COLUMN: Dear Missourians, learn how to drive

For someone who is used to the "safe drivers" in New York City, some of the drivers in Columbia can be maddening.

LETTER: Health care reform needed now more than ever

With a new study claiming that health care spending is projected to double by 2019, President Obama and Congress need to finish the job and reform health care. 

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are you looking forward to watching the Winter Olympics?

2008's Beijing Olympic Games brought in the largest global TV audience ever. With the Winter Olympics starting Friday, it's Vancouver's turn to capture the world's eye.

COLUMN: Statistics show progress, 'Pride and Prejudice' in the women's movement

A new study shows just how far women have come as economic forces in marriage. To truly understand the leaps and bounds that have been made, we must look to the past, especially to the world of Jane Austen.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Nixon must restore funding to Parents as Teachers

The budget cut to the organization Parents as Teachers hurts a group that works with parents of children from pregnancy to 5 years of age.  Restoring funding to this invaluable group is something Gov. Nixon must address at once.

LETTER: Come learn how to keep your neighborhood safe

Come get directly involved in your neighborhood safety by attending the Winter Quarter War 3 Neighborhood Safety Summit and Town Hall meeting Thursday.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Can ballroom dance help fight obesity?

A new bill written by Rep. Tim Flook could make ballroom dancing an option for students to meet their physical education requirement.

COLUMN: Best way to fight obesity is to get kids moving

Treating childhood obesity should start at home with kids getting off the couch and doing chores outside.

LETTER: Rich get richer at expense of everyday Americans

Those on Wall Street don't know what its like to be an everyday American. Those making over one million dollars per year should be taxed more than those who are not.

LETTER: Missouri Dental Association offers solutions to state's oral health problems

Dental therapists are not the solution to Missouri's poor oral health. Instead, we should look to the Missouri Dental Association and its agenda.

COLUMN: Like the playground, Congress filled with fighting children

Childhood fights we encounter on the playground are much like the games Congress plays.

COLUMN: Don't worry about professors requiring students buy their books

Collectively, MU students were asked spend as much as $158,000 this semester on textbooks that were required by the same professor who had written them.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you think Super Bowl XLIV commercials were sexist?

The 2010 Super Bowl commercials, advertising things such as the new Dodge Charger, Bud Light and, have some critics pointing out the amount of sexism portrayed.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Missouri should protect its children, not their abusers

In January, the state’s highest court ruled that where convicted child predators live and what they do on Halloween cannot be limited "retroactively." It’s at least the fifth time in recent years that the court has rejected laws intended to help expose the guilty and protect the vulnerable.

LETTER: Constitution gives us all the freedom of religion we need

Letter to the editor about David Rosman's article about a new bill that hurts the First Amendment to the Constitution.


TODAY'S QUESTION: What can higher education institutions do to make up for budget shortfalls?

Missouri Higher Education Commissioner Robert Stein says that higher education is facing reduced funding for the future due to the state's fiscal situation.

COLUMN: Take a moment to dream with me

Most daydreamers appear empty. Fill you mind with thoughts of God and your dreams will come true.

DEAR READER: New stuff in the opinion section, including your endorsement letters

With the municipal election about eight weeks away, the Missourian welcomes your endorsements and gives a step-by-step guide to submitting them.

GLOBAL JOURNALIST: Iraq still presents a confused picture

The United States' past impact and future role in Iraq is unclear.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Do you plan on raising hens in city limits?

Columbia City Council approved a long debated urban hen ordinance. Will you raise chickens within city limits?