COLUMN: Benefits of constant media use far and few between

A certain dependence on being immersed in media has developed in America, but are the benefits really all that worthwile?

GUEST COMMENTARY: Will the real Missouri First please stand up?

A plan is needed to rid Missouri of initiatives that conflict with the free market and disrupt economic gains of Missouri citizens. Gov. Jay Nixon should promote programs that allow the free market to function.

COLUMN: Missouri ethics reform bills won't cure all wrongful practices

 Missouri legislature is working to make changes in ethics laws. However, similar reforms have yet to yield the desired results. The solution is not the imposition of more rules, rather, it is one of electing to office men and women of honesty, integrity and character.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are salary cuts coming for UM System employees?

UM System President Gary Forsee sent an e-mail Jan. 18 to employees about an online survey to find out what they value in their benefits package. Despite what System officials claim, some people are worried that this may lead to budget cuts.

COLUMN: Getting too chummy with children does them a disservice

Too many well-intentioned parents aren't giving young people what they need today more than ever — a strong foundation.

LETTER: We need to get rid of corrupt justices, politicians

Doing so will require impartial information.

GUEST COMMENTARY: Kudos to Missouri General Assembly for balanced-budget resolution

Congressman Blaine Luetkemeyer applauds Missouri's effort to curb federal spending while urging the U.S. Congress to do more.

COLUMN: MU campus map makes me sad

People put a lot of time and effort into MU's online campus map. I wish they hadn't.

DEAR READER: As copy editors are cut, accuracy declines

Newspapers around the country are being forced to do more with less. But what happens when readers spot spelling and grammar mistakes?

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should MU provide its students and faculty with fraud protection?

After two breaches of personal information within the last two years, MU is receiving flak for being unwilling to to pay for fraud protections for its students and faculty.  Should MU have to provide this protection?

Global Journalist: Recovery from Haitian earthquake

Stuart Loory and guests discuss the recovery effort from last week's devastating earthquake in Haiti.


COLUMN: Nixon's calls for bipartisanship likely to fall on deaf ears

There wasn't much hands-across-the-aisle action last session, despite how Nixon seemed to remember it in his State of the State speech.

COLUMN: Let us label ourselves

America is a country of mixed races, religions, ethnicities and cultures, so it's impossible to make us simply fill in one survey bubble.

LETTER: Science curriculum needed now more than ever

Children hold the world's future in their hands. Don't cut fourth- and fifth-grade science teachers.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Should Council members have more say in employment of department heads?

Columbia City Council won't vote on the issue in April, but the idea sparked debate among council memebers.

COLUMN: Bond should remove hold on General Services Administration appointee

Sen. Kit Bond's imprudent hold on GSA appointee Martha Johnson comes at a bad time and stems from his grievance over a Kansas City federal complex.

TODAY'S QUESTION: Are you more inclined to donate to Haiti relief funds thanks to immediate and convenient forms of technology?

Social networking Web sites such as Twitter helped fundraising campaigns reach millions of people, and texting allowed for instant donations.

COLUMN: Media goes too far in hounding fallen public figures

It's time to lay off the likes of Tiger Woods and Mark McGwire — enough is enough.

COLUMN: Television sets bad examples for Americans

As people attempt to publicize their privates lives, don't expect the government to clean up reality television or any other sort of media. It's up to parents and individuals to be positive role models for children.

TODAY'S QUESTION: What's the best way to provide long-term assistance to Haiti?

The country has experienced numerous natural disasters in the past decade leading to mass casualties. What steps can the global community take to provide long-term assistance to poverty-stricken Haiti?