Today's Question: How much will you spend on the holidays this year?

Industry surveys predict that sales will be about the same this year as they were in 2009.

In memoriam of those turkeys who came before

While families watch football, eat cranberry sauce and carry out other traditions together, think of the bird who died to make the day possible.

Today's question: What are you thankful for?

There have been a number of positive stories in Columbia this year for which to give thanks.

A salesman's six easy tips for smart holiday shopping

Take it from someone who once sold a $2.95 warranty on a $6.95 purchase — you don't need everything a salesperson may try to sell you.

Today's Question: What should the school board prioritize in new high school construction?

What should be the school board's emphasis with building Columbia's new public high school? Is it more important to find the cheapest overall price tag, or reserve the ability to leave the most jobs for local residents?

Regarding unemployment, government must get back to economic basics

As legislators debate whether to increase the role of government in health care, the economy, over which it has established oversight, languishes.

Thanksgiving traditions unable to stand test of time, technology

Distance between family members makes the holidays less family-oriented.

Today's Question: How can the Columbia Police Department put its new training facility to best use?

The Columbia Police Department last week unveiled its new 9,500-square-foot training facility, opening up new possibilities for how the department trains its officers. What are some ways you think the facility should be used?

Cancer leaves us tongue-tied — or worse

Sometimes, when we try to talk about cancer we say the wrong thing. "How can I help?" may be the best four words, one cancer patient said.

Today's Question: What will colleges and universities cut when they tighten their belts?

Gov. Jay Nixon proposed a tuition freeze for students, but other parts of the higher education budget could be on the chopping block.

The Beat: 'Bang for the Buck' tracks stimulus spending

The Missourian recently created "Bang for the Buck," a Web site designed to keep tabs on the stimulus in Columbia.

The Beat: Reporting on Mizzou football

Columbia Missourian sports editor Greg Bowers and reporters Robert Mays, Craig Thomas and Sam Wilson joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to talk about covering the team.

Balancing immediacy and accuracy

Twitter is a good tool for gathering and delivering news, but what's found there can't be taken at face value.

A Thanksgiving Top 10 list Columbia can be grateful for

Columbians should be thankful for all Columbia has to offer.

Journalists discuss implications of Obama's trip to Asia

Barack Obama's recent trip to Asia leaves the journalists covering affairs between the United States and the countries of that continent with increased skepticism that this administration can obtain more substantive agreements in the region than the last one could.

Agreement to freeze tuition hides MU's grim financial prospects

The deal does keep higher education more affordable, but it's still another step backward — if it even passes.

Today's question: Do the MU Greek social policy changes go far enough to protect students?

MU sororities and fraternities are implementing several changes to their social policy, after a couple of incidents at off-campus sponsored parties.

The Beat: The possibility of a second new elementary school

Columbia Missourian reporter Alycia Yount joins KBIA's Eric Durban to discuss the recent Columbia School Board meeting.

Trying terror suspects in New York shows we have no fear

Americans should have faith in our court system and support the 9/11 terrorists trial being held in New York.

The Beat: Columbia College athletics go international

Columbia Missourian sports editor Greg Bowers and reporter Joan Niesen joined KBIA's Eric Durban on "The Beat" to discuss how international athletes get to Columbia and their transition upon arriving.