EDITORIAL: New study should guide lawmakers: Yes, school funding matters

More spending — in targeted areas — can make a serious difference in the economic outcomes of poor children.

EDITORIAL: When a pastor is deported, immigration laws hit home

Immigration is not an abstract issue. There are real people — sometimes our neighbors — behind the statistics. 

EDITORIAL: On Iran, Obama should not try to bypass Congress

A bipartisan bill is pending that would allow Congress to approve any deal with Iran. The administration has threatened to veto it if passed. Quite clearly, this is part of a continuing pattern by this White House to try to govern by executive decree.


GEORGE KENNEDY: Food Bank struggles to close the gap between hunger and security

In a territory of 32 counties, nearly 50 million pounds of food are needed annually. Last year, the Food Bank came up 12.5 million pounds short.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Betsy Peters would make right decisions for Sixth Ward

Peters is a practicing physician who advocates cooperation and compromise to achieve growth and quality of life.

EDITORIAL: In political ads, free speech may not grant anonymity

We foresee mischief if the courts rule the right to speak freely is the right to speak anonymously in political advertising.

EDITORIAL: Divided Congress needs to confront issue of defense spending

Those who argue for funneling billions more to the Pentagon stand on very shaky ground when billions of dollars have been squandered on troubled weapons like the F-35 fighter jet, and waste and corruption in Afghanistan.

DAVID ROSMAN: Our public transit system needs a major overhaul

The area including Columbia, Ashland and Jefferson City needs a more comprehensive transportation system to support the airport, as well as the growing population.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Support Darin Preis for School Board

Darin Preis makes decisions based on research and input from those involved, Jack Jensen writes.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Legislature needs to enact tax cuts

There's still time, but the clock is ticking on legislators to enact tax cuts.


LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Missouri residents deserve Medicaid expansion

The failure to expand Medicaid has left 300,000 Missouri residents unable to afford health insurance.

EDITORIAL: New head of state public safety led efforts after Joplin tornado

Gov. Jay Nixon got a close look at Joplin in the aftermath of the 2011 tornado, and that's where he recognized Lane Roberts' leadership qualities.

EDITORIAL: History center in Southeast Missouri aspires to be destination

The 2,000-square-foot Cape Girardeau History Center at 102 High St. began its new life in the former Andrew Jackson Bridal Co. building with an exhibit titled "Spring Into History."

GUEST COMMENTARY: More than 130 days later, Loretta Lynch is still waiting

By infusing abortion politics into what was a bipartisan bill, U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has created a multi-car pileup so huge that even Republican senators despair anything can get done.

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jerry Kennett is qualified to be Boone Hospital trustee

His intelligence and knowledge allow him to take on many jobs and excel at all.  He has a phenomenal memory and recall, which are vital in any task. He has real compassion for people and strives to improve their lives.

EDITORIAL: Lawmakers want to punish students by withholding funds

A group of Missouri legislators is continuing a determined effort to bar undocumented immigrant students from making Missouri a better place by limiting their access to higher education.

GUEST COMMENTARY: My friends and I share a collective oppression

Racism is in everything from what you think when you see someone different from you to how you interact with people. It is in my classrooms. It was in my dorms. It is part of my life and stays on my mind from sun-up to sundown.

GUEST COMMENTARY: We cannot blame racism on others

We can look to the administration to change some policies — harsher penalties for harassment, for instance — but we have to look to each other for the subtler changes.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Change only happens when we show up for each other

Matters of inclusiveness and safety affect everyone on campus, due to reasons as insignificant as a person’s gender, sexual orientation or religion.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Pretending racism doesn't exist on campus benefits no one

If you want to grow into the best possible version of yourself, learn about other people and issues that are bigger than you.