COLUMN: A corporation isn't an individual, can't run for Congress

A corporation in Maryland is running for Congress. In January, the United States Supreme Court decided it is unconstitutional to limit amounts of money corporations can spend on candidates, because they are "individuals." I think it is a wonderful idea that this corporation decided to run. Still, a corporation is not a registered voter, and Murray Hill Inc. is only two years old.

COLUMN: Improving public defender system is predicament for Missouri

Here are five ways to help the crisis in the Missouri Public Defender System.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Will you go through airport body scanners the next time you travel?

Full-body scanners started to be installed around the world after a man attempted to blow up a plane headed from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day in 2009.

LETTER: Sarah Read embodies community spirit

Sarah Read is a good candidate for the City Council because of her cooperative personality and commitment to improving Columbia.

COLUMN: When politics gets you down, remember the good things in life

Turn away from the TV and embrace what good is around you instead of hearing about our crumbling world.

COLUMN: Academy Awards give hope for quality films

Recently, the academy has selected unworthy movies as winners, but "The Hurt Locker" shows that quality filmaking will be rewarded.

COLUMN: Pick your spot for the weather you like

If you're sick of the temperatures and precipitation in Missouri, or even if you like it, there are lots of other places to match your weather preferences.

LETTER: Flier opposing Columbia school bond issue is a hoax

Attaching The St. Louis Scholarships Foundation's name to an anti-school bond flier when the organization did not give consent nor agrees with the stance is just plain wrong.

LETTER: Support Sunshine Week by getting involved

It is crucial that the public have access to public information so it can hold the government accountable.

LETTER: Read is right for City Council

Sarah Read's experience and background make her the best candidate for the Fourth Ward.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Higher taxes, greater government spending undermine economic growth

Stimulus spending may not prove to be very stimulating. According to a recent study, only spending on highly demanded government services appears to boost growth.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should the texting-while-driving ban apply to all ages?

A proposed bill would extend the current state law on texting while driving to all ages; only drivers ages 21 and under are banned from this action under the current law.

LETTER: Blame Obama, not Luetkemeyer for overspending

Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer has supported conservative spending during his tenure in Congress.

The week in comments: Council candidate profile bias, downtown cameras and hate crime sentencing

Every week, readers of this Web site offer their opinions on the news and the Missourian's coverage of it. This week's hot topics included biases between profile pieces on Gary Kespohl and Karl Skala, a mayoral candidate discussion on downtown cameras, appropriate punishment for the two students involved in the cotton ball incident and the '48 Hours Mystery' special on Joshua Kezer.

GUEST COMMENTARY: 2010 Census: Be heard, be counted

With the 2010 Census forms arriving in households this month, the Columbia/Boone County Complete Count Alliance is encouraging community participation.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Video games aren't just for kids

Video games can tell a story just as powerful as a movie or book. With the average age of a gamer in the U.S. at 35, video games are becoming more emotionally intense.

TODAY'S QUESTION: How would Google Fiber affect your Internet usage?

Advocacy group, CoMo Fiber, is pushing for Columbia to become a test community for Google's new high-speed network.

COLUMN: Life tables help you dodge death, one day at a time

I will die at age 76, on the same day of the year that John Lennon did. I know this because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention knows this.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Will the election in Iraq bring stability?

As Iraq awaits the results of a violent election, international journalists discuss government institutions, U.S. involvement and instability in the Middle East.

DEAR READER: You deserve better than a non-working Web site was a victim of success once again. A link from Drudge Report caused the site to go down Monday.