COLUMN: Open enrollment can be good for students, bad for districts

A bill in the Missouri Senate would allow public school students to enroll in schools not in their district. While this open enrollment may benefit the individual, it may also hurt traditional school district governance.

LETTER: Carnahan's comments self-centered

The democratic election process is supposed to serve the constituents, not the politicians.

LETTER: More friendships between races will encourage empathy, understanding

Racially motivated crimes seem to be occuring in response to Black History Month, and it is troublesome how they are being performed with such casualness. There is nothing wrong with political correctness when people take into account other's rights and feelings.

COLUMN: Seven-year-old air traffic controller breach of security, safety

With all the additional security measures since 9/11, how was it possible that a child was allowed to control flight operations at one of the world's busiest airports? It is a breach of safety and security. If the Transportation Security Administration can't explain how this happened, we should consider revamping the entire system or allow seven-year-olds to handle security.

LETTER: We need McDavid's leadership as mayor of Columbia

McDavid has gone against the grain to prove that he is the best candidate for the job.

LETTER: Call for self-reflection on condoning racist behavior

We must take a more proactive role in battling racism by refusing to tolerate racist jokes and looking out for one another.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are 21st birthday shot books about friends or binge drinking?

Scrapbooks documenting students' 21st birthdays and the night of drinking that they take part in have become a phenomenon recently. Alcohol counselors warn that these shot books encourage unsafe behavior, but students argue they are important part of commemorating their birthday with friends.

LETTER: Pass health care, the party differences are minimal

The health care summit showed that the two parties differ very slightly in their views on the current system and reforming it. It's time for reconciliation, so that legislation will finally get passed.

LETTER: Health insurance premium dropped after leaving MU

After leaving MU for a state position, one woman's health insurance premium decreased by $50 a month.

GUEST COMMENTARY: How to fix our city government

As a candidate for mayor of Columbia, Sid Sullivan lays out the problems of Columbia and what he can do to fix them.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Would you vote for Rep. Chris Kelly's bond measure?

Rep. Chris Kelly, D-Columbia, is pushing a bill that would allow Missourians to decide whether to use taxpayer money for the construction of new infrastructures at state schools.

LETTER: Downtown cameras will help local government keep citizens safe

Local government's main role is to ensure safety, and the addition of cameras downtown would help further achieve this aim.

LETTER: Downtown cameras will prevent crime

Many cameras already exist downtown, the addition of more surveillance cameras would only help deter more crime.

COLUMN: Reconciliation wrong in past, wrong today in health care

Invoking reconciliation to push legislation is dangerous and wrong. Senate rules are in place for important reasons and should not be overturned for any reason, especially not the health care debacle.

COLUMN: What will be done about health care?

Since there has been nothing done to fix the health care crisis in America, does that mean it's not a big issue anymore? Only taking action now can prevent the ills of a society without health care.

LETTER: Luetkemeyer right to vote against bad consumer protection bill

Paul Sloca, the communications director for Rep. Blaine Luetkemeyer, responds to a letter to the editor by Jane Whitesides on the Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Cotton balls at Black Culture Center show racism still very much alive at MU

While protesting or rioting might not be neccessary, a serious conversation needs to take place about racism at MU.

The week in comments: A telling video; the true risks of secondhand smoke; irksome candidates

On every story, readers of have the opportunity to offer their opinions on the news and the Missourian's coverage of it. Here, we offer a digest of some of the most interesting of those conversations from last week.

COLUMN: Global Journalist celebrates its 10th anniversary with a look back

Stuart Loory interviews past and present contributors to Global Journalist about what the program has meant to them and how it helps today.

LETTER: Banks need reform, but Blunt and Luetkemeyer won't sign on

Missouri politicians in Washington D.C. are not representing the people that elected them.