TODAY'S QUESTION: How would Google Fiber affect your Internet usage?

Advocacy group, CoMo Fiber, is pushing for Columbia to become a test community for Google's new high-speed network.

COLUMN: Life tables help you dodge death, one day at a time

I will die at age 76, on the same day of the year that John Lennon did. I know this because the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention knows this.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Will the election in Iraq bring stability?

As Iraq awaits the results of a violent election, international journalists discuss government institutions, U.S. involvement and instability in the Middle East.

DEAR READER: You deserve better than a non-working Web site was a victim of success once again. A link from Drudge Report caused the site to go down Monday.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Cotton ballers tried to degrade African-Americans

The cotton ball incident was not just vandalism. It was a hate crime.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you feel the flashing yellow left-hand turn arrows at multiple intersections of Stadium make the road safer or more dangerous for drivers?

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you feel the flashing yellow left-hand turn arrows at multiple intersections of Stadium Boulevard make the road safer or more dangerous for drivers?

COLUMN: Despite voter disapproval, politics is getting more combative

Partisanship, bickering and posturing is more commonplace among legislatures and politicians than it was in decades past.

LETTER: Students behind cotton ball incident shouldn't serve in Navy

The students involved in the cotton ball incident should lose their scholarships and should not be allowed to serve in the ROTC.

LETTER: Republicans to blame for deficit

One party bears the responsibility for the current U.S. budget deficit, and people need to speak out against Mr. Blaine Leutkemeyer's plans.

COLUMN: Tales from the Columbia School Board forums

A journalist's job is to go to the places you don't want to go and pay attention to the mundane but important details. In that spirit, here is my report on the past couple of forums for Columbia School Board candidates.

COLUMN: Time to rethink stance on marijuana, K2

Labeling K2 as a Schedule I drug without significant research about what it is or what it does is wrong.

LETTER: Kennedy's off with his take on City Council's relationship with city manager

The effectiveness of the City Council is more important than the strength of the city manager.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Was it time for MU women's basketball coach Cindy Stein to leave?

Women's basketball coach Cindy Stein announced her resignation on March 1.

LETTER: Cameras will keep downtown safe

Proposition 1 on the April 6 ballot calls for security cameras to be added to downtown Columbia. Two former Columbia residents say the cameras are needed to keep the city safe.

LETTER: Sarah Read would be an outstanding representative

One Fourth Ward resident thinks Read's previous experience and personality makes her qualified for a council position.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you think Columbia Police Chief Kenneth Burton's citation stance is making traffic safer?

Do you think Police Chief Kenneth Burton is imposing a citation quota for the Columbia Police Department? Do you think the new chief’s stance is making traffic safer?

TODAY'S QUESTION: How should the students be punished for cotton ball incident?

Sean Fitzgerald, 19, and Zachary Tucker, 21, were arrested on suspicion of tampering in the second degree after cotton balls were scattered in front of the Gaines/Oldham Black Culture Center. The two MU students have since apologized through a press release.

COLUMN: First Amendment assemblies are the right course of action

Two separate incidences of peaceful assembly were in the spotlight last week. Their actions show that no matter what the argument, the First Amendment gives you the best platform.

COLUMN: Current school system needs reform

Recent events, such as Central Falls, R.I., high school firing all of its teachers and Kansas City contemplating closing down half of its schools, have highlighted some of the failings of the current public school system. The problems in schools may not just stem from sub-par teachers, but may also be the result irresponsible parenting.

COLUMN: This March Madness, join God's squad

As March Madness approaches you need to see another tough matchup coming your way. Are you rooting for God's team, or Satan's?