missouri were hit particularly hard by the storm. Lingering problems include treacherous roads and power outages.

Columbia digging out, recovering slowly after blizzard

The city of Columbia and the Missouri Department of Transportation are working to clear snow on major roads and residential streets so residents can get around safely.

Advice for taking care of cars after heavy snow

Snow buildup can cause brakes to fail and cars to vibrate violently.


Effects of blizzard felt across Midwest

The monstrous storm brought a huge portion of the country to a halt. Schools and universities closed, roads were shut down and some areas saw power outages.

PHOTO GALLERY: Weather wrap-up from around the U.S.

A massive winter storm knocked out power in Ohio, stranded motorists and halted most of daily life on Tuesday and into Wednesday across the nation.

La Niña helping direct winter storm to Midwest

La Niña, a periodic cooling of the surface temperatures of the tropical Pacific Ocean, has affected weather in most of the United States and might be contributing to the floods and storm battering Australia.

Historic storm winds down in Missouri, but problems linger

The storm brought 20 inches of snow to Hannibal and near that in Columbia and 18 inches in Jefferson City and Joplin. If not unprecedented, the storm was extremely rare, a Weather Service meteorologist said.

PHOTO GALLERY: Columbia snowfall

Snow started falling across Columbia this morning. The snowfall totals are expected to reach between 17 and 21 inches.

UPDATE: Blizzard warning until noon Wednesday

A winter storm hit Columbia early Tuesday morning and is expected to leave 14 to 21 inches of snow by Wednesday afternoon.

Missouri House cancels formal sessions for week

Some committee hearings are still planned, but only technical floor sessions will be held on Wednesday and Thursday.

PHOTO GALLERY: A look at weather conditions around the U.S.

Almost one-third of the nation is bracing for the massive winter storm to hit Tuesday.