LETTER: Greever-Rice brings expertise, common sense

Associate director of the MU Office of Social and Economic Data Analysis Tracy Greever-Rice is well suited for a City Council spot due to political savvy.

LETTER: Greever-Rice has it all

A vote for Fourth Ward council candidate Tracy Greever-Rice is a vote for a woman with generosity.

LETTER: Smart Growth Coalition endorses candidates

The coalition has released it's endorsements for the April 6 election.

DEAR READER: Skala's dining is in Kespohl's 'sites'

Karl Skala has spent more on travel than any other ward council member while assuming leadership on national committees. Voters will decide if it presents an issue.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Policy formation enhances government

Columbia City Council makes its policy on an ad hoc basis with little record of actions taken by the council.

LETTER: Propositions will help city government be more efficient

Columbia's mayor and city manager recommend residents vote "yes" on five propositions on the April 6 ballot.

LETTER: Wade is experienced, responsible candidate

Government means dealing with real issues and real people, and Jerry Wade is the right person for the task.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: At war with drug cartels

Suart Loory and guests discuss the drug war in Mexico and how the problem can be eliminated.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What should Columbia do to count the "hard-to-count" population in the 2010 Census?

It's time to fill out the 2010 Census. The city could miss out on federal benefits if everyone isn't counted.

LETTER: Read is a warm, caring candidate for Fourth Ward

Sarah's work record with Columbia Public Schools and other community groups is well-documented.

LETTER: Greever-Rice has the credentials Columbia needs

Tracy Greever-Rice has worked hard to develop Columbia and deserves a spot on the City Council.

LETTER: Obamacare opponents not unintelligent

George Kennedy sees himself as superior to most Americans.

COLUMN: Anti-health care mood reflection of Republican ignorance

With Republican leaders challenging the constitutionality of the health care bill, approving a bill to prohibit purchasing of insurance that covers abortion and refusing to reign in preditory lendors, ignorance in Congress is everywhere.

COLUMN: Missouri should form Futures Commission with eyes on 2030

Missouri Senate created a Web site for submitting ideas on how to change state government. The project, called Rebooting Government, has received some ideas concerning the state budget.

COLUMN: Eliminating front license plates would cost money, not save it

Removing front license plates would not be cost effective because there are $1.4 million worth of license plates and tags already in stock. Plus, the red-light cameras would have to be reworked, so they could function without a front license plate.

LETTER: Security cameras vital to law enforcement

Having worked in law enforcement for over 30 years now, I know firsthand that having security cameras leads directly to arrests and can clear up confusion.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What do you think of the NFL's overtime rule changes?

Under the new overtime rules for NFL playoff games, teams will have a chance at possessing the ball if the winner of the coin toss only makes a field goal. Before, a successful field goal by the coin toss-winner would end the game, without the other team having a possession.

COLUMN: Filling out the census is a duty we all must fulfill

Filling out this year's census is an essential piece of our representative democracy.

LETTER: Greever-Rice has skilled, informed approach City Council needs

Tracy Greever-Rice's informed approach to decision making, gained in part from her talks with seniors and senior service agencies, makes her a good candidate for City Council.

LETTER: Cameras will catch latte sippers, not criminals

A former Columbia resident expresses why placing cameras downtown wouldn't benefit anyone in The District.