LETTER: Tour of Missouri continues to grow in its third year

Nearly half the teams involved in this year's race also raced in the Tour de France.

LETTER: Governor's budget cuts will negatively impact state tourism

The Missouri Department of Economic Development has forced a disproportionate amount of its $11.3 million in budget cuts upon the state's Division of Tourism. Cutting more than a third of the division's budget will reduce the state's ability to advertise itself and also to bring in crucial tourism dollars.

LETTER: If state cuts $7 million from tourism budget, hotel workers will lose jobs

Representatives of Missouri's hotel industry estimate that 2,500 hotel workers would lose their jobs if the Department of Economic Development follows through with $7 million in proposed cuts to the Division of Tourism's budget. .

LETTER: Keeping 'Pepper and Friends' would send responsible statement

KOMU should not be motivated only by a quest for profits and is morally obligated to retain the community-oriented program "Pepper and Friends" because of the services that show provides to central Missouri.

LETTER: 'Cash for Clunkers' was good for taxpayers

'Cash for Clunkers' was a wonderful deal compared to the billions of dollars wasted on unnecessary weapons systems and in Iraq.

Today's Question: Should the police department's finances influence decisions?

The city's budget shortfall is forcing the Columbia Police Department to consider new, more financially-viable policing strategies.

GUEST COLUMNIST: Abusive lawsuits hindering doctors in the field

Lawmakers need to consider tort reform when reworking health care.

LETTER: Keep government out of health care

The government's track record doesn't make it too likely that health care reform will fare better than other agencies.

Today's Question: What else can MU do to adjust to high enrollment?

High overall enrollment led the university to reorganizing the bookstore, housing and class sections.

Upside of pain is that it teaches life lessons

As more and more things are being marketed to protect your children from harm's way, letting them experience pain may be the best form of parenting.

Ramifications of releasing the Lockerbie bomber

The Scottish Justice Secretary's decision to free a member of the Libyan security forces, who was in jail for the murders of 27 people, because he has prostate cancer has sparked debate over whether there was a deal between the British government and Libya to create favorable trade conditions.

The embedded link is an important part of today's journalism report

The embedded link helps readers find out where journalists found their information. It helps reader discover information that goes beyond just the story itself.

Today's question: What can be done to prevent health care misinformation?

At a town hall meeting Wednesday, Sen. Claire McCaskill tried to dispel rumors about health care legislation. But many attendees said misinformation often comes from politicians, as well as the media and factions from both parties.

Columbia Mayor Darwin Hindman about to pedal into the sunset

There are no definite candidates for mayor as of yet, but a good fight is expected between the pro-development and preservationist forces.

Remembering Woodstock: A time of ills and dreams fulfilled

Looking back on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock, it was a time of turmoil and celebration.

Today's Question: How do we combat meth use when it’s now so much easier to make?

The highly powerful and addictive drug has never been easier to access or manufacture, so how do we stop people from using it?

LETTER: Come support a moral vision for health care reform

Members of Rock Bridge Christian Church have scheduled an outdoor candlelight vigil 8 p.m. Saturday at the church. The vigil will act in support of a health care reform.

Remembering Ted Kennedy: The impact the Kennedys left on America

For many baby boomers, Kennedy was a political luminary. Many from that era, and possibly future generations as well, will continue to be inspired by his activism.

Reflections on last days of summer

Although the serenity and freedom of summer are coming to an end, students can still look forward to what is yet to come.

Today's question: How effective was the 'cash for clunkers' program?

Car dealerships in Columbia found the program increased car sales — but they also said the rules could be confusing and difficult to navigate.