COLUMN: Gridlock in Congress opens the door for Republicans

After key victories in Virginia, Massachusetts and New Jersey, Republicans should look to build upon that momentum in taking back Congress in 2010.

COLUMN: The scared straight strategy

In today's fast-paced and tech-crazy society, many people have reached high stress levels brought on by several aspects of modern living. This stress has led many people to lose the individualist attitude held by those who founded America and become more vulnerable to 'scared out of their wits' political tactics.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Let voters decide on bond issue for higher education

The Missouri business community must speak up for Missouri to allow a bond issue for higher education imporvements to pass. A similar issue was proven successful in the past, and currently, Missouri needs the jobs. State legislators must put the needs of Missourians before politics.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Was the Austin, Texas, plane crash an act of terrorism?

There has been debate concerning how to define Thursday’s plane crash into an Internal Revenue Service office in Austin, Texas.

DEAR READER: Journalists have more work to do on 'fake pot' story

A lot of claims have been made so far about K2, but few have been substantiated.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should the state ban K2 or wait until more information about its effects becomes available?

Sen. Kurt Schaefer's concern about the effects of K2, the synthetic drug similar to marijuana, prompted him to introduce a bill making the substance illegal. However, others are not certain that the substance's effects are harmful.

LETTER: Columbia residents speak up against hatred

Residents came out to support the Heartland Men's Chorus of Kansas City despite the tirades of Westboro Baptist Church.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: What should happen to Guantanamo prisoners?

The Obama administration is stalling in shutting down the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. They face a complex set of problems in finding new homes for detainees.

LETTER: Drew Brees shows importance of protecting a child's hearing

Audiologist says noise-induced hearing loss can be prevented.

COLUMN: Like him or not, Waters' contributions to journalism undeniable

Although he is somewhat controversial, Columbia Daily Tribune Editor Hank Waters' contributions to journalism cannot and should not be overlooked.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Why I declined to be interviewed by Hank Waters

For several reasons, many based on personal experience, an invitiation to sit down for an endorsement interview with the Columbia Daily Tribune was declined.

COLUMN: Price shares good ideas on how Missouri should treat criminals in State of the Judiciary

Chief Justice William Ray Price of the Missouri Supreme Court gave a State of the Judiciary address to the Missouri General Assembly on Feb. 3, and many of his points were intriguing and thought-provoking.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should the City Council pass an ordinance that would loosen noise restrictions downtown?

The proposed limits would increase the distance that noise could be heard between 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. by as much as six times the current limit.

COLUMN: Help us shape a new online public policy forum

The Reynolds Journalism Institute at MU and three journalism seniors have joined together to put forth an online public policy forum. Now they're looking for suggestions and advice from the public on how to make it the best discussion possible.

LETTER: Re-segregation? Comparing us to Silicon Valley? You've got to be kidding

Col. Miller's opinion piece on don't ask-don't tell is basically saying that gays are "getting in the way." Then Chancellor Deaton's commentary about the Midwest science scene was a little too ambitious.

COLUMN: Down with newsertainment

Today's “newsertainment” may not be ideal but it's what audiences are asking for.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri businesses, research universities must unite for better quality of life

The Missouri Regional Life Sciences Summit in Kansas City can provide the opportunity for Kansas and Missouri to be leaders in health innovation.

LETTER: Story about Ferguson's appeals process misinterprets defense's strategy

Matt Pearce's article about the road ahead for Ryan Ferguson misconstrues the importance of Chuck Erickson's recanting by focusing on whether Ferguson committed perjury or not. The bottom line is that Erickson lied multiple times to Ferguson's jury and the conviction cannot stand.

COLUMN: Gay people in the military: armed forces are no place for social experiments

The decision to let gay men and lesbians serve in the military is not a question of what is fair, but of what is better for accomplishing the mission.

COLUMN: What makes Missouri drug users want to escape from reality?

With households less reliant on the nuclear family it seems that America's youth is turning to drugs. But the family structure shouldn't shoulder all the blame.