Boone County's warmer weather signals the end of field burning season

Stephen Phillips said Tuesday was one of the last opportunities to carry out a controlled burn on his field before the grass starts growing again.

Sunday fires burn more than 50 acres in Boone County

Dry and windy weather conditions contributed to several fires in Boone County on Sunday afternoon.


Sirens sound across the city, but for what?

When a tornado warning is issued for anywhere in Boone County, outdoor warning sirens sound across the entire county — as many Columbia residents learned Thursday night. But this system might be changing, according to the Office of Emergency Management.

UPDATE: Columbia under tornado watch; chance of large hail, strong winds Thursday evening

A tornado watch was issued for most of central Missouri on Thursday evening. Columbia could see large hail, strong winds and the possibility of isolated tornadoes as a storm system moves across the state, said Jayson Gosselin of the National Weather Service.

Most snow should miss Columbia, National Weather Service says

The Columbia Public Works Department is treating bridges to prevent freezing.

Forecasters call for later spring storm season

The last time the storm season got off to a slow start was in 2002, when there were 936 tornadoes across the U.S., well below the annual average of 1,200.

Columbia residents reflect on 'never-ending' winter

The last weekend of winter brought temperatures in the 70s on Saturday and the possibility of sleet and snow on Sunday. We wanted to know how Columbia residents thought of this winter, and here are the responses we got.

Two-year drought still causing problems for Missouri farmers

Farmers might be in for another season of soil problems after a record-tying cold winter.

PHOTO GALLERY: Warm weather won't stay for long

Monday's 70 degree temperatures will last through Tuesday. A possibility of light snow is forecast for Wednesday.

Warm weather will be brief with light snow predicted for mid-week

Warm air from the southwest is causing warmer temperatures in the area, but the warmth won't last long.

MU researchers to study thunderstorms and better predict flash floods

A team of MU researchers will head into elevated convection thunderstorms, which could help to better predict flash floods and save lives.

Some Columbia businesses find success during winter months

Some local companies have boomed during one of the coldest winters in years. Others are just looking forward to spring.

Columbia record-low temperature pales in comparison to rest of country

Columbia reached a record-low temperature of 2 below zero Monday. To put this in perspective, Missourian reporters collected anecdotes from cities around the country, including cities in Florida, Montana and Maine.

Winter storm moves through Missouri; Columbia Public Schools closed Monday

A winter storm warning has been canceled by the National Weather Service. Snow accumulation of 1-3 inches is expected Sunday.

Despite winter storm warning, True/False won't take intermission

Up to 8 inches of snow could accumulate in Columbia by Sunday night, but True/False Film Fest organizers have promised that, even with the ominous forecast, the festival will go on as planned.

Winter storm warning issued for Boone County

The National Weather Service has issued a winter storm warning for mid-Missouri in anticipation of a storm system that could dump as much as 10 inches of snow on the area.

Winter storm watch in effect Saturday evening through Sunday

Columbia residents can expect 5 to 9 inches of snow and sleet from Saturday evening to late Sunday night. Early forecasts suggest temperatures Sunday and Monday are not expected to leave the teens, with wind chills as low as 15 below zero.

Winter storm expected to impact region this weekend

National Weather Service senior forecaster Scott Truett said it is impossible to determine the type of precipitation and the amount expected to hit Columbia.

Second round of polar vortex weather headed for Columbia

A polar vortex is coming back to Columbia, but, luckily for residents, not with a vengeance.

Midwest faces minimal risk of spring floods

National Weather Service experts predict spring flooding will be minimal in the Midwest. The snowfall has been offset by unusually low river levels and drought.