LETTER: Obama gives with one hand, takes with the other

The president's policies on trade with China and conflict in the Middle East aren't helping solve our country's problems.

LETTER: Support HJR56 for a more simple tax code that works better

The bill simplifies state taxes, allowing businesses to lower prices and offer better opportunities for their employees.

LETTER: Skala, Wade provide leadership with support for Comprehensive Plan

Upcoming revisions to the Metro 2020 Planning Guide were made possible by two members of city council.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Will voters pass Columbia Public Schools' $120 million bond issue?

Voters rejected a property tax increase in April 2008.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Bill banning certain uses of antibiotics in animals is necessary

Rep. Louise M. Slaughter (D-N.Y.) says her bill would only ban using antibiotics in animals for nontherapeutic purposes.

COLUMN: Grandmas go ga-ga over baby Gus

There are certain perks to having the first-born grandchild in the family, but grandmas sometimes need to be reminded not to go overboard.

DEAR READER: Newspapers find original stories

Of local news coverage, newspapers generate the most original reports. The Missourian exemplifies that trend and will continue to do so in the coming semester.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Examining gay marriage around the world

In the United States, 31 states have passed laws to outlaw gay marriage while six states have permitted it.

COLUMN: Proposed Missouri tax cuts are a bad idea

Missouri already has one of the lowest tax burdens – especially on the rich and powerful – of any state. Our level of services – especially for the poor and weak – is also low and headed down.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should California’s same-sex marriage case be telecast to test the new pilot program for broadcasting trials?

The U.S. Supreme Court said no to this question on Wednesday, stating in part that the pilot program should not be tested on such a high-profile case. What do you think?

COLUMN: Memories of Port-au-Prince

A trip to Port-au-Prince 40 years ago left a lasting impression.

LETTER: Remember King by volunteering your services

Missouri Clean Water AmeriCorps members are asking citizens to use the day off to volunteer. The staff of Misouri River Communities Network will be sorting donations at the Central Missouri Food Bank and asks the public to join the effort.

COLUMN: Fear of flying? — blame the bureaucracy

All the evidence needed to stop Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was there well before he boarded Northwest Flight 253. So why was it the passengers who had to stop him?

TODAY'S QUESTION: What, if any, new regulations should be placed on puppy mills?

Missouri has the most puppy mills in the nation. Animal rights advocates hope to regulate such breeding by imposing harsher penalties on offenders; critics think trying to regulate puppy mill operators who already don't adhere to licensing rules would do little to stop the problem.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let the EPA enforce the Clean Air Act

COLUMN: Obama not keeping promise of transparency

Especially on important issues such as health care reform, President Obama  must make good on campaign promises of conducting debates in public and involving members of both parties.

LETTER: Band mixup not that big of a deal

Navy fans bemoaning "hurt" feelings and "disrespect" has grown tiresome.

COLUMN: Community builders unite us better than online social networks

Fans of high-tech communities like Facebook and Twitter should not fall in the trap of neglecting their real-life neighbors and coworkers.

LETTER: Bias found in two Associated Press articles

The Missourian should better edit AP stories or label some of them as commentary.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Does Mark McGwire's admission of steroid use change your opinion of him?

Putting to rest a question that dogged him for years, former St. Louis Cardinal Mark McGwire has admitted to steroid use. The admission comes on the heels of accepting a job as the Cardinals' hitting instructor.