From the Newsroom Stories

Missourian guidelines on anonymous sources

These are the questions editors and reporters should ask before publishing a local story with anonymous sources.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet Adam Aton, assistant city editor

The assistant city editor discusses his middle school newspaper days and his interest in beekeeping and the Postal Service.

COMO SOCIAL: Website (and app) can help organize your digital life

If This Then That is a site and smartphone app that can help you back up your files, keep track of things you like and warn you if it's about to rain.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet Alex Menz, assistant director of photography

She loves Disney and portrait photography. Learn more about the Missourian's assistant director of photography in this edition of From the Newsroom.


FROM THE NEWSROOM: Meet sports editor Greg Bowers

Greg tells us that he became a journalist because he needed the money but stayed a journalist because of his passion for writing. And because journalism is not boring.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: Does the Missourian have a mission statement?

While the following principles might not read like a corporate mission statement, they do reflect our values. They were written by executive editor Tom Warhover based on the collective wisdom of our staff of editors in 2007, and they continue to guide our decisions.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How do Google Surveys work?

A program through Google presents one- or two-question surveys before users can read an article. Missourian members who are logged in do not see any surveys.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How does the print newspaper get created?

The design and layout of a daily newspaper is a complex process. Here's how we design the front page of the Missourian, according to design editor Erica Mendez Babcock.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: What is the Missourian's relationship to MU?

The Columbia Missourian, a hands-on laboratory for School of Journalism students, receives financial assistance from MU. But Missourian journalists are expected to report on MU without special treatment or fear of retribution.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: 6 questions and answers about the Missourian's membership model

The Missourian instituted a membership model for access to its digital content, online and on mobile/tablet devices, in the fall of 2012.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How we write headlines

Headlines written for are different from headlines written for the print edition.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How are graphics made?

An exchange of ideas between news editors, reporters, artists and graphics editors result in the creation of a Missourian graphic.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: What happens after photos are taken?

Photos are requested, taken, edited and then published for the Web or the print issue of Missourian.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: How are reporters assigned to a beat?

Missourian news coverage is categorized into the following beats: community, sports, education, public life, state government, public safety, health, enterprise and Vox magazine.

FROM THE NEWSROOM: What are the different kinds of obituaries?

At the Columbia Missourian, there are four types of obituaries: Missourian life stories, Missourian obituaries, family obituaries and paid advertisements.