From the Newsroom

DEAR READER: Documents in University Village fatal collapse are numerous and not pretty

Digging out the facts about University Village and the safety of its buildings is a task that is far from over.

DEAR READER: Amid the news of Michael Sam, a titan in Columbia passes

Wynna Faye Elbert spent a lifetime giving voice to those who were otherwise voiceless. It is ironic that her life story was buried in the public conversation this week by news of Michael Sam’s coming out.

DEAR READER: Too many Americans didn't read in 2013

Even though more Americans opted for e-books than ever last year, nearly 25 percent of U.S. adults didn't read a single book — in print or on screen.


DEAR READER: Before athletics or official actions, the ESPN report is about a violent attack on a woman

ESPN's "Outside the Lines" report on an MU swimmer is a sad example of the epidemic of sexual violence on college campuses.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How does the print newspaper get created?

The design and layout of a daily newspaper is a complex process. Here's how we design the front page of the Missourian, according to design editor Erica Mendez Babcock.

DEAR READER: There's work to be done in closing the poverty gap

The biggest barrier to closing the gap isn’t race or gender or geography. It’s poverty. Or, as the Missourian Readers Board put it this week, the divide between the haves and the have-nots is growing wider and with little evidence that things are changing.

DEAR READER: Best not dispute a good thing

Young people don't read newspapers anymore, right? Missourian Sports Editor Greg Bowers finds that his son begs to differ.

DEAR READER: Columbia College displays some sunshine in search for president

MU and Columbia College search committees vetting candidates for new leaders were sworn to secrecy. Both cited the need to keep candidates confidential. But Columbia College chose to make its finalists public. In doing so, it gave everyone involved a voice.

DEAR READER: Missourian drops team's nickname

From now on, except in direct quotes where the word is used, the Missourian will not refer to the Washington, D.C., professional football team by its nickname.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: What is the Missourian's relationship to MU?

The Columbia Missourian, a hands-on laboratory for School of Journalism students, receives financial assistance from MU. But Missourian journalists are expected to report on MU without special treatment or fear of retribution.

DEAR READER: So much Missouri athletics, so little time

Columbia is getting a large dose of Missouri sports this weekend.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: 6 questions and answers about the Missourian's membership model

The Missourian instituted a membership model for access to its digital content, online and on mobile/tablet devices, in the fall of 2012.

DEAR READER: Writing life stories is a lesson in humility

A reporter reflects on the Missourian's policy to publish life stories as a service to the community.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How we write headlines

Headlines written for are different from headlines written for the print edition.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How are graphics made?

An exchange of ideas between news editors, reporters, artists and graphics editors result in the creation of a Missourian graphic.

DEAR READER: Reporting the Ryan Ferguson ruling requires legal language calisthenics

If a conviction is vacated, is it also overturned? This week's announcement by the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District gave the Missourian a chance to review legal terminology.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: What happens after photos are taken?

Photos are requested, taken, edited and then published for the Web or the print issue of Missourian.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How are reporters assigned to a beat?

Missourian news coverage is categorized into the following beats: community, sports, education, public life, state government, public safety, health, enterprise and Vox magazine.

DEAR READER: Persistence and constant questions complete good stories

Reporters and editors made impressive efforts to get the stories of Lewis Baumgartner and the case of Brandon Coleman.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Share your questions about what we do

Curious about how infographics are made or headlines are written? Confused by the accuracy check process? Want to know more about the difference between obituaries and life stories? Ask and we will answer.