COLUMN: Help us shape a new online public policy forum

The Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU and three journalism seniors have joined together to put forth an online public policy forum. Now they're looking for suggestions and advice from the public on how to make it the best discussion possible.

LETTER: Re-segregation? Comparing us to Silicon Valley? You've got to be kidding

Col. Miller's opinion piece on don't ask-don't tell is basically saying that gays are "getting in the way." Then Chancellor Deaton's commentary about the Midwest science scene was a little too ambitious.

COLUMN: Down with newsertainment

Today's “newsertainment” may not be ideal but it's what audiences are asking for.

LETTER: Story about Ferguson's appeals process misinterprets defense's strategy

Matt Pearce's article about the road ahead for Ryan Ferguson misconstrues the importance of Chuck Erickson's recanting by focusing on whether Ferguson committed perjury or not. The bottom line is that Erickson lied multiple times to Ferguson's jury and the conviction cannot stand.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri businesses, research universities must unite for better quality of life

The Missouri Regional Life Sciences Summit in Kansas City can provide the opportunity for Kansas and Missouri to be leaders in health innovation.

COLUMN: Gay people in the military: armed forces are no place for social experiments

The decision to let gay men and lesbians serve in the military is not a question of what is fair, but of what is better for accomplishing the mission.

COLUMN: What makes Missouri drug users want to escape from reality?

With households less reliant on the nuclear family it seems that America's youth is turning to drugs. But the family structure shouldn't shoulder all the blame.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should Missouri implement English-only driver's exam?

The bill proposed by Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon, would create an English-only driver's license exam without the use of an interpreter. This is the latest in a nationwide debate on English-only exams.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should the Winter Olympic Games put more restrictions in place to protect athletes?

Olympic officials said the death of Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili on Friday was a result of human error. The debate is over whether or not more safety restrictions could prevent future deaths.

COLUMN: Handing out dollar bills in class and other overcompensation

Most MU professors who assign textbooks they've penned don't do it for the fortune, they do it for the fame – or at least the chance at tenure.

COLUMN: Nothing fake about the high from 'fake pot'

Lawmakers are looking to ban synthetic marijuana, a substance that mimics the effects and is currently legal.

BOOK REVIEW: 'My Times' shows race relations have a long way to go

Caitlin Giddings discusses Gerald Boyd's new book where he reveals his experience as an African-American journalist. Boyd attended the Misosuri School of Journalism and won three Pulitzer Prizes while at the New York Times.

BOOK EXCERPT: 'My Times in Black and White: Race and Power at the New York Times'

Gerald M. Boyd relives his experience as a black minority on MU's campus. Boyd, considering himself a revolutionary in his time, left his impact on the campus and how blacks are treated.

DEAR READER: The next time a big story breaks, look to the cloud to get the news out

In the spring, will start using a different technology so that when a big story breaks, like it did Monday with the Ryan Ferguson case, the Web site will keep up with demand.

LETTER: The facts about the Puppy Mill Cruelty Prevention Act

Though the Missouri Cattlemen's Association would have you think otherwise, the measure would have no impact on agriculture.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Limitations on charter schools hurts Missouri in 'Race to the Top'

Missouri's bid to win nearly $750 million in grants from the U.S. Department of Education's "Race to the Top" program suffers from a geographical cap on its charter schools.

Global Journalist: The election of Laura Chinchilla, Costa Rica's first woman president, brings discussion

While Laura Chinchilla prepares to lead Costa Rica, Yulia Tymoshenko lost her bid for Ukranian president. Panelists talk about the future of women leaders around the world.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should Ryan Ferguson receive a new trial?

After Chuck Erickson testified that Ryan Ferguson strangled Columbia Daily Tribune sports editor Kent Heitholt to death in 2005, Ferguson was sentenced to 40 years in prison. Now, Erickson says he acted alone in the murder. Should Ferguson be given a new trial in light of this new testimony?

COLUMN: Lack of divisive issue makes mayoral candidates tough to separate

Although the mayoral race has seemingly been narrowed down to three candidates, a major issue to separate them has yet to appear. 

COLUMN: In face of challenges, complacency could be dangerous

Having handled economic problems in the past, Americans may have a false confidence that we can overcome our current problems.