GUEST COMMENTARY: Haiti disaster a wake-up call for Missouri to prepare

With the disaster in Haiti becoming a warning for other countries vulnerable to a natural disaster, Missouri needs to take action to ready itself in case a disaster should ever occur here.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Conversations about cyberwarfare grow after Google's claims against China

The Internet giant says China hacked into its server, making the issues of censorship and cyberwarfare popular global topics.

LETTER: Organization pushes for health care reform now

As Big Health Care continues to put profit-making before people, true reform is needed. GRO-Grass Roots Organizing calls for our leaders to buckle down and get health care reform done now.

COLUMN: State of the Union a reminder Obama is just getting started

Obama's State of the Union address reminds us that change doesn't come instantly. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: How do you think Columbia can improve recycling?

Public works estimates that only 28 percent of Columbia residents recycle.  An avertising agency, Pure, has been hired to help increase education and awareness about recycling, and a program replacing blue bags with plastic bins will start in some parts of the city. How else can Columbia improve recycling?

COLUMN: Missouri residents must define ethics for their legislators

People have different definitions of ethics, but Missouri residents must come together to decide on a code of ethics to which we can hold legislators accountable.

LETTER: Tearing down of Columbia Library takes piece of history

A recent article in the Missourian referred to the Columbia Library as being "updated."  Completely tearing down the old library and building a new one isn't "updating," it's creating a completely new building. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should MU consider bringing a live tiger to campus for home football games?

Both the tigers of Louisiana State University and the University of Memphis have a live tiger that is present at home football games. The president of MU’s Missouri Students Association is trying to acquire one for MU football games.

COLUMN: Benefits of constant media use far and few between

A certain dependence on being immersed in media has developed in America, but are the benefits really all that worthwile?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Will the real Missouri First please stand up?

A plan is needed to rid Missouri of initiatives that conflict with the free market and disrupt economic gains of Missouri citizens. Gov. Jay Nixon should promote programs that allow the free market to function.

COLUMN: Missouri ethics reform bills won't cure all wrongful practices

 Missouri legislature is working to make changes in ethics laws. However, similar reforms have yet to yield the desired results. The solution is not the imposition of more rules, rather, it is one of electing to office men and women of honesty, integrity and character.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are salary cuts coming for UM System employees?

UM System President Gary Forsee sent an e-mail Jan. 18 to employees about an online survey to find out what they value in their benefits package. Despite what System officials claim, some people are worried that this may lead to budget cuts.

COLUMN: Getting too chummy with children does them a disservice

Too many well-intentioned parents aren't giving young people what they need today more than ever — a strong foundation.

LETTER: We need to get rid of corrupt justices, politicians

Doing so will require impartial information.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Kudos to Missouri General Assembly for balanced-budget resolution

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer applauds Missouri's effort to curb federal spending while urging the U.S. Congress to do more.

COLUMN: MU campus map makes me sad

People put a lot of time and effort into MU's online campus map. I wish they hadn't.

DEAR READER: As copy editors are cut, accuracy declines

Newspapers around the country are being forced to do more with less. But what happens when readers spot spelling and grammar mistakes?

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should MU provide its students and faculty with fraud protection?

After two breaches of personal information within the last two years, MU is receiving flak for being unwilling to to pay for fraud protections for its students and faculty.  Should MU have to provide this protection?

Global Journalist: Recovery from Haitian earthquake

Stuart Loory and guests discuss the recovery effort from last week's devastating earthquake in Haiti.


COLUMN: Nixon's calls for bipartisanship likely to fall on deaf ears

There wasn't much hands-across-the-aisle action last session, despite how Nixon seemed to remember it in his State of the State speech.