The week in comments: Candidate funding revealed, legalizing horse slaughter and gathering signatures for a Taser-free city

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LETTER: Jerry Wade has the experience Columbia needs

Resident Bonnie Bourne explains why Jerry Wade's experience and personal characteristics make him the best choice for mayor of Columbia.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think about the Taser-free proposition?

LETTER: League of Women Voters supports three ballot items

The Leagues of Women Voters supports the Columbia School Bond Issue, Proposition 2 and Proposition 4.

LETTER: Old-fashioned policing is solution, not surveillance cameras

Downtown cameras not practical because the majority of crime occurs elsewhere in Columbia.

LETTER: Greever-Rice's energy, intelligence evident

Resident Daniel Jordan says Tracy Greever-Rice's experience and desire for the facts will make her an asset as the Fourth Ward councilwoman on the Columbia City Council.

LETTER: Kespohl's attacks detract from real issues

Resident asks that campaigning focus on real issues, not attacks on other candidates.

LETTER: Greever-Rice will hit the ground running

Tracy Greever-Rice has an extensive track record of public service and will encourage local businesses to grow.

COLUMN: Election outcome will shape future of Columbia

The clout of cash in the City Council races is visible but there isn't any correlation that money translates into votes given past local election results, George Kennedy says.

COLUMN: 5 best ideas for 'Rebooting Government' in Missouri

Some ideas for reshaping Missouri government can be more helpful than harmful, while others need further study before decisions can be made. Five interesting and five not-so-good ideas also made the list.

LETTER: Read responds to Hoppe's accusations

Sarah Read suggests that Barbara Hoppe is misrepresenting the facts about the Crosscreek Development mediation.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What concerns do you have about the proposed $120 million school bond issue?

Debate about the bond issue concerns future funding if the issue passes and overcrowding in schools if it doesn't pass. The measure is before voters in the April 6 election.

COLUMN: 'Conspicuous' cameras mean criminals know where they are

Money for surveillance cameras could be better spent on attracting businesses or improving public transportation.

LETTER: Jerry Wade has firsthand knowledge needed for governance

Working to revise the territorial agreement between the city and Boone County Fire Protection District is one example of Wade's skill at governing and mediation.

LETTER: Surveillance camera campaign a sham

Proposition 1 is a scare tactic to allow "big brother" to watch us and cost us money as taxpayers.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should the next census include a space to mark sexual orientation?

A campaign called "Queer the Census" is lobbying for the next census to include an option for people to mark their sexual orientation.

LETTER: Read's role in Crosscreek demands scrutiny

Barbara Hoppe would like readers to know about Sarah Read's involvement with Crosscreek Development mediation process.

LETTER: Sessions would be asset to Columbia School Board

A background in education and an ability to listen to another's perspective makes Jonathan Sessions an ideal candidate.

LETTER: Parent Teacher Associations say yes to school bond issue

The group of 22 PTA/PTSA units encourages Columbians to vote in support of the school district's bond increase.

LETTER: Delivering babies is not like delivering jobs

A resident who has worked with both Bob McDavid and Jerry Wade in the past now supports Jerry Wade for mayor.