COLUMN: Missouri should form Futures Commission with eyes on 2030

Missouri Senate created a Web site for submitting ideas on how to change state government. The project, called Rebooting Government, has received some ideas concerning the state budget.

COLUMN: Eliminating front license plates would cost money, not save it

Removing front license plates would not be cost effective because there are $1.4 million worth of license plates and tags already in stock. Plus, the red-light cameras would have to be reworked, so they could function without a front license plate.

LETTER: Security cameras vital to law enforcement

Having worked in law enforcement for over 30 years now, I know firsthand that having security cameras leads directly to arrests and can clear up confusion.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think of the NFL's overtime rule changes?

Under the new overtime rules for NFL playoff games, teams will have a chance at possessing the ball if the winner of the coin toss only makes a field goal. Before, a successful field goal by the coin toss-winner would end the game, without the other team having a possession.

COLUMN: Filling out the census is a duty we all must fulfill

Filling out this year's census is an essential piece of our representative democracy.

LETTER: Greever-Rice has skilled, informed approach City Council needs

Tracy Greever-Rice's informed approach to decision making, gained in part from her talks with seniors and senior service agencies, makes her a good candidate for City Council.

LETTER: Cameras will catch latte sippers, not criminals

A former Columbia resident expresses why placing cameras downtown wouldn't benefit anyone in The District.

LETTER: Jerry Wade gets my vote

Jerry Wade recieves campaign support due to his non-inclusive self interest and experience among other respectable qualities.

LETTER: Thanks for the cleanup along Rock Quarry Road

Resident thanks volunteers that helped pick up the trash along the scenic road.

COLUMN: Take advantage of privilege: be an informed voter

The right to vote is one of our most important privileges, and those choosing to vote should ensure they are well-informed and well-prepared. This election is particularly important, as it will elect a new mayor and two city council seats.

COLUMN: Editor, publisher Lucile Bluford promoted justice, equality

As March is National Women's History Month, it's fitting to take time to honor Lucile Bluford, a woman who struggled for equality and social justice for not only herself, but also for others, throughout her long life.

COLUMN: Spring forward into insomnia

A columnist takes various approaches to figuring out why he sleeps better when it's colder outside.

COLUMN: Missouri's public defender system not alone in struggle

Professor David Webber's column about the struggles of improving Missouri's public defender system was unfounded in its research. He based his thoughts on findings from the Spangenberg Group, who has been discredited as legitimate. Missouri prosecturors urge policy makers to develop solutions based on objective data instead.

LETTER: More to Roman Polanski than his arrest

The timing and the tone in media coverage of Roman Polanski's arrest seems unfair amidst the release of his newest film, "The Ghost Writer."

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think of the health care bill?

Health care coverage was extended to tens of millions of uninsured Americans on Sunday night after the Senate-passed bill cleared the House on a 219-212 vote.

LETTER: Cameras take human element out of law enforcement

Allowing Proposition 1 to pass would be taking the human element out of law enforcement. There are better alternatives, such as additional officers or undrcover officers. Extensive camera surveillance has not stopped crimes from happening elsewhere, why would it work here?

Letter to the editor: Skala helps preserve park's name

Letter to the editor discussing some of Karl Skala's qualities, such as his honesty, decency and hard work.

DEAR READER: Anonymous words become weapons against sexual assault victims

The bad habit of victim-blaming is apparent in anonymous comments, and it needs to stop.

Global Journalist: Compromise in Middle East makes little progress

The Quartet is trying to bring the Israeli and Palestinian sides together at the negotiating table.

LETTER: Republicans need corporate support

Sarah Palin and John McCain are trying to block health care because it hurts the large insurance and drug companies that help their party.