From the Newsroom

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet Adam Aton, assistant city editor

The assistant city editor discusses his middle school newspaper days and his interest in beekeeping and the Postal Service.

DEAR READER: Book stores can be home-away-from-home place

This year's Show Me the Errors contest will offer a book about bookstores rather than the usual about grammar and editing. "My Bookstore: Writers Celebrate Their Favorite Places to Browse, Read, And Shop" is a collection of essays about bookstores and why they are beloved.

COMO SOCIAL: Website (and app) can help organize your digital life

If This Then That is a site and smartphone app that can help you back up your files, keep track of things you like and warn you if it's about to rain.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet Alex Menz, assistant director of photography

She loves Disney and portrait photography. Learn more about the Missourian's assistant director of photography in this edition of From the Newsroom.


DEAR READER: MU Homecoming drive stirs readers' blood

MU's blood drive is one of the top-giving blood drives in the country. But it's unwise for all members to be pressured to give, especially if they're sick.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet sports editor Greg Bowers

Greg tells us that he became a journalist because he needed the money but stayed a journalist because of his passion for writing. And because journalism is not boring.

DEAR READER: It's time to stem tide of disappearance of 'about'

Breaking the so-called rules of language seems to be happening with more frequency. It would be much more effective if the rules were broken on purpose instead of misusing words out of ignorance.

TELL US: How accessible are Columbia's parks?

Have you benefited from accessibility changes to city parks? Do you have any suggestions for future changes? Missourian reporters Jiayue Huang and Guimel Sibingo would like to hear from you.

TELL US: How do you interact with the news?

Are you a reader? A sharer? A commenter? A contributor? Win free movie tickets by telling us about your habits.

DEAR READER: Missourian clears up confusing AP style issues

World changes and the lightning fast pace of news call for changes in how the Missourian edits the news and helps its readers stay informed.

TELL US: How is your Internet access outside Columbia?

We want to hear from people who live outside of Columbia and who have trouble accessing the Internet.

TELL US: Do you know any of Columbia's Vietnam casualties?

Help us create a photographic database with the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund of soldiers who gave their lives.

TELL US: How is your Internet access?

Missourian reporters would like to paint a picture about Internet experiences in local households and businesses.

DEAR READER: 'Dog days of summer' arrive, but the fault is in the stars

The phrase, "dog days of summer" dates to the Greeks and Romans.

Win tickets to the Missouri football season opener

You have until midnight Wednesday to enter to win two free tickets to Saturday's game against South Dakota State.

DEAR READER: On whether and when to send a journalist to Ferguson

The story of protest and confrontation is a local story for every community in the country, even when your journalists stay home.

DEAR READER: 'Word Crimes' creates complicated discussion of language

While comedian Weird Al's 'Blurred Lines' parody sparked a rewarding conversation about grammar, some take issue with statements made in the song.

DEAR READER: It's almost time again to get smart on politics

As the Aug. 5 election approaches, voters guides update Missouri residents about hot-button issues.

TELL US: Why do you volunteer?

Are you involved with a community organization or church? The Missourian is interested in sharing stories of service to the community. Tell us what volunteering means to you in however you give back.

DEAR READER: How can I describe the perfect day?

A rare respite from the heat in July seemed to put everyone in a better mood. Executive Editor Tom Warhover imagines the perfect story to go along with the perfect week.