The week in comments: A telling video; the true risks of secondhand smoke; irksome candidates

On every story, readers of have the opportunity to offer their opinions on the news and the Missourian's coverage of it. Here, we offer a digest of some of the most interesting of those conversations from last week.

COLUMN: Global Journalist celebrates its 10th anniversary with a look back

Stuart Loory interviews past and present contributors to Global Journalist about what the program has meant to them and how it helps today.

LETTER: Banks need reform, but Blunt and Luetkemeyer won't sign on

Missouri politicians in Washington D.C. are not representing the people that elected them.

DEAR READER: When you comment on a newspaper site, it's public

COLUMN: Don't add more seats to City Council, it won't help

The new council chamber and upcoming Census provide a perfect excuse for adding two or more members to the Columbia City Council. We shouldn't fall for it.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should news organizations let users delete their comments as social media sites do?

Tracey Greever-Rice, a Fourth Ward candidate, recently and unofficially had her comments removed from the Columbia Daily Tribune's Web site. This violated the Tirbune's "Terms of Use" policy, which is similar to the Missourian's.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why you should fill out your Census form

Not filling out a Census form is the equivalent of your local community losing $1,500.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Have you seen more potholes this winter?

Warn your fellow drivers of the potholes you encounter by mapping them on our Google map and don't forget to report them to the Columbia Public Works Department.

COLUMN: Partisan politics in Missouri Legislature halting progress

The legislative responses to Missouri's urgent problems have been short-sighted, partisan and ideological

COLUMN: Congress could learn about health care debate from governors

Governors have better purpose and form in debating health care than does Congress. Congress members are too concerned with their public image to logically solve problems that must be addressed. Governors should do more than set an example for Congress, they should propose their own health care reform.

COLUMN: Congress is the real problem in the IRS plane crash

While the media banters over Tiger Woods' apology and Joe Stack's actions after crashing a plane into an IRS building in Austin, Texas, they are missing the real issue, which is Congress.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What is it about curling that Americans find so fascinating?

Curling has captured the attention of Americans these past few weeks despite the lack of success by the U.S. teams.

COLUMN: NBC taking drama out of Olympics with delayed coverage

NBC's Olympic coverage has failed to adjust to the Internet age, showing many events on tape delay when most of the country already knows the results

LETTER: Energy panel at MU discusses alternatives to coal

With the signing of the American College and University Presidents’ Climate Commitment, MU must determine how to achieve carbon neutrality and confirm a date when the goal will be completed.

LETTER: Congress has taken too long to pass health care reform

Congress needs to quit delaying health care reform and stop special interests from taking away abortion coverage for women.

COLUMN: Gridlock in Congress opens the door for Republicans

After key victories in Virginia, Massachusetts and New Jersey, Republicans should look to build upon that momentum in taking back Congress in 2010.

COLUMN: The scared straight strategy

In today's fast-paced and tech-crazy society, many people have reached high stress levels brought on by several aspects of modern living. This stress has led many people to lose the individualist attitude held by those who founded America and become more vulnerable to 'scared out of their wits' political tactics.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let voters decide on bond issue for higher education

The Missouri business community must speak up for Missouri to allow a bond issue for higher education imporvements to pass. A similar issue was proven successful in the past, and currently, Missouri needs the jobs. State legislators must put the needs of Missourians before politics.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Was the Austin, Texas, plane crash an act of terrorism?

There has been debate concerning how to define Thursday’s plane crash into an Internal Revenue Service office in Austin, Texas.

DEAR READER: Journalists have more work to do on 'fake pot' story

A lot of claims have been made so far about K2, but few have been substantiated.