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DEAR READER: Neighbors heard, not saw, police shoot a suspect at an MU parking garage

Good deeds aren't done in the dark. A bill in the legislature would ban police video from public view.

DEAR READER: AP's 'big announcement' disappoints copy editors at annual conference

At the annual American Copy Editors Society's national conference, editors from the Associated Press discussed changes to the AP Stylebook — but dropping the distinction between who and whom wasn't one of them.

DEAR READER: 500 'word nerds' converge in Pittsburgh

Spring break for MU students coincides with the annual conference of the American Copy Editors Society, a pilgrimage for syntactical soldiers. On Friday, Maggie Walter writes, Pittsburgh vibrated with rumors of changes to the AP Stylebook and debates about "ain't."

DEAR READER: Linguistic malfeasance in the shortest month

Although a mere 28 days, the month of February was filled with lessons about linguistics.

DEAR READER: The art of writing headlines, indeed

The more complex the topic and the more stakeholders involved in the issue, the more challenging it becomes to summarize an article in so few words.

DEAR READER: Stories 'for the freezer' are some of the best

The reserve of stories to run any time over the holiday season have run out — just in time for restocking by the next group of reporters.

Missourian guidelines on anonymous sources

These are the questions editors and reporters should ask before publishing a local story with anonymous sources.

DEAR READER: Terrorists spread, not suppress, Charlie Hebdo's free speech

Charlie Hebdo's cartoons are seen 'round the world now. And the assassins found out that you shouldn't bring a gun to a pen fight.


DEAR READER: Never too late to add to store of knowledge

As journalism graduates enter the next phase of their careers, they would do well to heed my father: You're not finished yet.


FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet Adam Aton, assistant city editor

The assistant city editor discusses his middle school newspaper days and his interest in beekeeping and the Postal Service.

DEAR READER: Book stores can be home-away-from-home place

This year's Show Me the Errors contest will offer a book about bookstores rather than the usual about grammar and editing. "My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, And Shop" is a collection of essays about bookstores and why they are beloved.

COMO SOCIAL: Website (and app) can help organize your digital life

If This Then That is a site and smartphone app that can help you back up your files, keep track of things you like and warn you if it's about to rain.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet Alex Menz, assistant director of photography

She loves Disney and portrait photography. Learn more about the Missourian's assistant director of photography in this edition of From the Newsroom.


DEAR READER: MU Homecoming drive stirs readers' blood

MU's blood drive is one of the top-giving blood drives in the country. But it's unwise for all members to be pressured to give, especially if they're sick.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet sports editor Greg Bowers

Greg tells us that he became a journalist because he needed the money but stayed a journalist because of his passion for writing. And because journalism is not boring.

DEAR READER: It's time to stem tide of disappearance of 'about'

Breaking the so-called rules of language seems to be happening with more frequency. It would be much more effective if the rules were broken on purpose instead of misusing words out of ignorance.

TELL US: How accessible are Columbia's parks?

Have you benefited from accessibility changes to city parks? Do you have any suggestions for future changes? Missourian reporters Jiayue Huang and Guimel Sibingo would like to hear from you.

TELL US: How do you interact with the news?

Are you a reader? A sharer? A commenter? A contributor? Win free movie tickets by telling us about your habits.

DEAR READER: Missourian clears up confusing AP style issues

World changes and the lightning fast pace of news call for changes in how the Missourian edits the news and helps its readers stay informed.

TELL US: How is your Internet access outside Columbia?

We want to hear from people who live outside of Columbia and who have trouble accessing the Internet.