COLUMN: Global warming skeptics aren't really skeptic - they're deniers

Our nation’s current crop of  global warming “skeptics” is giving the word itself a bad name. I don’t think most of the self-identified doubters of climate change are really skeptical at all. They’re deniers, not questioners.

COLUMN: Season's message outweighs the religion behind it

Atheists have rights, one of which is to wish holiday joy to others in words of their choosing. After all, December's home to the holy days of several major religions, not just Christianity.

LETTER: Governor, first lady know how to treat holiday guests

It was a wonderful experience at the Governor's Mansion during the holiday candlelight tour.

THE BEAT: Covering the MU men's basketball team

Columbia Missourian editor Greg Bowers and reporters Brian Nordli and Alex Ruppenthal discussed the young team with KBIA's Eric Durban on The Beat.

COLUMN: Tiger Woods' scandal proves he's human

Tiger's infidelity has flawed his perfect, god-like status.

LETTER: Payday loan column unfairly demonized industry

The director of public affairs for Advance America, Cash Advance Centers Inc., says customers say they choose payday loans, in part, because they are simple, reliable and transparent.

GUEST COMMENTARY: What it means to be a black American

Claiming the term black American as a preferred descriptor gives the author a sense of effectiveness.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should Missouri go to the Big Ten Conference?

The Big Ten Conference, which mostly represents Midwest teams, has been looking to expand to 12 teams, and Missouri coaches and players have been disappointed with the Big 12 bowl selection process.

COLUMN: Forsee right to question cap-and-trade idea

J. Karl Miller writes that University of Missouri System President Gary Forsee is displaying the type of responsibility we expect from leaders by questioning the "cap-and -trade" legislation.

COLUMN: Parents in tough spot protecting kids from sexual messages

According to the Associated Press-MTV poll, one-third of those polled admitted to sexting, sending sexually explicit photos, videos and chat. Kids don’t realize the harm they can do to themselves by sending these sexually explicit photos to people they believe they can trust.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think about the football coaching change at KU?

After Mark Mangino resigned as head football coach at Kansas, the Jayhawks turned to Turner Gill, who previously coached at the University of Buffalo and before that played for the University of Nebraska. What were your thoughts about Mangino's situation? Do you think Missouri's arch rival will improve its football program in the near future?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Science, not pundits, should determine effects of climate change

The first question that one should clinically address is: "Are human activities responsible for the observed increases in world temperatures over the past century?"

GUEST COMMENTARY: Film tax credits show downside of targeted tax credits

It might be exciting to see famous actors film a movie in your city, but the economic activity is short-lived.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are you concerned about the financial liability Tasers might pose to the city?

The city recently agreed to pay $300,000 to a man who was injured in July 2008 after being shocked with a Taser by Columbia police. Does the settlement change your opinion of the device?

COLUMN: The gift that never stops giving

K. Kendall Mathews encourages others to give of themselves in the name of Jesus Christ this holiday season.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are three-year degrees a good idea?

UM System President Gary Forsee has floated the idea of three-year degrees to help students complete their studies faster and with less expense.

THE BEAT: Douglass High designated Title 1 school

Columbia Missourian reporter Molly Harbarger joined KBIA's Eric Durban on The Beat to discuss what the designation means for Douglass.

COLUMN: Davis health care amendment would do more harm than good

Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon, has proposed a state constitutional amendment that would change the direction of the health care debate. Davis is wasting time and energy.

DEAR READER: Photojournalists bring back the war in Afghanistan

The Associated Press' Julie Jacobson shared her story of following and photographing Marines in Afghanistan to a cadre of editors in Kansas City earlier this week.

States consider impact of legalizing, decriminalizing marijuana

The push to legalize marijuana in America continues with a legalization bill moving through the California Legislature. Despite many misconceptions, places like the Netherlands haven't legalized marijuana; the use is decriminalized, but the mass production of it is still a crime.