Jimmie Algiere worked hard for the University Hospital, loved carpentry

Linda Barnes remembered for dedicated service to Columbia Public Schools

Jimmie W. Algiere, May 3, 1941 — May 31, 2012, of Columbia

James Martin Kroon traveled in 49 states, served in Air Force

He served in the Air Force for nearly 20 years, retiring with the rank of captain.

James Martin Kroon, Feb. 17, 1957 — May 25, 2012, of Columbia

James Kroon was an avid traveler and had visited every state in the nation except Alaska and was planning a motorcycle tour of Australia and Europe.

Virginia "Ginny" Lee Starks loved quilting, golfing, her family

Virginia "Ginny" Lee Starks of Columbia died Tuesday, May 29, 2012. She was 67.

Jack Kennedy was an active volunteer in Columbia

Mr. Kennedy's passion for the history of early aviation led him to become a member of the Boone County Historical Society and he was also a member of several other volunteer organizations in Columbia. 


Jane Smarr loved traveling the country, caring for her home

Jane Elizabeth Smarr of Columbia died Monday. She was 89.

Gary Elder was a helpful teacher, adventurous explorer

Gary Elder died Monday, May 7. He was 60 years old.

Robert Smith served family, community and country

Jim Hellmann remembered for his musical talents and love of nature

Over the years, Mr. Hellmann earned a reputation as a talented musician in Columbia. He was admired for his skill on an impressive range of instruments.

James J. Froese, former MU art professor, known for '90 Days of Spring'

James J. Froese, a former MU faculty member, enjoyed sketching, painting and fishing. He died Thursday, May 17, 2012. He was 75.


Son says mother was quiet yet outgoing

Ethel L. Todd was focused on community outreach, aiding her husband in relating to his congregation.

Son said mother was both quiet and outgoing

Ethel Todd assisted her husband in shepherding his congregation by reaching out to the community with quiet charisma.

Dixie Botner was a teacher, traveler and devoted wife

Botner loved traveling around the world with her husband and teaching elementary school children. 

Dixie Botner enjoyed traveling, teaching children

Dixie Botner of Columbia was an avid fan of the St. Louis Cardinals. She died Sunday, May 13, 2012. She was 84.

Michael Harms lived life to the fullest, loved his family

Members of Michael Harms' family described him as a quiet, thoughtful and intelligent man.

Marion W. Sorenson had beloved wife, long teaching career

Marion Sorenson received his doctorate degree at MU, where he was a professor of zoology for several years.

Elizabeth Batterton Douglass Windmiller was active in the community, recalled living 'A Country Life'

Elizabeth Batterton Douglass Windmiller grew up on a farm near McBaine. She taught millinery in the fashion department at Stephens College and was extremely active in the local community.

Martha Vivian Morris enjoyed spending time with her family